HUGE Garage Sale

Some friends of ours held a HUGE garage sale today. Well it started officially today and unofficially 2 days ago.

There was soooo much stuff it wasn't funny. The majority of the stuff had been donated by business' or people they know. I put in a pram but it didn't sell so I got to take it home again.

The reason for their garage/yard sale was because they were raising funds to send to the missionaries in Ukraine.

It was a fun day.

It rained on and off throughout the day meaning that the volunteering teens had lots of experience in covering things quickly with tarps and then when it was sunny again they were able to take off the tarps.

Since we are friends and were helping some, we got to take as much as we wanted. Hubby made a donation though to cover some of what we took.

We didn't take this jacket home though.

At the end of the day all the teens and youthful adults dressed up in dodgy old clothes and did a big photo shoot. It was funny to see what came out.

Hubby came home with some almost brand new, fits perfectly footy boots, extra long extension cable, box full of books, shirt and some other things also. The kids bought home sunglasses, shoes, toys, sleeping bags and clothes. I grabbed clothes for the kids and what I thought I could remodel into something nice to wear.

Lots of sewing, and washing to come I, I know!

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