Fat and Pregnant

IMG_2575-smlThis here is Goldie. She is J9’s pet. See how fat she is. Any day now I expect she will give birth. I said the same thing about the guinea pig but it is still holding on and I imagine it will hold on for a while yet.

Anyhow, this mouse was bred with a manx mouse and another home schooling family has taken it up as a sort of genetics experiment, to see if her babies will all have tails or not, and then if the babies have the no tail gene or not but still have a tail. Well, you get the picture. Unfortunately we won’t get to see if all of theIMG_2578-sml babies have no tails or not. Most of them are destined for an early departure and I am only allowing one baby per mouse owner, which they can then sell for pets if they want (the male is a friend’s pet – no uncontrolled breedings here!).

As you can see, her coat is glossy, eyes bright and she looks like she has swallowed a golf ball. Her new nick name is golf ball!

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