Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I've Been Tagged!

It's my turn.
Which three should I choose, hmmmm!

If I could be a scientist...
If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musician...
If I could be a doctor...
If I could be a painter...
If I could be a gardener...
If I could be a missionary...
If I could be a chef...
If I could be a architect...
If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist...
If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete...
If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an inn-keeper...
If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer...
If I could be a llama-rider...
If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be an astronaut...
If I could be a world famous blogger...
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...
If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

Now I have to choose 3 and answer them.

If I could be a painter I would be able to paint things just as I see them, have my art displayed and eagerly snapped up. I would paint things such as flora and fauna. I would find the time to paint every day.

If I could be a chef I would cook the most delicious meals and be paid the top rate and above for my skills. I wouldn't have to work much as I would create then teach so my skills were being passed on and recreated throughout the restaurants. I would also run a franchise type business which allowed nice restaurant quality meals to be served to families with kids.

If I could be a linguist I could travel around the world painting and cooking. Learning the different techniques involved in traditional dishes, finding some hidden delicacy and educating the world about it. I could communicate with the people, thus making my travel and experiences more pleasant and easier.

Now that is all said and done.
I tag Hubby, Doug, and Mieke.


Face Painting?

She did this with my stamper pens. I managed to get the Hudson doll clean, and can only hope she will clean up just as well.


Sucking Vs Smoking

Chupachups say the benefits of sucking a lollypop outweigh the benefits of smoking.
Find out more at their website!


How Many Can You Handle?

Strathpine mum is expecting second set of quads.

I think that says it all really but read the article anyhow. She doesn't just want 8 kids, but 12!!!

Note : Strathpine is about 15 minutes drive from my place

Saturday, May 28, 2005


What Next!

In Australia they make it very hard to own a gun.
Now in the UK the doctors want long pointy knives banned. I guess the next thing will be spoons, or perhaps the butter knives we are forced to use.
Apparently the doctors did a survey umong chefs and caterers to find out that we don't need long pointy knives, only a 2 inch blade.
If we are to use these 'short' knives, then how are we to cut up watermelons (not that we live in the UK), cut through chicken bones, squish garlic to get it out of it's shell, cut bread, etc.
Anyhow, that was my rant for today...well part of it.

Yesterday was my birthday (aussie time) and today (US time) Doug and Cathy welcomed Evan into their world. (His birthday is the same as mine, bar the 29years difference)
So congrats goes out to Doug, Cathy and family.

Thursday, May 26, 2005



I just finished watching tonight's episode of Lost. I think the episodes are starting to get better. Though I am still confused as to why there is a giant polar bear on the island. Perhaps it is an albino island bear that was spooked by falling planes and crashing boats, so much so that it fell into a radioactive barrel of goo which was carried on one of the vessels for it's fuel source.
That is one theory I guess.
Another oculd be that a long time ago a ship that was carrying exotic animals to some far away zoo, and it became ship wrecked on the island. Due to the overwhelming supply of food, and radioactive goo which powered the boat, the animals grew to larger then life sizes and started to procreate (episode 2 i think, where they shot the normal sized polar bear, possibly the baby of the giant polar bear and that is why it is so angry)
Well I don't really know why but i like to think that something like radioactive goo or scientific experiments by the french lady or an oopsie in finding a suitably scary island monster is why the giant polar bear came about. Though it did look a little on the skinny side, the skin moving not how you would think it should.
Anyhow, enough rambling for tonight, time to hit the sack and then go to bed. Nighters!


Miscellaneous Ramblings

Only 1 day and I will be another year older!
It won't be anything special as we have school to do, hubby won't be home till night then he has to go out to a soccer game in the city, and hubby has hidden the presents and neither the kids or I know where they are.
Apart from that, the house is starting to look good. Miscellaneous things are begining to find homes, keeping the white tiles white is becoming easier now that I have worked out how to use the steam mop and found an extension cable, etc etc.
School work is being a struggle though. Miranda is going well with hers, though Jadeen just can't concentrate with hers. She is smart and picks up things easily but is lazy and wants me to 'help' her with it all when she has shown she is quite competant with certain work on her own. I have slowed things down a little, in order to fit in all the extra stuff that has happened lately (insurance issues and fish tank issues). I guess we shall see how tomorrow goes and maybe we will find time for some art & craft this week.

