Finally Finished

Finally I have finished, well at least for now I have. I do not plan to do any more sewing before Wednesday (rental inspection). After that I may only do a few things for the kids, or start on my sister's top. Though I am seriously considering taking a week's break from sewing. I think I need it.

These 3 things were the last of the minimum sewing requirements. Well, the oversized bright pink and blue hoody may not have been a minimum but I just didn't feel like making another pair of track pants just now. I made the hoody extra long, with an extra large hood. It is going to swamp the poor girl it is intended for. I had to be creative...I had to do something different. If they do not like it then I guess they can find someone who is really tall and colour blind!
The two pants, were made for toddlers. The pale green stuff, while extra soft and comforting is a real pain to sew. I might just hem the rest (or not) and give it to the kids to use as snuggle rugs, if there is enough left.
Well, it is 12.30am and I am falling asleep here....goodnight!

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