Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Firstly, I need to say sorry folks for now answering your comments. I have no real reason as to why but that I slacked off in that department.
Secondly I would like to say a big thankyou to all who commented on my blog.

Thanks Hula Doula for your congratualtions to my eldest on her birthday, and the baby is getting better, just very sleepy. Her temp went down with a dose of paracetamol (nurofen). She could possibly have a cold (which we have all had before) since no one else is showing signs of sickness in the house.

Thanks Beth, of So The Fish Said fame, for your comment. It was nice to sit there and cuddle her while she wanted it. It was a small sacrafice to make. I hope your little girl likes cuddles as much as mine does.

Thanks Night-Rider, from SweetSweat, for your birthday wishes to my eldest. Thanks for your kind comments about the sunsent pics.

Thanks Gary, of Virtual Rants, for your answer to the plane question. The plane just happened to be in the sky while I was taking sunset pictures so I thought I would snap a picture of it while I was out there.

Thanks RockChild for your plane answer also.

Thanks Izobel for your compliments on the recipes. Where abouts are you in north Brisbane? I am on the north side myself.

Thanks to all who responded on my big philosophical piece not too long ago. It was interesting to see each others opinion on the subject.

Thanks to everyone else who ever commented on my site. Sorry I never got back to you. Life is busy, but it is worth it.

Monday, June 27, 2005



So I haven't moved from the pc since my last post, buts Merc wanted a feed and now she is just cuddling up to me. It is so nice I don't want to end it prematurely.
She is just sitting here, leaning against me watching her daddy set up his new fish tank.
I think she might have a slight temperature so I guess I shall keep an eye on her for now.


1 Week

Till I go get my dragons.
Today a hood for my tank arrived, so I got to set it up. All I need now is a hide and some lights. I will take pictures when I get around to it, but as for now, I need to tidy up before guests arrive tonight.

Saturday, June 25, 2005



Phew! I have a heap of projects on the go at the moment.
The one at the top of the list is Miranda's birthday present. She turns 9 tomorrow (Sunday) and we have a really full day.
Some of the other projects that I have going at the moment are
  • doing up a painting for the new house (put on the back burner for now)
  • setting up the reptile tank now that I have my licence - this involves fitting the correct heating for the tank, correct lighting, hoping my ebay offer is accepted, making a trip to pick up my dragons, keeping the roaches alive and happy and breeding, etc etc
  • sewing for the kids - i want to make each kid two outfits at least and most of the time I will be having to draft my own patterns
  • tidying up my desk
Each thing is a big thing in it's own way and I don't dare write too much as Miranda has discovered my blog and I do not want to give away any secrets.

So, have a great weekend and now I think I will get to making a white choc mud cake for her birthday cake.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Sunset For The Day


Bugs & Stuff

My reptile licence should arrive Friday, so that means I get my dragons next week (they will only be 2 inches long - babies)
To feed my dragons i bought some woodies (wood roaches) and yes they look exactelly like cockroaches. It is my intent to breed these so I can feed them to the dragons and to our fish (we have big fish).
Now it is time to dash off because interrupting kids has caused my lingering thoughts to flutter away, Erin wants popcorn and I have art & craft to organise along with chores while the baby sleeps (hopefully for a while).

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Shameless Self Promotion

Yep I am selling on eBay. Feel free to take a look over at all the lovelies I am selling. If you see something you like there for your own lovely or yourself, I do sell overseas and shall get it to you as quick as I can.

Monday, June 20, 2005


Phone Hog

Hubby was waiting for an important phonecall this arvo. He got tired of waiting so he decided to ring them.
Who should he find on the phone?
Mercedes (16months)
She was quite cutely standing on a chair with the phone to her ear and saying hello (or at least that is what it sounded like)

Saturday, June 18, 2005


What Type Of Plane Is This?


Sunset Of The Day

Friday, June 17, 2005


We Have Acquired A New Pet

Lately we seem to have acquired a little piglet. She squeels a lot, especially when she doesn't get things her way.
This little piglet has a name, it is Mercedes. Occassionally the piglet sounds like a fire truck siren but most of the time it is pigsty squeels.
Yes Mercedes is starting her demanding early, but she does get over it when you ignore her or start squeeling with her.

She has also reached new heights, the kitchen chair followed by the kitchen table. She can climb now but fortunately she still hasn't climbed out of her cot as Echo does for Krystal.

Thursday, June 16, 2005




What A Bunch Of Nerds We Are

Hubby brought his laptop to the dinner table and proceeded to talk to his brother-in-law (via a headset) over the internet. He also couldn't find his dinner as the only place left to put it was behind the laptop.
He even had dessert there and is still there!
Of course the kids joined in on the audio conversation.