On mothers day I received a huge canvas, I am still trying to work out what to put on it. I have plenty of ideas, not enough time and hopefully enough paint.
I also want to redo the kitchen table.
We bought the kitchen table about 8-9 years ago and it was a plain wooden table. I had once painted a chess board onto it, then cleaned it off and painted it all black with little pink butterflies (and butterfly trails) on it. It was called 'erratic butterfly flight'. Now I have some fairy posters, a heap of miscellaneous household paints (from trying to touch up the previous place) and some varnish. I want to try and incorporate those onto the table but am yet to find a time.
On top of all that I have a undecorated box I want to paint and decorate but haven't yet found the time.

I think I am underpaid and am due long service leave. I don't think the government is going to pay up though. Maybe they are waiting for me to have worked 20 years instead of 10.

Now that I have had my 5 minutes to myself, it is time to go make dinner, do the dishes and try to get the kids to bed so that I can watch 'LOST' at 8.30pm.

Hmm, maybe I will take another 5 minutes, until I hear the kids complaining that they are hungry.


Gardens : Part 4

We are up to a new phase in our gardening. We are watching some of the seedlings growing in the ground.
We transplanted the radishes, snow peas, peas and daisy seedlings. We did this 3 days ago and they are all still alive. The snow pea and pea plants are all growing with green spikes about an inch long poking out of the soil.
It is all very exciting watching them grow and watching the kids become involved.
Our strawberry plants are all getting new foliage so that means they have settled in well also.
Everything seems to be growing well even if a few of the plants do seem to get more watering then usual (the herbs).

I think the carrots will be ready to be transplanted in a few days time though we only seem to have a few snapdragon seedlings up. I think most of them got washed away due to the watering of a toddler.



Wednesday, May 25, 2005



Why have they changed the cursive handwriting? It is different from when I was a kid and learning it. I know I had troubles then in learning some of the letters. Now it is changed again, and that means I have to start from scratch on some of the letters.

In Other News
The great fish tank disaster of the year has been successfully averted and now the fish have a strong current to swim in. There are two corner filters blowing air and water down the length of the tanks. I decided not to go for the whirlpool affect and just have an upstream and downstream.



The cat goes away and so the mice will play.
Well, not quite cats and mice, but hubby and fishtanks.
The fishtank is fine for the moment but the pumps are in major need of replacement.
While speaking of money, the car needs new tyres and a service also.

Back to the fishtank pumps. While we were in NZ our BIG fishtank(4 person spa size) broke so the fish from there went into the big tank (bath tub size). After this transfer one of the pumps (water filter) decided to leak all over the floor. It seemed to stop of its own accord.
Well, today (early this morning) it stared to leak again. This time it wasn't a slow drip, it was a fast big plopping drip or trickle. I had it unplugged for a while so i could replace multi boxes, clean up water etc. When I plugged it back in, guess what, it started back up again. To top that off the second water pump won't pump water.
Maybe we should give up on fish and go to reptiles.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Rainbow Lorikeets

As per normal, the trees are full of birds. Usually I forget to take my camera for the ultimate photo. You wouldn't think these birds were wild, especially with how close you can get to them.
The bird in this photo kept flapping out his wings as if he was showing off for me. He flew off at the same time as I turned to leave, knowing we had finished.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Gardens : Part 3

Today we picked up some more things for the garden. I still think we will have more then enough room for everything, plus more.
I picked up a gardenia (kids call it a lolly rose because of the flower's scent), herb seedlings (parsley, corriander, basil, dill, garlic chives, thyme) and some flower seedlings (corn flowers & pansy). We bought these at the market as it is the best place to buy plants and they were 12 for $1.20. I only spent $2.10 for the seedlings and $3 for the gardenia (approx 14 inches high already and in flower).
Why plant now, so close to winter?
Well, you wouldn't think winter is only a week away. We are still going to the beach, playing in the sprinklers and wearing shorts and shirts during the day. Nights are cool enough to rug up a little but it isn't cold yet. New Zealand was colder then this.
If we can get our garden established during the cooler months it will be fully established by the time it starts getting hot again.
Our seeds are also sprouting now with most of them starting to emerge from seeds, less then a week from planting!
I have two helpers now also, Mercedes and Erin. Erin loves to water and help plant the plants while Mercedes loves to play in the dirt. They are so cute!

