Day 21

I am still working on my jacket and today I have been on a steep learning curve to do with instructions and attaching/making collars on jackets. I think I finally have it.
I was telling hubby about how confusing the instructions were when I looked at the pictures again (I need pictures) and it clicked, well at least I hope the right idea clicked.
I haven't even started teh lining yet! Though that should be the easy part.

Apart from trying to be creative, we have a dinner date with some neighbours of ours. They are indian and vegetarian so it should prove to be interesting. I will have to make something seperate for the girls as they aren't into spicy foods. The date is yet to be set but it will have to happen sometime in the next 6 weeks, before they move.
They are really interesting people and our kids like to play with their son, out on the street, playing frisbee. Sometimes us adults even get involved.

Tonight we all played a game of uno, something the whole family can play. It was fun and M4 was a little upset when she won, as she didn't have any cards left! She was happier loosing.

Well I should get back into the jacket, I am about to baste on the collar and see if I have got it correctly. This has to be the most difficult part of the jacket so far and, hopefully, once it is done, it shall be smooth sailing for the rest of it.

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