Contest Rules

1. Contest is open to all students/children aged between 4 and 18.

2. There are two sections in the contest. Section #1 is ages 4 to 11 (basic section). Section #2 is for ages 12 to 18 (advanced section)

3. The aim of the contest is to design the best logo for the Cookery eCourse lessons. Sections #1 will design the logo for the Basic e-Course, and section #2 will design the logo for the Advanced e-Course.

4. The winner of each section will receive a term's worth of free Cookery e-Course lessons (value $6). Second & third place runner ups will receive a discount of 50% (value $3) and 25% (value $1.50) (respectively) off the next term's fees.

5. Prizes are only able to be redeemed for term 2 (April 19 2006 - June 23 2006).

6. The winning logos and artist's name will be featured on every lesson for term 2. Second and third place runner ups will have their logos displayed at various times throughout the e-course lessons.

7. All logos must be your own original work, and not copied, stolen or bought from anywhere else.

8. Logos must be content relevant (cookery) and not contain any material that may offend other students/ parents/ families.

9. The judges reserve the right to eliminate any logos that do not fit within the guidelines.

10. All logos will be judged according to originality, content relevancy and clarity. All entries will be considered.

11. Pictures are to be no bigger then 100kb in size in JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF format.

12. Competition closes on April 18 2006, 8pm. Any entries received after this will be disregarded.

13. All artwork belongs to the artist who designed it. However full permission to use any logo (without changes or modification) is granted to (Jethro Consultants) by the artist on submission of the art to the contest.

14. All winning entries will be displayed in a separate newsletter downloadable from the website

15. The judge’s decision is final.