Sunday, October 30, 2005


We Painted The Cubby House!




At The Park

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Lots & Little

Today hubby had his LAN on so I was stuck at home alone with the kids (eldest was away with her grandparents). I didn't end up being alone though as a friend stopped by since her boyfriend was also going to the LAN.
So far today we have painted (cubby house), watched some DVDs, gone for a walk, played at the park and had dinner at a different park. Tonight we are planning on watching some more of the DVDs (TV series) once the kids are in bed. 2 down, 1 to go.
I will post pics once my pc returns from the LAN.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Almost There!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's Raining, It's Pouring....

But the old man's not snoring!

After all the hype about this being the worst drought in 100 years (and they are most likely right) it has been raining (storming) on and off for a couple of weeks now.
I passed by a nearby water supply and the creeks off of that were looking at least half full. This means that the stone bridge built across one part (about a month before hand) is completely submerged! This is great news as it means our lawns now get watered.
They (the local governments) have put into practice level 2 water restrictions (means the dams are at 35%). This meant no sprinklers, only hand held watering before 7am and after 7pm and for no longer then an hour per day. Even washing the car was restricted to those hours and they urge the use of a bucket for water over a running hose.
It has been a dry site, some yards had become bare of grass and looked like dustbowls.
Fortunately our yard has been saved by the use of grey water. I divert the water from our washing machine to the gardens/laws out front and they benefit from the 2 loads of washing per day (it is a 6kg machine, approx 12lbs).
This rain is great, let's hope it continues and gives us what a spring should be, full of new life and not dust bowls for a yard.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Dr Who

I really like the new series of this. The new Dr is cheeky and funny.
Though, I am not sure who the guy is on the home page of the Dr Who site.


Just Resting My Feet

for a few minutes.
Almost all done, well, almost giving up, had enough and hope it is enough.
Only gonna do the miles and miles of tiles now and hope the carpets are clean enough (already cleaned them but you know how beige carpet goes when you try to clean it, never looks new again, especially when it is short, very tight pile)

Time to go vacum then clean the floors.....


Almost Ready

to give up!
It seems that everytime I clean up, it then is messed up.
eg. The kids bathroom. I gave them explicit instructions to keep it tidy and the water in the bath.
They almost emptied the bath water to the floor, covered the mirror, bench, cupboards and floor (plus baby who wasn't in the bath) in bubbles!
I guess it could have been worse and i could have given them bath crayons instead!
Now all that I have left to do, before tomorrow mornings inspection, is the miles and miles of tiles (sweep and mop), 2 bathrooms, tidy my WIR, tidy the floors, make dinner (or at least point in the right direction), clean windows if i desperately think they need doing plus half a million other small jobs that escape my mind at the moment.
Did I mention it was already 5pm?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I did my fair share today.
Cutting the weeds atop the wall and mowing the yard.
Now i have 2 hours before I go out and I have to bathe the kids, myself and make dinner!
I get to rest at 9pm tonight, perhaps. Tomorrow is another full on day, perhaps more full on.


Rain Is Coming

I might go and stand out in it!


It never came but by passed us. Another fine day here with too many bills and not enough money!


Did You Know?

That red clay mud tracked inside the house (onto the cream coloured carpet) 2 days before a rental inspection can not possibly make a person happy.


That by having in-laws stay we have the kitchen the cleanest it has been and a cubby house being made.


That my dog is a her not a him.


That Merc looks cute with her hair in pigtails.


That a nice breeze comes through the window at my desk.


That the side wall (4 inches wide in some spots) is still two thirds covered in weeds but that means I have done a third. I had to stop because it was getting hot and I was getting a cramp in my hip from the way I was having to stand. More to be done later when it is cooler.


I think I will do some inside maintenance for a while.

Monday, October 24, 2005


In-Laws & Out-Laws

At the family reunion in April, I was part of the out-laws and his side of the family were the in-laws.
The in-laws are here now and have been for 4 days.

