Day 15

My motto should be "When there is housework to be done, and you haven't time to finish a project, start a new one".
Well, it isn't quite like that. Tonight I worked on my jacket some more. This time I managed to cut out all of the lining. It is a bright pink cotton. I think it will go well under the black faux suede and make the jacket more suitable for QLD weather.

I didn't go for the funny pocket things on the front of the jacket, but a pair of hidden pockets, which will be positioned differently to what they are on the short jacket. Some patterns, no matter how good they look just scream out to be altered to some extent. I can't help myself. Going completely by the rules just doesn't seem to work all that well, when it comes to some things. Other times the rules should be followed, and other times, you shouldn't keep that outdated baking powder, it just doesn't work after a while!

Well, tomorrow will be a big day and hopefully I will find some energy to do something creative, even if it is only a few photographs. The kids have their athletics day, all day. I will have 4 kids to look after, sort out and make sure they go in the proper direction, separately!

(If you turn your head sideways, you can see the pattern I am making the jacket from, the long, well fitted one.)

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