Wednesday, August 31, 2005



I need to take lessons in how to deal with my finances from my 3yr old (soon to be 4 yr old). She has received so many emails about being pre-approved for a housing loan up to $430,000. Now why can't I get these?
Oh, that is right, it is because they are spam!






Last Day Of Winter

Gee what a busy life I lead, sometimes.
Today we took the family into the city, on the train and I was surprised by how well they behaved on the train. For the first half of the trip they just sat there, and the second half they either climbed over me, cuddled up to me and stood up leaning against a partition. It was the best behaved I have ever seen them on a train. Also, Merc told me on that train trip, that she was 'poopy' in our special signal (just like she did now).
Once there it was a quick shuffle up through the traffic, it was out into the open and a short walk to the meeting point. Hubby had gone in earlier for a meeting with the bank and we were to follow a little bit later in order to get cheaper tickets and to accomodate for the time it takes me to get 5 people ready.
Once out in the open, inbetween sky scrapers, the kids had a ball chasing after the pigeons and ibis'. Merc though did not like the ibis as they were the same size as she is and a little too close for her liking. She needed a cuddle after meeting them. Hubby then met us after the kids had unsuccessfully tried to not look like they were feeding the birds with their snacks. It was then off to see the accountant, learn about how they used his sperm helped get his wife pregnant (through artificial methods) and sign some papers, fix up some address errors. Dirty nappy discovered, toilets found, friendly mints discovered and discouraged and a short trip back to the grass and birds.
Miranda tried to 'talk' to the pigeons and got most upset when Jade chased them off, there were running races across the small patch of grass that was dotted with people on a smoke break and tourists. Hubby came down, got involved in a conversation on the phone (business related) and then we headed for lunch.
Lunch was good, the kids sat quietly and ate while we (mainly hubby) headed around to the various shop fronts to look for lunch to be had. Nothing appealed to me so in the end i tried some turkish crisps with garlic sauce. At the begining they were nice and easay to eat but by the end I was glad they were over. They were nice but a bit too 'fried' for me.
On the way back to the train station we stopped in at a war memorial for the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) memorial site, checked it out, explained a little to the girls and headed into the train station.
This was again a pretty uneventful trip with well behaved girls, apart from the fact that Erin liked to chew the gum she found under the seat (ick. It was quickly removed from her), and Merc bashed her head into the hard back of another and now has a shiner (bruise) on the left side of her head, near her eye.
After the train it was off home, though some smart individual had parked their car too close behind my big one that it was a difficult task to get out without hitting it. No hubby, I did not hit it. I did, however, have to do something like a 10 point turn and actually reverse out to the main through road (in the carpark). At least it was a shady carpark so the car was cool when we got to it.
That's about it, apart from the fact that hubby has rigged up the bike so i can ride it in front of the computer and not go anywhere. Guess I will get to watch a few movies on the computer now, using the excuse that I am exercising.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Ctenophorus nuchalis (Central Netted Dragons)

Update on growth
The two big ones are almost fully grown in size.
Big Boy - 15cm
Small Boss - 17cm
Pretty Girl - 10.5cm
Plain Jane - 10cm

2 have shed their skins now and they particularly like woodies which are still white, fresh from shedding their own skin, and clover. They do not like dill plants.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Helpful Child

Mooshy (Marshmallow girl aka Mercedes) decided to be helpful. She wanted to help with the laundry. Instead of putting the clean, neatly folded laundry in it's proper place, she put in the the half full kitchen bin!
Such a helpful child!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Sunset of Today


Views Of The Garden


What We Did In The Last Week Of Winter

Well, it is more what they did as I wasn't brave enough to get in the water. But they all seemed to enjoy it.


Pondering Princess Lessons

Quite a while ago (maybe a month or two) Hula Doula mentioned that her daughter goes to Princess Lessons. Every now and then the thought of teaching some 'Princess' skills to my girls seems like a good idea. Especially when the burping contests start.
They think burping and farting is hilarious, and sometimes it can be!
So, we are going to learn to be little ladies, sitting with our legs together, being neatly dressed, etc etc.
Though, finding a site to help us proves a little difficult.

Ideas so far
  • will have a cape and crown (maybe a scepter) awarded to the princess of the day/week
  • I plan on getting a real tiara (with thanks to my mum's bridal shop discount shelf)
  • refresh please and thankyou
  • have a star chart, maybe
  • how to sit when wearing a skirt
  • how to set a table
  • how to address people
  • posture
Any more helpful hints and tips would greatly be appreciated as I have don't know anywhere near me that offers such classes.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Modern Day Vampire?

They suck the life right out of you, leaving you feel empty and exhausted!
I want a sick day/day off, to sleep in, go to bed when i want and not have to answer to the demands of normal day life.


Ya' Think?

