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Monday, November 29, 2004

Simple Cards

1 piece of soft card
coloured card (at least two different coloured pieces)
metallic card
hole punch

  1. Cut soft card to the size of the card required.
  2. Fold card and set aside
  3. Cut shapes from coloured card (We cut pink hearts and blue squares)
  4. Using the hole punch, punch some circles from the metallic card (Note : If you have craft punches then you will be able to create a variety of different shapes easier then cutting them out)
  5. Glue shapes onto the front of the card (We glued the pink hearts onto the blue card and then put gold dots on the blue card and background)
  6. Allow glue to dry then write on the card.
How you arrange the shapes on the card is up to the individual but if you are uncertain on a pattern then try placing them before you glue them. This way you will be able to move them according to how you like.

As all crafts listed here, how you do one craft is only limited to your imagination. I only place a basic outline to guide you.

Have fun!