Day 1
Hubby took off with his dad for the day, scooting him around between different clients, our homeschooling warehouse, and to watch his last indoor soccer game for the year. Hus mum stayed with us, succumbed to jet lag and spent most of the day playing with, reading to and enjoying her grandkids. I had less to do then normal so I was a bit at a loss as to what to do. I am still getting used to it.
Mercedes still had a cold and was grumpy and extra clingy, and I was tired from a restless night of having her in our room and waking up frequently. The boys arrived home about 10pm.

Day 2
Hubby and father-in-law spent a good part of the day planning, and dealing with cubby house preparations. Saturday is a bit fuzzy in my memory but I do know that I was tired due to another bad night with a restless bubs.
Oh yeah, some friends and my mum came over for dinner. I made chickpea samosas.

Day 3
We were out in record time and off to church with a little bit of time before hand. We were early compared to normal. When we got home, lunch was had and then the in-laws took off with a mutual friend for the rest of the afternoon. The kids and I took off to a new friend/neighbours place for a swim in their pool (well the 3 older did).
Dinner was home made meat pie and pizza with sweet potato mash. Yum!

Day 4 (Today)
Was a busy day. I am sure it took me half of the day to just get moving. I really need to stop these late nights!
Lunch was at a mutual friends house. It was great. The friends are lovely people and always inviting. Eventually I played the baddy and made us all go home as I had to prepare for tonight. Tonight was our shared meal. I made chicken and corn rolls and chicken nuggets.
The boys started on the cubby house building and built a good part of the frame. They wanted me to take photos but I was being a stubborn Kerr and said no. No pictures...

Distraction - hubby is talking on Skype to a possible client(?) and the guy has an Italian accent, he is in Italy, I think!

Ok, I am pooped but an yet to be the mouse in the wheel that goes no where (exercise bike) and read.

Oh, our camera works well but I haven't really had much of a chance to play with it yet.

Friday, October 21, 2005


They Are Here!

Hubby's parents arrived this morning
our new camera finally arrived!!!
I have taken couple of pics but still need to figure out all the bells and whistles yet. Not sure it actually has bells and whistles but it has lots of buttons!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I Am....

A troll!

and Mercedes went to sleep cuddling a bush lemon!


Wakeup Wednesday

Today has to be officially renamed - Wakeup Wednesday


Because it is a hard day to wake up because bubs was waking up lots last night (including 4.45am this morning. Did you know that the sky is light at that time of the morning?)

Bubs woke up alot last night due to the fact that we had to move her cot into our room (inlaws arrive in 2 sleeps for 3 weeks so the couch in the family room is out of the question) and she was out of routine. It really threw her. In teh mornings it is either Jadeen or Miranda who gets her up and then she is happy but today she woke up in our room and mum had to get her out.

Tonight should be better, I hope!

P.S. 50 First Dates is a hilarious movie. Hubby and I cracked up laughing a lot as we watched it last night.

Monday, October 17, 2005



I got that feeling today.
It was to do with the first training session for Miranda's basketball this arvo, licking of a bowl, telling off for licking of a bowl, in-laws coming and by being at the front door.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Mental Note

Never shake popcorn container when lid is not on properly.

Tonight is survivor night and we are having caramel strawberry popcorn, freshly made in our kitchen.
On second thoughts, maybe they should eat before watching survivor....hmmmm..I think that is a good idea.

In making the sauce we added some strawberry jam/syrup to the caramel that we made to go on it. Yum!



I am in camera withdrawl and it doesn't look like we will get one this week...possibly another week to go before it turns up!
I have seen so many good shots I would like to take.

For example - a spider on an invisible spider web, it's background was the cloudy grey sky.
- Mercedes walking around in her sister's gum boots carrying a pail. She was just so cute that I toyed with the idea of getting out the digital video.
- Erin trying to skate in some toy skates
- the 2 inch water wark on the outside of the house from the rain storm we had last night (and it wasn't even that heavy or for very long!
- the beautiful sunset I know we will have tonight due to the cloud coverage
and lots more!

The reason I don't use the digital video is because I don't know how to download the pics on it. Plus the battery is on charging and it doesn't take good enough photos!
We are waiting on another camera to come because the last one has had it's shutter lens broken (by accident) by Erin. I am tossing up whether or not to try fiddling with it and see if I could some how manage to fix/break it.