R.I.P. Simon the Siamese Fighter

Well, he isn't dead yet but I am guessing he will be gone by morning, or for some strange reason fully alive and happy.
I do not quite know what went wrong. I used the water conditioner, fed him his food, etc. A few days ago he started getting this 'fuzzy' stuff on himself but he still seemed to be happy and feeding well so I did a water change.
He never improved and now he lays on the bottom of the tank just breathing slowly and looking dead.
I won't get another fighter (betta) to replace him, but instead will use the empty container (comes with a lid) for crickets for the incoming reptiles.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Just For The Records

Today was cold enough for the 3 year old to ask for a jumper. It was also wet up until lunch time. The weather forcast was right for once.


When Have You Gone Too Far?

Adultery, that is my topic for this post today.

Unfortunately, it is one of those things which is very common in today's society.

The question I am asking is, 'When does it start?"

Does it start with that coffee you regularly have on a Monday morning, with a 'friend' which makes you feel good?

Does it start when you think about that friend in other ways then just being a friend?

Or, does it start when you knowingly choose to cheat on your partner/their partner?

These are only a few questions swirling around in my mind at the moment.

I do not see anything wrong with having the opposite sex as a friend.

What I really have swirling through this head of mine, is that lately (last 6 months or so), it has become obvious that there is an increase of relationships breaking up, having trouble and struggling because of adultery. And this is only in our church!

Does adultery have to be with another person? Can it also be when you are cheating on your relationship with that person, with a bottle of alcohol, or a bag of pills or a puff of illegal substances, etc etc.

I am not talking about my own relationship with my husband, and I am not saying that we have not had our own struggles with things in the past, but I am talking of others, with whom we are friends or have become 'friends' with due to their struggles.

Some of these 'friends' struggles' have really been heartbreaking and hard on them, especially since they already have children in their relationship. One 'friend' has had a hard time as it was seen as a possibility that the 'other half' had been scheming since before they were wed. It is things like this that really hurt people and cause them to mistrust others.

Since I have kids chattering, trying to converse with me and generally being kids around me (and the baby has now woken up) I am finding it hard to continue my train of thought so will have to end it here for now.

If any have opinions that they would like to add, please leave a comment. Any nasty or derogitory comments will be removed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Sunset For The Day


It Is Winter, Right?

Well, for the southern hemisphere of course.
The calanders say it is winter, the shops say it is winter, but the weather just doesn't think it is so.
Just yesterday it really was too hot to wear jeans. The kids are always at the ready to play in the water and do not mind running around wet.
I got out of bed the other day and thought to myself, 'Gee it's gonna be hot today' (altered to omit aussie slang incase it confused).
Where is winter?
I know we only really get about 2 weeks of really cold weather, enough to make you want to rug up, but here in sunny Queensland, it is turning out to be a really warm winter.
Atop of this we are looking at droughts and water conservation.
You just wouldn't think it was winter here.

Apart from that, my snow peas are growing like weeds, each day they have visibly grown more. The carrots are taking their time, the strawberries are getting more flowers, the peas are plodding along and everything else seems to be going well.

Reptile update
I have sent off my licence application and fees, purchased myself a heating mat and am crossing my fingers on a cheap heating rock. I also picked up some red desert sand today and some handy hints and tips thanks to a helpful pet store I just happened by. I also cleaned out the 3' tank that will become the reptile tank.
I have saved myself hundreds of $$ just by shopping around, hunting on ebay and not buying from the first place I saw.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Simon Is Home!

Simon came home yesterday.
Simon is my siamese fighting fish (betta).
He is a cool fish, lovely blue and purple colours and very active.
He loves his meal times and everytime I go to take a photo of him, he is always turning to look at me. You could say he is a very sociable fish.

Today I went to buy a plant for his tank, though I did not come home with one. Instead we came home with 3 zebra finches (2 males & 1 female) and the prices for a dragon setup.
I didn't feel comfortable with buying from the shop just yet without having done my research first to find and compare different prices.
While at home I checked out ebay for some prices of heaters etc, found that they were a lot cheaper then purchasing through the shop.
I also did a little research on the dragon of my choice, and so far, it all seems go. I managed to find some reasonably priced lizards direct from the breeder, but since I do not have my licence yet (reptil licence) I have to wait with purchasing them. It should be about 2 weeks I think.
We will have to wait and see what happens.
On Tuesday I start by putting in my application for a licence.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Those Kids Can Spend!