He wakes up and goes to check his emails
He comes home from a client(working most of the time on their PCs) and goes to check his emails
He arrives 5 minutes after dinner is served because he had things to do on the computer
I go to bed and he is still on the computer
He gets upset when we don't structure our free time around his diaried computer free time
He has a 12 hour LAN at least once month (one he runs, sometimes, though rarely, goes to others)
He brings a laptop to the media room so he can do 'work' and chat to others while watching TV (I had to turn up the sound to cover the beeping and clacking of keys).
He is served lunch at the pc
He skips breakfast because he is on the PC (or gets it brought to him)
He relaxes on the PC (plays games)

He does however help put the kids to bed (when he is home)
He does encourage outside play
He does earn the money for the household (government doesnt' pay enough)
He does keep fit by playing sports 2-3 times a week
He does meet people
He does get involved in lots of things

So, do you think he is a PC-aholic?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Introducing 'Marshmallow Girl'

She can catch sticks in her hair
She can guide her way across treacherous floors
She can eat strawberries by the handful
She can run like the wind on an undecided day
She can charm her way into anybodies heart




To answer Hula Doula's question about bindi's.
What are they?
They are small weeds that grow in the lawn and if they are not removed while the bindi (prickle) is green then they can and will spread throughout your lawn, leaving it unuseable the next spring unless you have shoes on.
The plant itself looks similar to parsley but right at the centre of it grows the seeds. When the seeds are green they are relatively harmless and can be plucked bare handed without one of the seeds sticking into you. It is when the seeds start going brown that the threat of loosing your lawn to them expands. When they are fully dead/brown they can then split and seperate into hundreds of seeds (that is one seed head itself and each bindi plant usually contains a minimum of 4 seeds heads).
The seeds heads contain heaps of small sharp (did I mention sharp) protrusions that are designed to catch onto anything passing by so that it can be transported to another area so it can lay dorment until the next spring.
Sometimes the bindis can get so stuck into your foot that they require to be dug out. They are quite frequently caught up in pet's fur and create terrible knots, provided they don't make their way to the skin itself.
All in all they are one peice of nasty vegetation.
I try to pull them out when they are green, in our yard and so far i have been lucky with only a few being in the grass, but we have to remain vigilant least the kids become indoor kids which do not know the pleasure of playing under the sprinkler in the heat of summer.


Down Time

The server holding my website crashed on Sunday/Monday. I had heaps of posts to write up here but the moment has gone and my whiteboard of a memory was wiped clean.
Now that it is back up and running, we should see some new pics and posts coming soon.
Only 1.5 days till the weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Busy Bee

What a week it has been. School, work, visitors and lots more stuff. The only time I seem to sit down and have time to write is at night, when I am feeding bubs, in the dark and I can't see the keys to type accuretly. Oh, and I am half asleep so keeping my eyes open is a hard task.
Right now I am avoiding housework that needs to be completed before guests arrive tonight. Close to 30 people may be here tonight!
I am finding it a little hard though, since bubs has a cold and therefore she is waking up more often during the night and I have also tried to spend some kid free time with hubby. So, I am a little over tired, overworked and under paid!
Good news though, my sis may be able to get her dog today, a cute little maltese cross.
Well now that bubs is off and playing happily, it is time to get to work and make this place tidy! Oh, and cook the marinated chicken wings, huge amount of rice and veges!

BTW, ever seen a strawberry do this?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Beach

Note : Click the photos to enlarge

Yup, we are still in winter (according to the calender) and we headed to the beach. The tide was out so we had a huge flat to walk and explore on. Mercedes was a little scared at first, not sure what to make of the bumpy ground and the small luke warm puddles of water. She was especially scared of the seaweed and would not walk over it, but had to stay as far away from it as possible, which was hard considering it was pretty much everywhere in small clumps. She did survive and enjoyed her long walk out to the waters edge and back.

Erin had a blast and even tried to make sand angles in the hard wet sand. She had fun exploring the little pools, picking up hermit crabs and finding the green slimy worms that were quite plentiful. Erin also had her togs on before we even left home (we had some errands to run before we went to the beach).

Jade had fun and only got told off once, for kicking water at me while I was trying to take a photo. She loved running through the warm puddles and was to the down ramp, across the bindi (prickles) patch without realising. It wasn't till we were headed back to the car that she realised the grass was full of bindis and got stuck in the middle of them. Silly me, threw my thongs (flip flops) to her to wear across but they got stuck about halfway between her and me, in the worst section of bindis. We did extract her eventually and sent her down the path to the car (not the most direct route to the car) while i retrieved my thongs from the middle of the bindi patch. Fortunately they were mostly green.

