Cooking e-Course 2007

We have had a few hiccups at the begining of this year and unfortunately a delay in the starting date. I hope to have the first lesson up and going by Thursday evening.

We are also changing the lesson structure this year, in the hope that one lesson will be suitable for both new and experienced cooks.
The size of the lesson has changed, as well as the format, which will hopefully appeal to all.

This year we hope to focus mainly on healthy food choices, or ways that we can substitute the less healthy alternatives for something that still tastes great and is good for us.

As an added bonus, I am offering this first lesson free of charge while we negotiate the lower, more family friendly fees.


The cooking e-course is set to begin on Thursday 1st February.
There will be a few changes made to it this year and the details of payment and lessons will be announced closer to the date.