Bumper Crop

The strawberry season is technically over but our plants are producing more then they ever have. I have already mentioned this before, but this morning I was a little surprised at the amount I actually brought in. It was just as well that I had the forsight to take a container with me as there was more then I would have been able to carry in my hands. The runners are still growing proficiently and those which I have placed in pots seem to have taken and it shouldn't be too long before they are able to be seperated from the parent plant. Next years strawberry season should be a good one, with at least twice as many plants producing.

Our watermelons are doing well aslo. Apart from having the first watermelon picked (at about the size of a tennis ball) the others on the vines are doing great and the growth is easily noticed. They seem to increase in size everytime I head out to the garden. Just like the cucumbers.

Though, the cucumbers are abundent, so is the mould spots on them (which I think was due to all the rain we have had lately (almost every day). We have lost quite a few, but this isn't really of much concern as we have a few already in the fridge (almost more then we can eat).

The tom thumb tomatoes are also growing like weeds. There is a heap of green fruit on the plants and now all it needs is some child free time to ripen up so it can then be eaten ripe!

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