And that is just what they did today.
Today we went to the local show (county fair) after having run around doing some tasks.
They were all tagged and given rules to follow. (I made each an ID tag with their name, my name and contact number, and of course their photo on it)
The first thing we noticed was how quiet the place was and then it dawned on me that people still had to work, kids had to go to school because their parents worked and that it was great and really not crowded.
The bad part about all of this though was that the purveyors of games which only provided a small unworthy bounty were in full force, yelling, trying to convince and there were no lines so we could not use the excuse of "maybe we will come back later when it is quiet". After the kids had played about three games each I decided to call it quits and try the "We won't be able to get a show bag if we play anymore games"
In the end we never did get any show bags because I could buy more for less at the local grocery shop, and it was probably out of date anyhow. I did, however, divert their attention away from the showbag stands to the lucky dip place. No lollies, only crappy toy prizes for cheaper then the bags.
Erin chose to buy some fairy floss and a $1 lucky dip, with that she was happy and didn't want anymore.
Jadeen chose to spend her $3 on 3 X $1 lucky dips and came out with an arm full of prizes.
Miranda chose to do the same and came out in front also.
I chose to get Mercedes a lucky dip also, though the toys weren't really suited to her and she was more interested in the baby animal display and her floating green balloon (this suited me just fine).
I bought myself a siamese fighting fish (betta), tank and food for only $10. These fish are $7 alone in the shops and the tank that came with it would be at least another $5-$10 so I am happy with this purchase. I also grilled them for information so I didn't go home unknowing.
While at the show we visited the many different displays that were there and I thought that we could quite possibly enter this next year and maybe win some prizes. I know my carrot cake would do well and possibly my banana cake, fudge, some other recipes, maybe some of our garden produce and our art.
The kids then visited a gem display, picked up a couple of cheap jewellery boxes, sifted through sawdust for gem stones and had a ball exploring this all.
I am glad we went to the show but I know next time to avoid the food, to avoid side show alley and also avoid the showbags. And also to go on the first day because hardly anyone else does.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


The End

It is finally all over. The saga of our previous rental place is over. Let us all celebrate and finally relax. Today we picked up our bond cheque. Of course we lost some money but we got more back then originally planned. To help thank the property manager (who still has some more dealing with the owners to go through), hubby asked me to buy him a 6 pack of crown lager. He was thankful for that as it made all the pain of this seem a little easier (especially the owners).
I have come to the conclusion that the main problem in the end of lease bond retreival was the daughter of the owners. It seems as if she likes to tell a few lies in order to make us the bad guys.
Well, due to her lies, now their gardens will become overgrown, their goldfish will die and the house will not be looked after, especially since they will have a hard time finding someone to rent it for only 6 months.
Aparently they have moved it to another real estate, which means that they (the real estate) will end up loosing money as it takes a year before they start earning anything on a rental property.
I am glad we moved when we did and did not wait until the end of the year to move (when bills are high and income is low). The place we are in now suits us better, has more room to move and generally feels better to live in. We have had more freedom here also, which makes it feel more like a home.


I Finally Created Again

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


She's Got A Molar

Mercedes has her first molar and I didn't even notice it had come through until I saw her giving a peice of cucumber a good chewing.
I am going to put it down to the night she wouldn't settle properly until about midnight but then slept till 6am.


Images Of Our Garden



How difficult is it to change phone carriers for your mobile?
It has been almost 2 weeks since my mobile was supposed to be changed over.
I am onto my third person, now as I write, who is trying to work out what to do with it. And they are playing horrible high pitched upbeat music.
4th person now!
I hope this gets sorted soon.....very soon.
And their telephone, automated, system doesn't work properly (putting it nicely)

Just got off the phone....it is a simple but highly frustrating problem
there was something about porting, incorrect details and failing to let us actually know this fact so we could fix it up on monday.

Now the kids are crying, not getting along together, I am tired and bubs is still stuck in her high chair from lunch and complaining about it......

Have a great day anyhow!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


He Is Away Again!

Yup, that is right, hubby is away again this week but next week he is home. He may have to go back north in a couple of weeks time but we are still waiting to find that out.
As per normal, my Tuesdays start ridiculously early and today was no exception (can't wait to sleep in next Tuesday) except for the fact that it started at 3.30am instead of 4.30am. On the way to the airport we saw the usual early morning walkers, had a discusion as to why they would be walking such early hours (it is dark till 6am here) and headed to the airport with a car full of sleeping bodies (apart from me, the driver). On the way back it was a quick stop for petrol and something to keep my mind occupied on the way home. I bought myself a coconut, almond and apricot bar and nibbled slowly. I dropped it once, on the floor and that provided for some riveting exciting driving (not).
Once home I had to convince the kids to go to bed and sleep since the sky was starting to lighten. It was along the lines of "Mummy's getting grumpy" and "You've woken up the baby".
By the time they were all asleep it was edging closer to 7am but I did manage to get some extra rest sometime after 8.30am.
Then came kids, asking them nicely to not jump on the leaky waterbed. There is a small crack on hubby's side and if he lays on it then he sleeps in a warm pool of water.
Today has been a day of chores and so far we have been busy and it is just lunch time (and the weather is too warm for winter clothes, the baby is running around in a pair of pants and singlet)
So far we have fixed up a botched (majorly) spelling of our address on insurance papers, changed addresses with another place, bought a patch for the bed, bought material ribbon to replace the paper ribbon on the twirly thingy jade bought yesterday, dealt with the bank and new accounts, made phonecalls, had lunch, enquired about furniture and wishing the day was already over.
I need a sleep!
Unfortunately there is more to come, schoolwork, housework, girls brigade, dinner preparation etc etc.

