Medieval Makeover - #6

Well, all of us girls are done. Since I last wrote in I have made:
Jade's over dress
Jade's cloak
Miranda's over dress
skull cap for Erin
My overdress
My apron
A sling to carry Merc in on my hips so I can have hands free (the sling can also be used as a blanket for the kids should they not want to sit on the bare ground)
head covering for Miranda and
a braided lot of string to tie it on with

Tomorrow I organise the food and what we are taking with us.
Right now I need to go hunt down his tunics or I will be up trying to piece together something for him to wear from scraps, or unpicking the sling so i can make him a tunic. Ugh!
At least I will be prepared for next year, provided the kids don't grow any!

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