Smaug the Bearded Dragon


Here is my (hubby’s actually) beautiful boy. He wasn’t at his brightest but he was looking pretty good. As the temperatures warm up he will look pretty good.

See his dodgy leg? That is the result of a cricket bite gone bad. Talk about revenge! Hopefully it got eaten after that. We are fortunate that he survived and his appetite never decreased. Now he is a big beautiful bearded with a stumpy tail and dodgy looking leg (and with a few toes missing also). What happened was that after he was bitten by the cricket, an infection developed which spread to his tail and leg, also affecting a few toes. It wasn’t until one day when I accidentally gave him a too strong a medication dose that things started to look promising. He wasn’t expected to live 3 weeks past the initial diagnosis. It is now 21 months since he first went to the vets.

Hopefully he will become a daddy this year.

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