Thursday, October 13, 2005


Rain & Basketball

It's raining. The gardens are flooded. That means my seedlings are flooded. I hope they survive!

Today I succumbed to a moment of weakness, I signed Jadeen up for a year of Junior Jammers Basketball. It isn't the competative stuff but more on the ball skills. The sign up fee did include a basketball (the right size for her), drink bottle, back pack (pretty decent one), mouse mat and measuring chart. It was a pretty good deal. Now I shall spend the next year (apart from school holidays) on Thursday afternoons, hanging around the indoor basketball courts. Oh, Miranda is also trying out for the under 10's basketball group (our friend coaches that and her son, same age as Miranda, is in it) which will mean - training on Monday night (5-6pm), game Thursday night (6.20-7pm). There is an hour break between Jade's class and Miranda's class.

At least that means I can get the car three days a week now!


Jadeen & Stuff

Has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to schoolwork. She always seems to get distracted by anything going on around her. I am sure things will improve the longer she does it. Thursday is always a pretty distracted kind of day.


73 days till Christmas, just over 10 weeks.
I know people who have almost finished paying off their Christmas lay-by already!!! I have only just started thinking of it personally, but that is because I have had birthdays to deal with up until now (2 more to go, that I buy for anyhow). Then I will have Christmas and the day after will be Jade's 7th birthday (we never have the party on her birthday, but 3 months afterwards when people are settled back into school and are able to come.


Thanks to all who leave comments here. Sorry I don't get back to you but for some reason my comments won't even allow me to see the email addresses to reply (plus I am a little slack on that side of things). Thanks anyhow!!!


Signing In

Hi to all out there. Life has been busy and the energy sucking vampires are hard at work lately.

1 week and the in-laws will be here
2 weeks and our next rental inspection is due
3 weeks and the in-laws return back to NZ
4 weeks and Christmas is way too close
5 weeks is too far ahead to think of

Time to go and clean something, encourage schoolwork and have it all finished in the next hour so we can go out.

Monday, October 10, 2005



Why would you bid on a gift card on ebay? Yes I can understand that you may actually win it beneath it's actual value and 'save' money that way. But is it really saving money when it actually goes higher then the cost of the card itself?
There is one $50 card going, it is curretnly up to $43.50, yet it has a postage cost of $4 on it. Bringing the total cost to $47.50. If no one else bids on it in the next 4 days then they have saved a whole $2.50!
There are even higher cards going which are almost at the card price which have hefty postage fees.


How To Amuse A 20mth Old

Give her a stool(chair) and allow her to run around it in circles.

So far she has been at it for about 5 minutes, possibly because we laughed at it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Healthy Teeth

Mercedes has discovered the kids toothpaste.
Where should I find her, but on her sister's bed eating the toothpaste straight from the tube. Fortunately it is designed for small kids who don't like to spit.


Become A Spy & Get Paid To Study

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Happy Birthday Hubby

Since blogger is being a bar stool and not doing what I want, go here to check out hubby's birthday pic. I was asleep through present opening this morning so no pictures were snapped (and our camera is broken and we are awaiting the replacement).
Happy 38th birthday to you hubby.

Friday, October 07, 2005



Our new car has automatic headlights. They turn off when the car turns off and turn on when they sense it is dark enough to need them.
It also has a heap of internal lights and drink holders.
And the sunshades are cool, a cheap version of tinting. They fit just right.

I was a good girl today and did some exercise on the mouse wheel (morning) and then ran around an indoor basketball court after a soccer ball and sometimes a basketball (afternoon).

I also drank heaps of water and despite the numerous bottles we have in the fridge and on the bench, I am thinking we need more.