Friday, May 20, 2005



Apparently there was a major storm about 30 km away from here. We missed it all except for some rain (which came during the night) which was enough to water the garden.
In some places the hail was knee deep and did a lot of damage.
Here are the pictures from the local paper. (Under 'Storm Images' click on image gallery)
Note: Where we live you NEVER see snow so this was a big thing for us!


What Is This?

Ok, I know that this looks like a passionfruit, it has fruit with seeds in them that are passionfruit like. I want to know what type it is and whether or not it is edible, before we try them and end up in the ER.
If anyone knows or can help, that would be great.
The fruit are encased in the small ball of green spikey sticky things you can see in the photo.


Around The Garden

These are some pictures of flowers in our garden. You wouldn't think it is almost winter.


Gardens : Part 2

We have peas! Both the snow peas and normal peas are sprouting. The radishes are starting to sprout also. We have green strawberries also.
Our garden has started producing!


The Things They Say

Miranda - "Mummy did you know you were sleeping on daddy?"
"And daddy was sleeping on mummy?"
She was referring to pillows that have our names stitched onto them. She then proceeded to rearrange them so that we were sleeping on our own names.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


My Day In Quite A Few Nutshells!

The day started off a little earlier then normal as we had an early appointment for the bubs. She had to have her second Pneumococcal needle. She was very good for the nurse and only cried a little bit. She was happy afterwards, especially when she received the lolly. I was happy when I found out that the government had cut out the 18 month needles so there will be no more needles till she is 4 years old. They now have the chicken pox needle at 18months and I said a flat out no to that. I have read and heard that it doesn't stop chicken pox and it can be worse afterwards, plus I am prepared to deal with it, should it come.
That was our morning, along with a quick trip to the mail box.
At home, we delved into school work. Miranda finished early and quickly while Jadeen tried to persude me that she shouldn't do schoolwork, but we did do it anyhow and we also noted how much better she is getting at her reading. It is a slow process but we are getting there.

Lunch time arrived and afterwards it was off to visit my youngest sister as she was volunteering at an under 8's day.
The event was good but by the time we were there it was pretty quiet. Most of the people turned up for the morning event.
They had train rides, alpacas, shows, sport activities, art & craft for the kids. There was also a raffle, which we did not win anything in. It was a good event and could have done to be more widely publicised to encourage more people throughout the day.
We were taking my sister home afterwards so she tagged along at shopping and I am sure it made my job easier even if it did not feel like it sometimes. She was most helpful when I discovered the trolly's brakes were non-existent as we headed down the escalator. Between her and I we managed to control it before we slammed into some people in front of us.
We arrived home and were surprised to find a car on the lawn and a garden bed out front of our bedroom window. They (the owners) had a garden put out front.
Soon after he left, hubby's brother turned up. The kids had fun and we organised dates for him to come over as well.
Now dinner is had, baths are done and I am typing this up while I delay their bedtime. Now it is over, it is time to get them going so I can hit the sack myself.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Today the day started off well, everyone was happy and ate their cereal. We started school earlier then usual but still everyone was happy.
Then it happened. Both Erin and Mercedes were crying for no real reason and that lasted for about 2 hours, until I told them all to hop in the car and that we were going out. We were going to get a watering can.
Everyone then became happy, especially the older two because it meant they were getting out of schoolwork (they did do some when we got home though).
Off we went. We found our watering can in adult size, but none in child size (will look in different shops another time), we also picked up a soaker hose (for hubby) and a rose plant for my mum.
After this we did some miscellaneous shopping in which I got a couple of candles, some lollipops and a pair of cute slipper type shoes for mercedes. She has loved wearing them all day so far and even brought them to me at one stage so I could put them on her.
We then went home, had lunch and continued on with schoolwork. Miranda finished all of hers and Jadeen did half of hers (concentration issues) and then my mum and sis dropped by.

