Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Office Duties

I have been stuck in the office for quite a while now, since my rescue from the farm.
No one ever told me why I was there or what ever happened to the people there. My past is a fuzzy and only really appears in my dreams and then that is even weird. The office shrink thinks I am cuckoo when I tell her about the dreams, well, that is what I think she thinks. Anyhows, I have been stuck on office work, away from the intelligence sector. I haven't seen NB (SC#2) since I got back either, but then my dinky little office is in an obscure little place.
Maybe a fly will drown in my glass of water. I need some excitement. There is only so much excitement in entering meaningless data into the computer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This Is Me?

Someone just pointed out that I have this diary. I have read through it and can't beleive that this is actually me. It seems so surreal, so unbeleivable.
I might as well continue with this, hopefully it will make for some interesting reading.
Where have I been?
Hmm, well I have been at home with my mum. Apparently I was hurt during the cyclone that happened a while ago and was hospitalised for a while. I don't really remember much during that time because everything was a bit fuzzy. Apparently the medication they had me on was a heavy sedative so that I didn't tear the stitches. I now have this realy ugly scar that runs down my left side, from about the middle of my ribs to the front top of my left hip. Fortunately I can cover it up, and there has been talk of cosmetic surgery to correct it.
I need to write more later as it is dinner time and I have an appointment at the hospital afterwards.

Friday, April 01, 2005

A Note From The Author

Cindy will be on temporary leave until we get back from moving and our holiday. Back sometime in May.