Everyday In May

There is a group of people out there, in the wide world web which are participating in "Everyday In May". This group (at least the one I know about) makes the commitment to do something creative every day in May and post about it.
I don't think that I can keep up with this (some days are just write offs) so I figured I will just do what I can, and try to keep up with this.
I have a lot of creative things I can do, right here at home. Such as : sketching, sewing, photography, cooking.
Today I searched for soft toy patterns on the web and came up with quite a few (there is a pretty cool platypus one). This is something I would like to do, when I get the chance.

One thing I need to complete in May, is my jacket/coat. I bought the material last month and it is sitting there, waiting to be made into this full length, shaped jacket. Instead of starting that, I started making a velour top/jacket! I have put that aside with thoughts of getting back to it at a later date. I am still trying to work out the fabric situation there as I do not think I have quite enough.
Yesterday, the 1st of May, I got distracted from my jacket again, and helped J9 make my mothers day present. I had also made a bag earlier that day. It will be a book bag though it could double as a handbag. It only took me 30 minutes from start to finish so it is a very easy thing to do and accomplish.
Now that all of the kids are asleep, I may go and create. Maybe another bag, just one more!

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