My mum and sis were on their way back from the city, where my mother had just filed for divorce from a man she hasn't seen or heard from for the past 2 years. He didn't show up to the hearing so that made things a lot easier on her. This is why I got the rose for her, a little cheer up therepy. And it did work, she loved it.

This was my day, now I need to go do all the work I wanted to do during the day as well as clean out the bird cage (Erin filled it with water).

My dog, the big guard dog she is, is busy chasing a persistant magpie which keeps coming into our yard. It is funny to watch.

Well better go, time to get myself moving before the sun sets!


Mousey, Mousey!

Yay, Mercedes slept way better last night. I feel human today, so I guess that means we have to do school.
My mum and sis may be over today, so I can use that as an incentive for the girls to finish up their schoolwork on time. They love seeing their Aunty Jo, which is great because she is the dental assistant of the dentist we visit.
We also have a mouse, so tonight, while the girls are in bed, the mouse traps come out. I will have to make sure the floors are clean first so that it does find the means to it's demise. Unless it is smart and leaves home we shall soon be mechanically rid of this mouse.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Gardens : Part 1

Since we had a really early start and I had very little sleep last night, I decided that today would be a day for special studies. Something all the girls could enjoy.
We went seed shopping, right after I bought the girls a pretty mug each.
Some of the reasons why I bought the mugs
  • Mercedes broke Miranda's special mug from grandma and I promised to replace it with one she wanted
  • We have finally ditched the bottle with Erin and I wanted her to have a special cup to replace it with, and the handle was broken off of her special mug from grandma (again Mercedes)
  • and Jadeen got one because I am nice and didn't want her left out.
After this was seed shopping.
We bought
  • french radish seeds
  • Tommy Toe tomato seeds
  • Livingstone daisy seeds
  • Snapdragon (chitchat) seeds
  • Snow pea seeds (these are expensive in the shops so I thought we could grow our own and the kids love them)
  • Pea - greenfeast seeds
  • Navarre F1 carrot seeds
  • Long green supermarket cucumber (yes that is actually their name) - I thought about getting apple cucumbers for the interest factor but decided against that in the end
  • 4 lavender plants
The reason I bought seeds and not seedlings was the quantity of seeds you get in a packet and the fact that the kids will be able to watch them grow from scratch and get excited about each stage. Plus it works out cheaper in the long run then buying 2 or 3 seedlings of each thing.

So, this afternoon, the kids and I are going to be busy making up some seed raising trays in which to start our vegetables.

We may also look at having the kids learn money management and responsibility by having them care for and sell us the harvested vegetables. It should be fun.


Corned Beef

This is great eaten both cold or hot, in sandwiches or with a salad. It looses a lot of it's saltiness and is very tender.

1 corned beef - uncooked
4 cloves (whole)
3 bay leaves
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
3 discs of palm sugar
1 onion roughly chopped

  1. Place corned beef in the bottom of a large pot, one that is ideal for stewing.
  2. Place all ingredients in the pot, taking care to crumble/grate the palm sugar.
  3. Fill with water till it just covers the corned beef.
  4. Bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 1 hour per kg of corned beef, but as a general rule the longer you cook it the more tender it will become.
Note: When I cooked one recently, it was 2kg in size and it was cooked for about 3 hours in total and the meat holds it's shape but just flakes off when it is required.

Online Metric Conversions for those who need it.


Dear Mercedes

When mummy has to get up at 4am to do the hour round trip to the airport, can you please not wake up every half hour until 2.30am.

I am sure you will see the benefits if you do not do this anymore.

Love from mummy

Monday, May 16, 2005


The Garden

This is the garden hubby made. It is longer then it looks. Hubby doesn't like to do things in a small way. Where you can see the black plastic is some strawberry plants that I picked up from the markets yesterday. We have 9 plants there but I have a feeling that they will not yeild enough fruit to keep this house satisfied.

I am not sure what else we will put in there yet, but possibly some pretty stuff, herbs, tomatoes, peas and other misellaneous items.

Against the fence at the far end is a compost bin that was once a dog kennel. The dog doesn't use it, and hasn't for the past 3 years so we converted it to the compost bin. Hubby worked most of the day and part of the evening on this project, now all he needs to do is put away his tools before he goes away tomorrow, for 4 days, for work.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


He Is Home

& he is making a garden bed out back. Photos of his efforts will be shown later when it is complete.