It takes a minute or two before the water is cool enough to put your hand under, let alone drink!
It isn't even summer yet!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005



My hubby is unwell.
Well, no more then normal.
He has hyperthyroidism and his last specialist appointment proved to me what I suspected and that was that it had hit a high again. His levels were 4 times what a normal person should be! His medication has doubled and his doctor referred to him as being toxic and suggested, more urgently then before, that he gets irradiated.
The irradiation will reverse the effects but the outcome will be better then what he is now. Basically he is not able to tolerate the moderate heat we have been having and has been having dizzy spells because he is getting close to over heating.
When the irradiation treatment has happened he will either function as normal or have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland).
The main problem with irradiation is that he will have to have 2 weeks without contact and not even in this house for at least 10 days after treatment. Not even a simple cuddle is allowed and he isn't supposed to be in contact with anyone for longer then 2 hours. There is the option of surgery but that is relatively new and has a higher chance of damaging his voice box.
What ever method he chooses, it has to be done sooner then later.
I don't really want to be a widow just yet! Not that I think that it will come to that.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Majority of our phonecalls are for hubby and they are usually on the home phone or his mobile. Now I am getting calls on my mobile phone for him!

Monday, October 03, 2005


It's Definately Monday

  • Erin is crying, pretty much non-stop because her sisters won't let her do what she wants to do or she is just having a 'Monday' and things are too hard for her.
  • We have home group tonight so I have a heap of housework to do, plus the usual school work and normal housework.

Well time to get up off this thing, get the first load of laundry started while i wait for the bed side tables to arrive, start the girls schoolwork, maybe danish pastry, prepare other desserts and try to keep the kids from killing each other (or at least annoying each other to tears). Oh, and there is that pesky thing about feeding the kids and having to make the youngest have a nap at some tage throughout hte day also.
Did I forget to mention that hubby is at a clients today, due to be home mid afternoon (with a couple of hours to spare before homegroup dinner)
Hey, great news. Erin has stopped crying and is talking nicely.
Well, onto the laundry I go!


Sayings of a 9 yr old

Miranda was putting rubber bands around her fingers and had successfully made 2 pairs of 2. She then announced that she had '9' fingers. I made her count again to show she only had 8. Then she fiddled again and announced she had 14 fingers!!!
I thought she was better then this at maths!

Sunday, October 02, 2005



Hubby is grumpy today because he has 8 hrs of work to do for a client before tomorrow and he hasn't started yet, and it is already lunch time on Sunday.
He wants me to take the kids out for at least 4 hrs even though I want to stay home and catch up on things I need to catch up on.
The problem is that the kids want to spend time with him because they haven't really seen him since early thursday evening. Friday he was out all day till 10pm, Saturday he was out till 1am Sunday (LAN) and this morn we had church (kids in Sunday School). Now he will work for the rest of the day/night and tomorrow he is off to a client and tomorrow night we have homegroup dinner (earlier start then normal). Tuesday and from then on will be just as busy.
This is my rant for the day!

Update - He finished quicker then expected and was anle to play with the kids while i made dinner and then he put the elder 3 to bed for me. Thanks!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The Last Sunset

Taken on our old camera (pics from that day will appear through other posts when I am in withdrawl from being unable to take sunset pics)


Survivor & Better be Quick

We played 'Survivor' this morning. I was 'Jeff Probst' with piggy tails. We did a timed race around an imaginary course, across sloping feilds, through caves and underground streams, with the last bit being run across the plains towards the hut.
Then we proceeded to paint our faces with bath crayons, tie on our 'Survivor' scarfs and do spear (read bamboo garden stakes) throwing. Once again their were no losers.
I refused to have 'tribal council' as I knew who would be voted out and what would happen.
The girls had fun and now they are taking a break and watching tweety on the TV while I tidy up, prepare myself to become a mouse on a wheel and hopefully attack some half finished sewing jobs, all before a bed arrives and the baby awakens.

Better Be Quick
You can tell that it is heating up here. When you turn on the cold tap, the first bit of water that comes out is nice and cold, but only a few seconds later, the water starts coming out warm and will run that way for at least 30 seconds until cooler water comes through again. In summer I expect to not to have to use the hot water system much if at all for hot water as we will just be able to use the cold tap for both our cool water (not cold but cool) and hot water needs.
This is why we collect drink bottles and our fridge (sometimes) looks like a drinks fridge for a water company.

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