Just Another Weekend

With all the sewing done (they loved it, even the oversized hoody I made) for now, it is time to concentrate on rental inspection. Just another distraction in our full on lives. Well, make that hubby and mine's full on life.
I gave the girls a list of jobs to do today and since then they have been playing nicely together. It is the best thing to make the kids play nicely and not be bored! I just wish they wouldn't mind doing the jobs so much.
Tonight/this afternoon hubby has a play date (has had a lot of those lately) before the families dinner date. It is our regular home group group plus a few extras for a dinner.
Apart from this I have started scouring my diary for possibly tea tasting party dates since I had to cancel the last one. I think I have told everyone, bar one person, that it is cancelled. I guess if anyone turns up tomorrow I must have forgotten them.
Ok, time to get onto the back yard. I need to do the edges before I can think about what I need to whip up to take tonight to dinner. Preferably something gluten, sugar, and dairy free! It is no easy task. Maybe I will cheat and buy something on the way there.
Anyhow, back to the yard I go.

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