On a side note. Did you realise Inspector Gadget 2 was made in Brisbane City, which is about 30 minutes drive away.

Lunch - Corned Beef Steaks atop Pasta.

Friday, May 13, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 8

I bought some palm sugar. I had always wanted some. Now I need to work out what to use it for. I did grate some onto my cereal this morning...yum!

For some more interesting sugar facts, the Cook's Thesaurus.

This morning was an early one with a call from the milk man, and a rousing game of hide and seek.
Now it is time for school.

See you tonight Hubby!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 7

What an interesting evening we had.
We left home late afternoon, about an hour after our phonecall to you, to go grocery shopping.
Our first port of call was Aussie Pet Store for the kids to have a browse and dream about what pets they would want to own. For a pet shop that size you would think it would have a few more animals. I still stand by my decision not to buy a reptile from them since the ones I see in there haven't changed since I was last in there (a couple of months ago) and their advice wasn't really helpful ("It will cost a lot to set up a reptile tank"). I will enquire in Noah's Pets & Aquarium about reptiles and what I require.
After this it was off to the shopping centre, a quick walk down to the centre for a bite of McD's for dinner. I managed to keep it low cost since I didn't buy happy meals with a toy that we didn't need.
Dinner was followed by grocery shopping, one attempt thwarted in lolly canvasing (bulk food section and was quite peacefully resolved, quite easily actually), 3 toddling off to the toilets together, 1 box of cereal put back and one lost child.
Yes I am sure you can guess who it was. It was Erin, the free-spirited, independent child who saying goodbye to does not make her come back. We couldn't find her in the supermarket, nor the chairs near there, and she wasn't looking down the escalators either. We did find her, well a security man found her and we met up at the top of the escalators. She was actually wedged inbetween a plant and a peice of glass and wasn't moving for the 'policeman'. We had a little talk after this and have since decided that an ID tag of some sort is in order for her. Perhaps I should make one for Jadeen as well since she likes to dawdle behind us. I know I will need one for Mercedes who doesn't seem concerned about leaving our sides when she gets the chance.
Activity for tomorrow - ID tags.
Then we came home, unpacked the groceries, you rang, the kids got excited and one of them knocked over the brand new glass bottle of sweet chilli sauce. I guess it doesn't matter too much since I can pick up one next week at shopping when you are back up north. I did get mayonaise so you are set there and will make do until I go shopping next.
Now it is time to get this lot to bed so I can shower, tidy up and try to relax. Maybe I will check out the TV tonight. Who knows.
Seeya in 1 sleep.

Love from Wifey


While You Were Away : Part 6

I think our kids need to go on a weightloss diet. What do you think?

I think this one is perfect though

Jadeen : I look like a woman!

After these pics, the kids started bouncing off the walls, literally, with their extended stomachs/boobs.


While You Were Away : Part 5

Worms! We have worms.

It has been raining pretty much the whole time you have been away. Today the worms came up and crowded the path around the house. The kids were so excited that i decided we could extend our school break so they could catch worms. We now have a polystyrene box with worms in it. We will see how we go with it as a worm farm. Admittedly, there isn't enough worms to make a proper worm farm but it is free pets for the kids and simple enough to look after.

It will hopefully keep them amused until :
A. The worms all die
B. The worms all escape
C. The worms multiply so much we need to expand our worm farm
D. We use it in a garden/strawberry patch

Maybe we could put a strawberry patch in, or in one of the polysterene boxes we have.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


What Friends Are For

A friend just left, he brought around chocolate. I had been wanting something sweet all day (I think I need to get back onto inner health to control the cravings) and he turned up with chocolates that he had won in a game machine. He shared the booty, left some money and left.


