Friday, December 31, 2004


She Stands! The Proof.

Here is the photo Phillip requested.
She can also clap (just learnt that this morning), and wave. She hates spending majority of a day couped up and unable to play but loves people food and whatever she can find that is wet or resembles food (i.e. fits in her mouth).


A Country Drive

A few pics of typical Queensland, Australia countryside on our way home from the funeral.

Note: We were driving at 100km/hr (60m/hr) so the camera was on the fastest shutter speed and the pics aren't as clear as they could be.

Thursday, December 30, 2004



This is what time our day started. We were up at that time because of the 5 hour trip that lay ahead of us. Fortunately the trip there and back (yes it was 10 hours of driving) was uneventful and the only time the adrenalin started pumping was when some roos (kangaroos) decided the road in front of us was a good meeting place. Fortunately there were no mishaps due to some careless roos.
We were off to my Grandmothers funeral. It was a nice service and it let people know that her life was something to be thankful for. She was 74 years old.
We started off by stopping in to get changed and see Grandad. I gave him a painting I did especially for the occassion and as a late Christmas gift.
Then it was off to the church service. Since the church was only small they set up another hall and some chairs on the lawn (with speakers) for those who weren't able to go in. It was family and close friends inside. I ended up standing at the back as Erin wouldn't and couldn't stay still for more then 10 seconds but I did get to see it all. It was nice.
After this it was off to the graveside ceremony (first time I had been to one of these). This caused more emotion to stir inside of me, but yet, it was not a sad occassion. Maybe I am emothional disabled or maybe it was just a body we were burying and her spirit was already in heaven.
After this it was lunch in a hall in town and catching up with people whom I didn't know.
It was a long day.
We left at 1pm and took a long tiring journey home, stopping twice to let the kids play and then have an early dinner.
Home we are, Mercedes is excited about being able to roam around and the rest are all tucked up in their beds.
That's it in a nutshell.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


She Stands!

At 10 months Mercedes can stand. She is constantly pulling herself up on things now and then she stands there, while holding on, until she falls back down or we come to her rescue. She isn't quite ready to walk but I do not think it will be too far off.

Monday, December 27, 2004


A Work In Progress!

I am currently putting together a website for my recipes.
The name will probably change, the colours and layout will probably change but that will all happen gradually.
In the mean time, there are a few new recipes up for you to try.

Sunday, December 26, 2004



My Jade turned 6 today. Yes, she was born the day after Christmas.
Her birth story is simple - 30 minutes and 9 contractions. Just as well my waters broke earlier.

Jade had a good day today up until the time she hurt her leg on the next door neighbours trampoline. We are waiting till morning to see how she goes before considering a doctor visit.

We will hold Jade's party later in the year when her friends are able to make it. (January/February time)

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Christmas Day

Lots of presents
Lots of food
Lots of company
It started at 8.30am and ended at 2pm
It was good


False Start

I have had 2 hours broken sleep
Miranda thinks it is 5am and wakes up sisters
almost an hour later and all are still awake
Miranda has been reprimanded, Jadeen and Erin have been sent back to their beds
I need sleep, I go now!

Friday, December 24, 2004


Christmas Eve

I sat at breakfast and thought, I can't wait till Christmas is over, just so I can sleep in. Then I realised that the day after Christmas is Jadeen's birthday, then the next day is the street party. At least the street party is at night time so we won't have to worry too much about getting up early, but it will still be a busy time.
This happened last year also.
After the street party I will probably have a day to recoup in before I head up north and back (5 hours each way but longer with kids). I will possibly do the trip in two days though.
All the late nights and early mornings (due to early rising kids) has made for a tired mumma. Showers usually wake me up, but not so this morning, so I have given in and am having a Vit B drink while contemplating going back to bed but knowing that as soon as I do one of the youngest two will wake up and need my attention.
At least all the shopping is done for Christmas, and I do not need to go to the shops again. Hubby does, to pick up Jadeen's new bike for her birthday.

In regards to Jade's birthday the day after Christmas. It was not my choice, she was 3 weeks early! We will celebrate her birthday family style on boxing day (26th) and then a few weeks down the track we will have a party for her to invite friends to.

My to-do list for today

  • cook turkey roll so it can be cold and cut up for breakfast tomorrow
  • de-skin ham
  • peruse the web for good waffle recipes (any tried and proven recipes before tonight would be a great help...hint hint)
  • try not to think about how stuffed full the freezer is and hope no one wants anything out of it (it is packed just right)
  • hunt for Christmas stockings
  • possibly organise a play date for the kids
  • possibly make the hour round trip to the post office box
  • double check that everything is ready for breakfast tomorrow
  • paint a rose (has to be done in the next 4 days)
  • normail miscellaneous housework such as laundry, dishes, floors, closing the door on the kids room.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Which Do You Prefer?



