Sleep Talking

Mercedes half woke up during the night, wanting her nilky (milk). After a while I went back to remove the cup from her but found her still half awake.
Me : "Why are you still awake?"
Merc : "I am not an elephant"

Christmas & Birthdays

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas first at home, then at my mums place with 2 of my sisters and their boyfriends. It was a nice relaxing day with lots of food, laughter and present opening.
Today was Jadeen's 9th birthday. So it was another day of food, laughter and present opening.
Jade was given lots of things that will keep her creative mind and body working (microscope, scooter, roller blades, books, play sets).
I think she has had a good day and will hopefully sleep in tomorrow (along with her sisters)

Erin Said...

We were playing follow the leader and I was the leader. Erin spoke up and said : "I want to be the lemer!"

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce + toddler = mess half the length of the house.
Fortunately we got to it before it set and cleaned it off the walls, and off the tiles. It never made it's way to the carpeted areas fortunately but it did leave a worn out, possibly cranky mother who had to wash walls and floors.
It can't be any worse then the noodles though. Dry crunchy noodles don't cling to walls and can be easily swept up!

Jade Reading

Jade (8) is reading her two younger sisters a bedtime story tonight, because she wants to get in one more book before the end of the read-a-thon she has been doing this month (or not doing since we keep forgetting about it).
Well done Jade!

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