While You Were Away : Part 4


While You Were Away : Part 3

Mercedes cut herself today. She broke her Miranda's mug and was coming to me to show me the broken mug (she was carrying it). When she discovered the blood she tasted it, looked at it strangley but was not really bothered by the small cut. We put a junior bandaid on it and she sat amused for the next 10 minutes or so trying to take it off.
She was also carrying a small bucket in her mouth and tripped over and cut her lip, now she has a fat lip also. Though she does look cute with her hair pinned back off her face.
Jade is running around like a madman while Erin is chasing her and trying to give her a wedgy. Miranda is doing dishes and grumpy cause she got into trouble for being messy at dinner time (deliberate) and Mercedes is toddling around looking for mischeif.


While You Were Away : Part 2

Dear Hubby,

Such a lot has happened but so little has happened also.

Last night we headed off to Girls Brigade. While there I ordered a photo enlargement and picked up the proofs (a little brown in colour but they will fix that for the enlargements). It was only $1.50 for the 5"X7". It shall go nicely in the special photo album. While at Girls Brigade I also picked up the rest of Miranda's badges, discovered that they are phasing out the cadet's unifirm but we can get away with Jadeen's uniform for a while yet (possibly till she moves up to juniors).

After this it was off to the mail for only 3 peices in the box, then to the car wash place so I could clean the windscreen as it was annoying me being so dirty, then off to The Warehouse for mostly window shopping. They didn't have most of what we wanted but I did pick up a bag of 100 balloons for $1.50. Erin wanted a green balloon so I said I would get her one, and the green balloon she got only cost 1.5cents.

They didn't have any self inking stampers there so I may have to see what I have left that still works, if I can even find any. I checked out the prices of their dining tables and shelves etc. The shelves and drawers were no worse, but no better then the shops and the prices didn't really seem that much different. They did have this really nice table that you could extend into a large square. It would have been somewhere between 1.5m and 2m square. Solid wood too, but no price.

After this it was time to pay your doctors bill, pick up some milk, make a quick pit stop for Erin then head back to Girls Brigade to pick up the two elder girls. They had fun and were busy playing jumping games when we got there.

On the way home, I was very tired by this stage, Erin fell asleep and was the only one. Merc grumbled the whole way home.

When Merc finally did go to bed she was then waking up often, till about 1am, I think, but I was very tired by this stage so wasn't noticing the time so much. She was restless because her 8th tooth was coming through. I can see it today. She did however sleep at least a 6 hr block last night. I guess she was worn out also.

Today has been a busy one. School has not been fun and I remember how frustrating it was with Miranda at this stage. Jade does not seem to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. Sometimes it feels like only minutes. You think she isn't listening but then you find out she was, she also doesn't like having to read the words because she is unfamiliar with them. Miranda used to hate reading until one day when it just clicked. I think that took about 3 years. I hope it is sooner with Jade. We did finish majority of her schoolwork though, with only 1 story to read tonight (me to read) and I shall do that at bedtime.

Erin wasn't really interested in school today and ran off to play most of the time or made a mess with the pencils (until I made her clean them up). Erin also had fun playing games on Jade's PC while the girls worked. I won't use this form of distraction much though.

One thing I must mention about Erin is that she eagerly set the table last night, and helped me clean the car windows, without being asked. She liked being a little helper.

Miranda zoomed through her work again today and even wrote a letter to Cassie. We shall post it tomorrow when I have the rest of the letters/cards organised.

Me, I haven't done too much, just helped the kids with school, organised spread sandwiches for lunch, tidied up the kitchen, watched the excited face on the baby as I blew up balloons, blown up about 7 balloons, a little bit of laundry, some more tidying in our bedroom (almost done), planned dinner, tried to help erin with her games, got frustrated with Jadeen, taken and made phonecalls, talked to David on MSN, plus other stuff which escapes me at this moment.

How was your day?

Love from Wifey

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


While You Were Away : Part 1

Dear Hubby,

We have to do this week all over again next Tuesday morning don't we?
When the day starts at 4am and doesn't finish till 9am it is a very long day. You said we have 3 months of this ahead of us. Perhaps we need to work out something, perhaps not. We did however, go back t sleep for 2 hours when we did get home at 6am, though the kids did stay awake majority of the trip.

The day has gone pretty well despite the early start. I did find the missing PACE (work booklet). I realised that I had missed sending in #6 and had sent in #7. We are up to #8 with Jade now. She is supposed to be only up to #2 in maths but is going well in #3 so far with little help from me. Perhaps she will do what Miranda did and speed through maths.