Merry Christmas to y'all
Have a happy New Year too

If I was more awake I would write to find that pick me up that won't pick bubs up too!.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004



My Grandma passed away peacefully at 8.20am. When we went and saw her last week, that night she went downhill and pulled out her feeding tube which they were unable to put back in. She is at peace now and no longer in pain or sick.
The funeral will be next week, possibly on Thursday.

Christmas Lights

Where have they all gone? There seems to be a dramatic decrease this year. We did find one street however, that was attracting even tour buses.

Festive Fruit

I think I over did it on the cherries this year. Yesterday I bought a tray of mangos for $10AUD ($7.66 US), and two 1 kg (2.2lbs) bags of cherries for $4 ($3.06 US).
I went back today to get another bag of cherries for my mum but this time they were selling boxes of cherries (5kg - 11lbs) for $8 ($6.12US) so I grabbed that and a bag of tomatoes. They also threw in a lettuce for free.
Tomorrow we get a 80 litre (21 gallons) box full of fruit. I think I need to start freezing some cherries!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


You never know...............

how much the kids rely on you until you try to have a rest during the day.

I think I will go buy a bag of skittels and munch on those.....

Note : I was up till 2am dealing with a very untired baby and then up at 8am. I think I was up for a feed about 3am also, but that could be a figment of my imagination. My mind is a little fuzzy right now!

Monday, December 20, 2004


I Had It!

I had a really good post written, updating this family and their what nots, but I lost it. This browser I was using did something silly and then it was gone, all gone! Argh

A quick summary
Merc - she says mum mum mum for mummy, she says ba baba for Erin, she sits at my feet when she wants to be picked up, she can stand on her feet while supporting herself with her hands. I think her fourth tooth is through, but not sure.

Erin - Very much in need of a lot of cuddles but loves to help when she can

Jadeen - Compassionate, helpful litle girl who makes awesome snowflakes

Miranda - friendly girl who plays with the next door neighbour most days and makes great snowflakes also

Me - Feeling lazy from too many late nights, trying to be creative and just had my pc rebuilt

Hubby - busy rebuilding PCs and being right

Grandma - still alive last I heard. They upped the morphine and she is unconscious (I think) We are not allowed in anymore, only her husband and children are.

That's it in a nut shell, time to get laundry done and cleaned up for homegroup tonight.

Sunday, December 19, 2004



We received a call this morning informing us that Grandma was almost gone. I never got to do the photo idea.
Hubby went in as all the kids are still asleep and someone had to take Grandad into the hospital quick. Hubbby is a better driver when it comes to city driving and i did not think it appropriate to drag a baby out of bed then instead of joining the group when we got there be sitting out in the waiting room feeding a screaming hungry baby.
This is going to be one busy week!

I am ok with Grandma going, because it means no more suffering and an end to things. She is also going to the right place also.

Now I have to go and deal with Erin.

Friday, December 17, 2004


Grandma Update

We went into the hospital today. Grandma is back in the ICU.
We were able to take all of the kids in to see her and she seemed happy for that. This ICU was different from the last time I visited someone in one. Last time was my cousin in the public hospital system and then it was 5 or six beds in a room with cables everywhere and only curtains to give the patients privacy. My grandma is fortunate enough to have private hospital cover and be in one of the best hospitals in my state.
The hospital itself reminds me of a hotel. It is bright and cheerful, has different types of art dotting around the place, it faces some mountains and all of the staff were friendly and professional.
The room my grandma is in (they have one patient per room in the ICU) faces the mountains and setting sun, has up-to-date technology and is rather pleasant and not at all scary. I guess this is one of the reasons I was tentative about visiting her since my last sight of an ICU (apart from the time I had day surgery at a smaller public hospital) was at the large public hospital where my cousin was.
We will be going in to see her again but this time we will take something like photos and pictures, just things to brighten up the room during her stay. Hopefully it will stimulate her a little to get her motivated towards living.
She also met (I think for the first time), Mercedes. She seemed to enjoy her visiting and even attempted a smile and to touch her. Jadeen and Miranda's reactions were opposite to what I had anticipated, and Erin was as I thought it would be. Jadeen embraced it and was all smiles and didn't see anything wrong, Miranda was quiet and shy and stayed away, not sure how to approach the situation. I guess it is because Miranda can understand the situation a bit better then Jade, but it could also be their different personalities.
From my understanding, Grandma is stable but still very frail. She can't talk due to the a tube in her throat and is constantly monitored. I do not know how long she will be with us but the least we can do is make it pleasant for her. My mum has said that she doesn't recognize us but I am sure she does.
There is so much going on that I just don't know. Sometimes I feel like I am left out of the loop.

After the hospital visit, we headed off to the city to look at Christmas window displays. We didn't get too much of a look around because we got distracted by things such as dinner and picking up a few last presents.


