About midday I headed out to give the front bushes a major cut back because they were getting too big and crowding over the path to the front door. There is so much more open space out there now.

The younger two decided to be birds and make themselves a nest. Then J9, who was avoiding her school work, decided to join in and help them, and just as I grabbed the camera, M12 decided she had to be in on it also.

They did help clean it all up afterwards and brought it out to the garden bale.

I did it again, I sewed. This time I finished up E6's requests and made her overdress. (It is to go over her togs when we go to the pool, or for around the house - she wears her togs most summer around the house)

For the dress I just used an oversized dress as the pattern and traced around the top half of it. And since I was being lazy and knew it didn't have to look perfect, I just overlockered the seams and edges. One other thing that I did do was sew in a piece of shirring elastic around the waist/under the bust area to make it more fitted without the use of a belt.

She likes it, and that is all good.

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