The baby, Mercedes, has discovered that she can climb onto the box beside my desk and reach the keyboard. She presses the 'My Documents' button at the most inconveinent time. If I try to put her on my lap to stop her touching things she wants down and climbs right back up on the box. She can get off the box quite easily as well.
Mercedes was eating lunch today (it involved sour cream) and I made the food signal to her and she did it back then proceeded to smear her entire face with sour cream. No I didn't get a picture of it either.

They are begining work next door on the block up from us, the petrol heads block. I think they have just left for the day as I heard a truck leave and there is now silence. Perhaps. I guess we will finally have neighbours before too long. Did you realise there are only 7 blocks of land in our street, including ours? (The one we live on not own)

Miranda did well at her schoolwork today also, and I can see her completeing this section of PACES before too long. She has also taken to putting her clothes away, all in the one spot, in the bottom of her cupboard. She was kind enough to make sure her girls brigade uniform was kept seperate though, even though it was in a crumpled heap beside her bed.

This reminds me, I have to find Jadeen's second shoe tonight or she will be wearing her joggers tonight.

Erin has been cute today. She finally changed out of the pretty dress and into another pretty dress and one of your ties. She is wearing clothes so I can't complain. She has also had fun playing with the 'board games'. She was very helpful today and proceeded to fold up clothes, very neatly in tiny little piles. She did this without even being asked.
She asked for one thing today, apart from the usual 'milky', and that was a green balloon. I think I can get her one of those. She also wants to get one for each of her sisters.

Well that is all for now as I have to get dinner ready, the kids dressed, a to-do list written, and possibly something else I have forgotten, in the next hour.

Hop eyou have a good night, play a good game of squash and get an early night to combat the early morning.

Love from,

Monday, May 09, 2005



Who would have thought that kids could be so entertaining?
Tonight the 3 younger were playing together. Mercedes was the baby and was strapped into the newborn sized portable pouch/bassinette/thing. Jade and Erin were busy dragging her around or doing motherly things to her. Mercedes was actually complying to this game and enjoying herself. She seems to enjoy this game and is still laying there despite being dragged around, unstrapped and strapped back in.
It is quite funny and cute.

In other news, we started back with schoolwork today. I realised that we had missed a whole month of school due to the move and overseas holiday. The I also realised that we were missing one of our workbooks. It has to be somewhere and I really do not want to have to replace it with a new one. I have found an old, used one that we can work with until we find/buy a new one. (We need a new one for the test inside)

Exercise - Today we did the mile round walk to the shops, didn't buy a single thing and I was pushing a pram with a toddler, baby and trike in it.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Pics From NZ

A giant kiwi outside of the kiwi zoo

Stinky, boiling, bubbling, steaming, rotten egg smelling mud pools. Rotorua is a thermal area so there are plenty of these around the place.

The natives choice of drink. Lemon & Paero softdrink.

A kingfisher

The view is better to the right, looking over Lake Rotorua.

Sunset on the 2nd night there. On the way to Titoki.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005



Mercedes is really developing fast and will soon no longer be a baby.

She loves to walk everywhere, exploring and not holding mummy's hand.

Tonight she was using a fork with slow accuracy. She had obviously watched her sisters enough to know what to do and was doing it properly.

She is in need of a second hair cut .

Loves to be cheeky, checking to see if you are watching before she gets into mischeif, or if she gets caught, then she will give you a cheeky grin.

She also throws tantrums but they are short lived and most often ignored.

Monday, May 02, 2005


The Rest Of The Journey

After we left Lake View Camp at Rotorua we headed back up to Auckland (at least I think it is up even though I get the urge to say we headed 'down' to Auckland) and off to hubby's Uncle and Aunt's place. This couple is a really nice couple. It is easy to be relaxed and yourself while you are around them. The kids had no worries about them and even Mercedes was happy to be around them and held by them.

We only stayed over night but we did get a chance to catch up with a few of their kids and grandkids. They were all equally lovely people.