Miranda was off as soon as she put on her board shorts, and exploring. I think she was the first one down to the flats. While out at the waters edge she found a clam attached to some seaweed and brought it up to me for a look see. We worked out that it was still alive despite the shell being cracked and missing in a few places. So that clam came back with us to be examined a little closer. Once it was opened, she had a good look before feeding it to the seagulls. Then it was back down to the water while I got Mercedes dressed.

The plan was for them to walk along to another set of stairs and then come up by them but that plan abruptley ended when Miranda stood on a rock and cut the ball of her foot and big toe (it is soaking now in antiseptic lotion) The poor girl had already caught her elbow in the sliding door of the car and now had a cut foot. She is so upset she doesn't want to to girls brigade tonight. We will see how that goes.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Dinner Time Updated

Saturday, August 13, 2005



Merc (18months) has surprisingly good aim. She throws a small toy snail at me and gets me every time. Now if only I could catch it!


How To

Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veges.
Step 1 - Build a garden and plant seeds/seedlings
Step 2 - Watch plants grow
Step 3 - get kids to pick fresh vegetables from the garden but be sure to let them know that you want the vegetables for dinner.
Step 4 - Find empty pea shells, bare strawberry plants and an empty radish patch.

Keep Kids and Hubby Out Of The Fridge
Step 1 - Buy a refridgerator lock and attach it to the fridge
Step 2 - Sit back and listen to them walk away from the fridge because it is now too difficult to open.


Update : It lasted about 10 hours before a guest (Dom) accidentally pulled it off the fridge. He was wondering why the fridge wouldn't open. Guess that is what I get for having a colour co-ordinated one. LOL


New Toy

I took time out today to fiddle with the new toy (drawing tablet) and this is what I ended up with. I am still working it out, mainly because I don't get to play with it every day. I don't like to drag it out when kids are around, but today I did. They were interested for a while but then disappeared outside. Guess it must be because they are excited about their cousin coming over.

Friday, August 12, 2005







Thursday, August 11, 2005


Genuine Baby




The Begining Of The End

Ok, I couldn't do it. I gave in and fed her. The two days did do wonders for clearing up problems though. I can handle the lunch time no-feed but not the night time. Everything I have read points to gradual weaning unless it is absolutely necessary to stop straight away. I will see how things go. I want to stop daytime feeds all together.
I guess I will have to do this gradually.
It is all so different!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Image Gallery

I am slowly getting my act together, with a lot of help from hubby and starting up a different blog. Well it will be the same, but using drupal. I am currently sticking pics over there with recipes (should I think about it).
Check it out!




Day 1 & Beans

Day 1 of The End of Breastfeeding.
So far so good. She only woke up 3 times last night and each time I was able to get her to sleep with a little bit of milk in a bottle and lots of cuddles. It did help that she went to sleep on the way home from girls brigade and I was able to transfer her straight to her cot. Though, the words engorged and cabbage leaves keeps coming to mind.

Bean bags, should be banned from my household unless the bag is sewn up and then placed inside another bag which is sewn up. The kids (Jade and Erin) emptied half (yes half) of the beans from my sister's bean bag, last night. So you can guess what I am doing this morning. I didn't do it last night because it was late by the time we got home.
The beans are on the walls, the ceiling, on the floor, in the closet door tracks, under beds and in the clothes (and hair).

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Ctenophorus nuchalis (Central Netted Dragons)

Boy are the dragons growing.
I have only had them a month and in the last 3 weeks they have shot up.

Big Boy/Girl - 14cm (grown 4cm and shedding skin at the moment)
Little Boss - 15cm (grown 5cm)
Pretty girl - 10.5cm (grown 3.5 cm)
Plain Jane - 10cm (grown 3cm)
Note: 2.5cm = 1 inch (roughly)

We have had a little trouble though, and I had to ring the breeder to find out what to do. Pretty Girl seems have caught her toe, or had it bitten at some stage and today it was bleeding a little. I checked it out and it looked like I could see the bone. I am not expecting that toe to last long (it was only to the first nuckle). Anyhow, I rang the breeder and he suggested a little antiseptic cream to the cut and just to keep an eye on her. She eats well, is growing and very alert. There is nothing in her actions to suggest that she is in any way unwell. She was a little shocked though when i had to get her out to put cream on. I have found the best way to hold them (dragons) comfortably and without struggling is to hold them on their back.
Anyhow, we shall see how they go and maybe the toe will survive!


The End

Well, it is here. It had to happen sooner or later.
I bought bottles and toddler milk today so that I can do the cold turkey with mercedes.
Yes, we are stopping breastfeeding at 18months.
Not because I want to but because the benefits of stopping far outweight the feeding.
What I mean by this is that, bubs feeds well, always has but she had bitten me not to long ago, and it wasn't healing up and well, as these things go, I thought the only way to heal properly is to stop.
The trying time will come at bedtime until she is used to taking the bottle over me.
I did this with Erin(at 20 months), I can do this with her.




