Kids PJs

I had some time, some spare material and kids who wanted things made for them.

E6 was given the brown checked flannelette and it was being kicked around the house. I was going to make shopping bags out of it but she wanted something made out of it. Since she has grown up, not out, the majority of her clothes are getting a little short so I decided on a pair of pjs for her. The pants were made off a basic pants pattern I already had, which I just lengthened and made a little larger. The top was made by roughly following a draft-it-yourself pattern with not enough fabric left so the back and front have seams in the middle. I wanted it pull on style so it has some more material sewn down the front with a slit in it. I like this idea and may use it on some tops myself. We had some pink unicorn flannelette left so a few patches went on to brighten it up a little.

M4 didn't want to be left out either so she chose the blue dinosaur material left over from other projects (I still have heaps left, must have bout at least 4 metres when I originally purchased it!) She found an old pair of pants made of the material and waited patiently, and impatiently (but mostly patiently) for her top to be done. I didn't bother with using the draft-it-yourself pattern this time, made my own to fit her (fits perfectly btw). She was happy with her top, and now if she would only wear day clothes instead, so it could be clean for bedtime, would be great.

I am planning on scanning in the pattern to share, so if you want a copy, just let me know (comments). It is a basic pattern, which should be easy to adjust and change around, though it only made to fit my kids, so I would guess at it being around size 4-5, Australian sizing (not meant to be a tight fit).

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