Sunflower Hoody

The sewing thing is kicking in again and I am going full steam at it again. I made this hoody (fully lined with no exposed seams) for E6 tonight. The only really tricky bit was remembering which bit of material went with which bit. It is a little short, but that is something I can remedy if I ever make it again.
I also made M4 another long sleeved shirt, though it is a little dodgy and isn't quite right but I will put that down to the material I used. It felt great to the touch (the material) but the needle had a hard time penetrating it. It is some kind of lycra. I guess I needed a different grade of needle. She likes it, she likes those types of material and will wear it until it falls apart. The material only cost $1 so it is no biggy. No pics as she wouldn't let me.

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