The Good, The Bad & The Funny

The Good
This morning the girls were very thoughtful and let us sleep in, even Mercedes. I sent hubby to get bubs out of her cot because I thought she was calling for him. She was, but from the family room and then she was sitting there nicely with her sisters, reading books. It was 9.15am! Usually they come in and wake us up but this morning they let us sleep in.

The Bad
This was yesterday at the shops, and while it did not affect me directly, it was still disturbing/bad. A mother was teaching her daughter a lesson. I do not know why but I do know that the outcome of this lesson teaching meant the daughter (about 8 or 9) was left screaming and crying for her mother and trying to run after her leaving car. Yes, the mother had left the daughter deliberately at the shops to 'teach her a lesson.' The mother did come back looking for her, but by that time her daughter had crossed over 2 main roads (fortunately very quiet) and gone past a roundabout and was lost from view by the dusky evening sky and trees.
Yes, my kids can annoy me when we go shopping but I have never ever thought about leaving them behind to teach them a lesson. This lady irked me with what she did but I am glad that she did come back for her daughter.

The Funny
Mercedes was funny last night at home group. One family that comes has a son that is 2-3 months older then her and just recently they have become friends. They do stuff together and get into mischeif together. Last night, according to the elder girls, Mercedes kissed the little boy. This just proves that they had not watched the 'Just Wait' Bluefish TV clip that we had watched. Another peice of proof was that they were both trying to climb into the dolls cot together!

Friday, August 05, 2005


A Time To Write

I thought it was about time that I actually wrote something in here instead of just posting pictures. The pictures are great memories in themself but could never say truely what was on my mind when taking them.
Sunsets - I love taking photos of sunsets because they are always varied, the colours are vibrant or just plain delicate, the day is cooling down and always feels refreshing.

Dragons - I have a feeling that 'Big Boy' is not a boy but a girl. The colouring, lack of 'bumps' in the right places and the fact that s/he seems to be putting on weight seem to point to being a girl. The weight isn't much but I have noticed that s/he doesn't eat as much as the others yet s/he has grown quite considerably since they arrived.
I have looked and looked but have not found much if anything about breeding central netted dragons so I have referred to beareded dragon information. The information there has given me some insight, and I just hope it is in the right direction.
The other dragons are growing well but seem a little more sleepy, which is fine by me as it is their usual hibernation time.

Kids - They are certainly still here. Erin is trying to grow up, but she is also trying to stay a baby, like Mercedes is. I think she is having a hard time of growing up and just wants to be the baby of the family. She is a little more demanding then she used to be but she isn't throwing nearly as many tantrums as she used to. She still needs her cuddles.

I know when Jade needs her cuddles as she will ask to sit in my lap while she does her school work. She is doing well at her work and I can see her progressing well with it all. We have finally moved from the ABC's (phonic based) to the advanced lessons. Well, the advanced lessons start next week, and this week we have been dealing with catch-ups and introducing her to new bits of work (english PACE's). When we started her latest english PACE she was given a dot to dot to do. The instructions simply stated ' Draw a line from A to Z'. So that is what she did, a line from A to Z. No other letters were included. I guess she did that peice of work correctly.

is going slowly in her work and we seem to be struggling a bit in maths and word building. She has absolutely no problem in reading or doing work with numbers but the sheer amount of work she has been given (40 maths questions per page) seems to be daunting to her and she dawdles, slacking off. When it comes to word building she can retain her words when she concentrates. What I do to help this is make her write up funny stories using the words she is meant to study. It seems to help.

is growing up and was quite proud of her acheivement today at being able to peel a mandarin (with a little help). She also likes to help with the laundry and dishes, which can sometimes mean more work for me. At least she is trying to help and saying thankyou when I say it to her. She is a little cutie but I wish she would sleep better at night as her frequent waking is tiring me out!

I am just trying to get some art done, housework done, sewing past the thought process, kids dressed, cook gourmet meals out of not much.
I am also trying to get a new website up and going (with a LOT of help from hubby), which will be bigger and better and with a better colour scheme then this page.
Speaking of food, I need to go prepare dinner, and sew up a pony if I can find something to cook in the oven instead of on the stove.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


At The Park



Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Kangaroo Paws


Guess The Word

Barbie and the Nat Cracker

More to come......


Look Ma, No Hands!



Monday, August 01, 2005


Juice Blocks & Hair Cuts

Here are the kids enjoying juice blocks in the middle of winter. We bought some ice block thingies at shopping yesterday, something the kids would enjoy since they could then have a slow but steady supply of ice blocks with, to enjoy in the warmer...most of the year round. Also last night they lined up for hair cuts. Jade's is the most noticeable as she lost about half of her hair because she kept moving and wouldn't sit still. So it kept getting shorter and shorter until it was even. Everyone is happy so that is all that matters!



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