The last few days

Miranda has had a great time for her birthday. Monday we went to see Shrek The Third. Everyone loved it and even I laughed at it, even if the music was overused (I thought) in it. I was silly to think that 5 girls (aged between 11 and 13) would be able to eat their meal in half hour. I don't think one of them ever was quiet and talked the whole meal. The two eldest were very helpful though, especially when it came to carrying the mountain of food I ordered.

That was a good night.

Tuesday Miranda headed over to her friend's place for a sleepover. Their house is beautiful and up in the hills and surrounded by bush. And only 20 minutes from major shopping centres and on a good road. Miranda is yet to arrive home from her sleepover but I imagine it shouldn't be too long.

Yesterday I made my first batch of fruit rollups on the dehydrator I was given by a friend. They were cherry flavoured (seasoned with a little lemon juice and chinese 5 spice). My next lot, dehydrating now, is banana honey.

Miranda just arrived home and seems to have had a fun time with her friend last night.

Time to get back into it I guess

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