Sunday, June 05, 2005



Hubby had his own mini adventure today. I am sure he will fill you in on it but here is my account of it.

My afternoon started pretty quietly. The hubby was playing slot cars with the kids (until the baby interrupted and was sent outside with mum, and until the girls got bored with it) and I was heading out to tend the vege patch. With bubs digging with the trowel, and me watering the garden, I decided it was time to find some more plants for the garden (It is only half full).

Grabbing all the kids, we headed out to the plant nursery (actually erin wouldn't go without her older sisters and when i promised to stop by a friends house on the way home they all trundled into the car)

At the nursery I picked up a teddy bear rose and a minature figurine for each of the kids.
We stopped at a friends house on the way home and spent about 45mins there just playing and hanging around. I learnt that being piggy in the middle is a lot of work and carrying a baby at the same time doesn't make it any easier, especially when the kids don't throw straight.

Just as we were about to leave here, hubby rings me up, breathless and says something about me needing to meet him asap with a torch and jumper, so I could take his bike home. He assured me that he wasn't the hurt one in this instance. So it was back into the car and a quick stop home and off to deal with the mystery situation. While we were at home I grabbed the first aid kit, some water, a towel, blanket and betadine also. I forgot the biscuits for the kids.

Arriving at the scene, he is waiting for us and the ambulance to arrive. It is then that he fills us in on the situation at hand, we move the car so as to give the ambulance room and settle in for a short wait. Over 1 hour later, a helicopter and 4 ambulance men we are finally heading off. We had pizza for dinner as it was almost 7pm by the time we got home.

What happened, as far as I can work out, is that hubby met a guy, they went riding together, the other guy did a jump and landed funny, turning the top of his shin bone into a 'L'.

Now we have his car and am waiting for some family, of the guy with the broken leg, to turn up and collect his car and bike.

Friday, June 03, 2005



I wish I could have captured the concentration Mercedes had, on camera, but I knew that as soon as the camera had shown up and she would have dropped the fork and just smiled for the camera.
She has recently learnt to use a fork, and isn't always that successful with it. Tonight I gave her a fork to eat her dinner with and she would spend a good time trying to carefully peirce 1 pea, peice of corn or a peice of meat. When she speared that peice of food she would grin triumphantly and put it in her mouth.
Eventually she had enough and started picking up the peas and putting them onto the fork before eating them, not long after that the fork was abandoned for her fingers.
She was so happy with what she had achieved.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Gardens : Part 5

We staked the peas today. It looks like a little bit of a mess but it should work.
Our cucumber seedlings were big enough to transplant so they were put next to the radishes. 3 plants in total, I just hope at least one of them survives.
So far the survival rate for seedlings has been very good. The only seedlings which have perished are those which were unknowingly walked upon by Jade, and then there was still quite a few which survived.
Our tomato seeds never came up so we planted those straight into the garden bed. It is supposed to rain today so I have put off watering the garden.
We enjoyed our first strawberry of the season also. The kids each having a little bit of it.
So far we have planted -
  • basil
  • corriander
  • oregano
  • parsley
  • garlic chives
  • dill
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • french radishes
  • snow peas
  • peas
  • strawberries
  • daisies
  • cornflowers
  • pansy
  • snapdragons
  • lavender
  • gardenia
  • chrysantheum
and there is still heaps of garden space to go!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Wake Me When It's The Weekend...

It is only Wednesday and already I am hoping for the weekend, but then I stop to think and I sag even further. He won't be here, he has a LAN on this weekend and I think I overheard him organising something for Sunday with someone.
Today I was just a sucker for punishment. Firstly we had tinned spagetti for lunch and we all know how well that stuff covers the young faces, hands, hair, etc. Next came a shopping trip. I had birthday money to spend. We were out 2.5hrs and all i had to show for it was donut crumbs, a shirt and some photo albums. I think I may save the rest of my money so we can enjoy our time at the Show & Rodeo coming up soon.
Since I had had enough of the day I packed the kids back into the car and bought dinner out.
Now, after hot chocolate laced with Horlicks, it is time for their baths and then off to bed.
What is install for me once they are settled in, well, these floors really could do with some work (daily job here).
Or maybe I could work out the best way to stake the growing pea plants, finish filling up teh photo albums or perhaps indulge in some art, then again I may just go to bed early instead.
Anyhow, it is bathtime....in the big bath me thinks!

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