Day 17

Today I made myself a phone cover, as I lost mine the other day. I know where it would have been lost but the drive back there to get it was not worth the trip when I could easily make myself a new one. So I did, I made one out of some faux suede samples I have and leftover hot pink cotton. It isn't the neatest job but I had kids nattering away at me, asking for toy phones so my thinking process was somewhat interrupted. If I make one another time, I know how I will put it together (with a little extra seam allowance also).
Once I finished that I dealt with some quick and easy, made of scraps and faux suede/leather samples plush mobile phones. They look rather dodgy but the kids like them so that makes me happy.

The first phone I made (with M4 sitting on my knee) was a simple thing stuffed and sewed up around the edges. She drew little buttons on it (and on a nearby bed pillow) with a pencil she had handy, and has gone to bed with it now.

The second I just cut across a scrap of material, and gave the phone a curve in it, sewed in a scrap of faux leather around the curved part. Then gave it over to M11 to stuff while I sewed up the next one.

This was scraps of faux suede along the sides and base. Another simple job.
There was no neat finishing off on any of them as they were only made of scraps and will probably be forgotten by the middle of next week.

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