Hoody Blouse

IMG_2579-smlFinally finished!

I had been making this hoody for aManda, and had been waiting for help with the sleeves. Since my week became extra busy and I couldn’t determine when I would have the free time to get the help I was offered, I had to cancel. I sought (was given some websites) that showed me how to set sleeves on blouse/business type shirts. My sleeves weren’t perfect but they turned out pretty good and I am happy with the result.IMG_2583-smlIMG_2580-sml It can only get better with practice.

The hoody is a 7 button blouse hoody. The hood is oversized from the regular ones, so this way it should be more functional, and fun. The sleeves I altered (shortened) from the last one I made so that they were a better suit to the upcoming warm weather. The belt, I felt, was my biggest blunder. While it is long enough, it is very wide, which then means the belt loops are wide. Hopefully this won’t matter. The length of this shirt is mid thigh.

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