Basic Childs Shirt Pattern

Basic Instructions

Join the front to the back, by sewing the side seams together.
Sew each sleeve, separately, by joining the side seams together
Turn the sleeve right way out.
Take note of the top of the sleeve. The higher point goes to the back while the lower point goes to the front.
Pin the sleeve, right side to sight side, to the body of the shirt.. Make sure the sleeve seam and body seam line up.
Sew the sleeve to the body of the shirt.
Fold over hems, and sew.
For the neck, you can hem it as you have the wrist section of the bottom of the shirt, or add ribbing. I just hemmed it as I did the bottom of the shirt.

Seam allowance on the shirt is only about 1cm
This was made to fit a 4-6yr old
To make it bigger or smaller, you will need to either increase or decrease the size.
Always measure your/the child so that you can work out how best to alter the pattern.

(Please note that the pattern is a little too large to fit on this post, so if you want it, please contact me for it via the comments and leave your email addy or email me at

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