Show Time

Bring on the money hungry games/rides vendors!

We had our local show today, well it started today and finishes on Monday. It was Friday so not many people were there, there was also some mud around due to the welcome rain we had received.
One good thing about going on the first day is that there is hardly anyone around (i.e. no crowds), it isn't full of fluey people, you can get a great park, and best of all, primary school aged kids enter free!!! The free entry bit is great especially when you have 4 kids!
One bad thing about today was the fact that the exhibits/shows hadn't started yet and so there isn't too much to do apart from watching the horse jumping and spend huge amounts of money on rides and games.

The day started off differently with Jade deciding she wasn't feeling well. When she started dry wretching beside our bed I sent her off to the bathroom to finish off (hubby cleaned up - thank you hubby!), a slow start to the morning with extra jobs piling up and been allocated to me. Once everything was done and out of the way we headed off to do a few errands before actually heading to the show. We got some keys cut (took the real estate over 2 years to let us know that they didn't have keys to the house!), dropped them off, with a copy of the receipt, to the real estate, then it was a stop to get some nurofen for Jade in the hope she would feel good enough to lift her head off the arm rest of the car, then a quick stop at the bank to bleed dry my account (almost) and then we were finally at the show grounds.

Jade was feeling better by this stage, so after a second attempt at finding a mud free, suitably positioned car park, we headed on into the show. There were farm animal displays, art & craft, hobbies, vegetables, flowers, wood work, cooking, sewing, etc, etc, displays. I made sure the kids took their time to check out the different things and i diverted them away from the political party stands. I bought a heap of honey (non-heat treated stuff, so it is actually good for you), let the kids do gem sifting (a treat enjoyed each year we go to the show), and watched some horses jump while we ate some lunch.

After everything was looked at, I then allowed the kids to spend their hard earned money on showbags, lucky dips or games. I treated the kids to some games ($20 for 6 games!), and then headed off to visit my sister and niece.

A quick visit there to finalise a few moving details (she is moving not me), eat a few strawberries and cuddle my niece. Then I stopped off at spotlight to grab some stuff so I could make a quilt for Mercedes to use over the winter (she has no real winter blankets of her own). I have made good progress with this and have all the pieces cut out so far and have started sewing the pieces together.

Finally home and things returned to normal, with a simple dinner, kids actually bathed and in bed at a reasonable time. Mercedes even fell asleep on the couch! I let Miranda stay up a little later and we chatted, and played a game of carcasonne.

I think that is it!

Time to check on the kids and head to bed myself. Maybe I will read for a little first.

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