Day 19 & 20

Day 19 got as far as filling two bobbins with appropriate coloured thread for my jacket construction. I had meant to do more but the day caught up on me and I sank down into the comfy recliner and watched a little Boston Legal.
Day 20 was way more productive and I ventured into the scariness of sewing while the kids were awake and around to distract me. Fortunately they ignored me pretty much and went to play outside. Though I did find myself saying a few things to my sewing when I realised I had to unpick black thread on black material! It was pretty much invisible. Fortunately it wasn't a big mistake and was quickly remedied.
So far on the jacket I have sewn up 8 of the panels for the outside. I still have the lining, facing, collar, hand sewing, etc to go. If I continue like this it should be done by the weekend.
A seamstress's definition of an adrenalin rush is sewing the first lot of seams, on a scary project, correctly. So far so good! The main problem is that I cannot understand the instructions all that well so it is a case of using my know how and what I can get from the pictures!
It is still a scary project, and the biggest/most complicated one I have done yet.

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