On the day we left, I managed to sneak in an art class with hubby's Aunt. She is a great artist and was willing to impart some of her knowledge to me. The first time I met her she taught me a few drawing techniques, this time she taught me a few painting techniques. The only problem was that we didn't have enough time to finish it, and as I found out tonight, it was pretty hard to finish the picture without the flowers in front of me. I just could not get the lighting right, nor the shape right. But I still did learn some good techniques which I will look at practising when I can.

After this we were headed to my in-laws farm, where we started off.

The next day was spent helping out around the farm (kids got to herd the cattle - yearlings, hubby got to chop firewood and do a little weeding, I took heaps of pics and pruned the roses a little). We then took a trek across the farm to a wooded part, and walked along a track, exploring the native (and not so native) flora, picked walnuts and almonds, then headed in for lunch.

After lunch it was still all go, and we headed off to Miranda Hot Springs for a swim (it still looks the same as the pictures on the site). Then it was back to the farm, make sure most things were packed and off to hubby's sister's house.

We had dinner with her, her husband and baby and had a great time.

The next day was our last though you can't really count it as a day especially since we were watching the sun rise from the plane window. (We were up at 2am Aussie time, 4am NZ time)

Now it is back to life as we know it, well, as soon as we unpack the house, catch up on laundry and actually find the school supplies.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


We Are Back!

Well, it was a good trip that went all too quickly with not enough time to do everything.
The trip there was good and seemed to go real quickly. We watched 'The Incredibles' while eating macaroni cheese (kids meals which they didn't like) and spicy butter chicken.
Hubby's mum helped us out by hiring a people mover for the time we were there and was there to meet us at the airport with it. We had to fit a brother-in-law and his luggage into the car also. It was a squeeze but we all managed to get in.
It was dark by the time we reached the farm (in-laws home) and time for a late dinner as hubby's dad was picked up from the hospital (he is recovering from pnuemonia).

((Sorry if this is a bit haphazord but I am writing while the memories are fresh and I am taking a break from the laundry and getting the house into order))

The next day it was off to Titoki via Tauranga to visit hubby's 2nd youngest sister and her husband. They are a great couple and were the ones who arranged most of the family reunion.
All this time the kids had travelled very well, and did so for the remainder of the trip. (It was a 3 hour trip to Titoki)

When we arrived at Titoki, the kids raced off to play with their cousins whom they had not seen in 4 years (or not at all in Erin & Mercedes' case). This was the start of the clinginess for Mercedes and was to last for roughly the next four days before she would play by herself.

Each night that we were at the first camp a family or two did a presentation on their own family.

It was all interesting.

2nd day - was a shopping trip and just kicking around the camp settling in, chatting, reading, etc.

3rd day - a bush walk was planned but no one could get their act together so only some went on the walk. They also played a game of soccer - the in-laws versus the out-laws. They also had a beach bonfire this night which they toasted marshmallows on and sang songs around.

4th day - We tried to go fishing but the wind was biting cold and went straight through everything so we packed up the kids for the warmth of McD's and an ice-cream.

5th day - Was pack up and head to the second camp which was over an hours drive away. Hubby and his brothers and brothers-in-law had managed to pack most of the cars and when ours was full up we left. It may have sped them on because the majority left not long after.
On the way to the other camp site we headed through some very scenic countryside, taking pictures along the way. We also managed to stop at the Buried Village, take a look through it all, and get a few nice pics of a waterfall in there.
We were the second last to arrive at the next camp due to our little deteor but it was well worth it. We had also stopped in Rotorua to look at the stinky mud pools.
Our next day there was a good one, we did our own thing, went to the lake, looked at a war memorial, did a little shopping and watching of the town folk. We stopped in at a kiwi (as in the bird) zoo but the next tour wasn't for a while and we had planned on dinner out so we did not have time.
Dinner out was a bit oof misadventure. The plan was to go to a restuarant for the meal (all 19 of us) but when we got there, hubby and I decided not to stay (prices were too hefty for what they were offering, especialy since we could get the kids meals for at least half the price at Burger King, exactelly the same also). So that is where we went as well as buying some pancake mix for breakfast the next morning (and we still came out in front by heaps compared to what we would have spent at the restaurant)

This was our last night at this camp, and after this it was a case of everyone going their seperate ways.

More to come but it has to wait due to laundry needing rescuing from the rain.

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