Bumps, bruises and x-rays

The last few days have been hectic. I think it is due to Christmas coming soon but I now am dreading having to return to the shops before Christmas, especially if I have to take 4 kids.
I was silly on Tuesday and stayed up past pumpkin time and then paid for it the following two days. During those days of tiredness I was sent to bed one day for a two hour nap, struggled with kids, rude postmasters and general pre-Christmas shopping crowds. Hopefully this will encourage hubby to not dawdle after the Christmas party we are attending on Saturday (yes, a night out without the kids, I do not know how I will cope!)
During the Wednesday post office struggle with four grumpy kids in tow, Erin fell out of the pram. We usually have Merc in the back of the pram, and Erin sitting in front. I thought the ground was flat but there was a nasty bump just big enough to stop the pram but not big enough to be noticed (plus I was having a sleep deprived day) and wham! the pram stopped dead and Erin fell out.
Well, she complained about it hurting for a while and the next day it was off to the docs (whom is 30 mins away) and some x-rays later it was discovered she only strained her foot. But now we have some cool x-rays of her foot which, if I remember, will scan in and put up.
Now the next week will be filled with something or other apart from housework. It escapes my brain at the moment but I am sure it will come to me sometime.
Have a happy Friday and it is only 8 sleeps until Christmas.
I wonder who that BIG present under the Christmas tree is for.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


We Start 'Em Young

Genuine thought he started his kids young. I think we start ours a little younger, on the necessary things. (I couldn't find the relevant post for this)
Grubby faced Merc is busy on the laptop while thinking about her driver trainer and what to cook for dinner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004



We got struck yesterday, by lightening.
Well, at least the ground near our place did.
The sky was a lovely clear blue, not a cloud in the sky, then it started to grow dark, but not the dark of an oncoming storm but just a dimming of light. The sky was not even half covered when a bolt of lightening and the booming of thunder was felt by all within the house. The computers remained on, and I even had a chance to check the radar to find out more about the oncoming storm. There was red in those clouds (according the radar) and that meant bad.
All cleared up for a while, the sky still growing darker though, then the thunder started rumbling, little bits of lightening lit up the sky. I am not sure when exactelly but sometime early on our phone lines were hit. It was probably not long after I had told the kids not to touch the phones during the storm.
Due to that random lightening strike we lost our router and a NIC (?) or two.
Back to the storm
At one stage the rain was going almost horizontal due to the strong winds, the dog was cowering under the smallest peice of protection there is for a dog outside in the rain. (She refused to stay on the nice dry patio or by the back door or even in her kennel.
The kids were all cuddled up to mum while the storm raged. It was all over in about an hour and after restarting all the PCs (well, 6 of them anyhows) I discovered the internet problem and being technologly dim I did not work out what the problem was.
It is a day later, we have a new router, NIC cards and whole heap of time spent by hubby fixing it up.

Here is the sms convo by hubby and me

Rasita - Big storm almost here. Had lightening right overhead. Do not ring please. Office door blocked with nappy.
(we use cloth nappies as rags)
Jethro - Same here. Put car in garage. Just had power outage
(he was at a clients)
Rasita - Another lightening strike on us. Wind was almost horizontal at one stage. Will keep an eye on all electrical
Jethro - Shut down all pcs, not servers
Rasita - OK
Rasita - Is your power up yet? We did not loose it here. Time to make menus

Monday, December 13, 2004


Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast Menu

Orange juice

Hot Food
(cooked to order)

Cold Food
Choc chip penguin waffles
Christmas cake
Sliced turkey breast
Sliced ham
Fresh fruit
(cherries, mango, stone fruit, melon, etc)
Cream, jam & cranberry sauce

Do you think this is too much?

Saturday, December 11, 2004



I have tweeked my art site a little, well quite a bit actually. I am still fiddling with it actually.



Ouch #1 : Mercedes is teething again. This time it is her fourth tooth making it's way into existence.

Ouch #2 : Erin jumped over the bean bag last night, tripped and banged her head on the floor.

Ouch #3 : Erin jumped over the bean bag again and this time fell into the corner of the toybox. There is a bruise about an inch long and in the shape of the edge of the toybox. We got ice onto it early enough last night that it is barely noticeable.

Ouch #4 : Mercedes was happily chewing on my shopping list today at groceries and bobbing her head when she bobbed too much and banged the edge of the trolley with her forehead. Only a slight red mark at the time but it meant she changed positions with Erin (I was thankful for this) and I had her on the hip and Erin in the trolley child seat.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Gift Giving

I have finally grabbed a couple of shots of my art which is being given for presents this year. I still haven't put up one picture, that will come after Christmas.

Here is Jadeen's 6th birthday present.

Here is my dad and step-mother's Christmas present (the paint is still wet on it)


Troll Bridge

For all Discworld (Terry Pratchett) fans, you will enjoy this site. They are making a movie about Cohen. Can't wait to see it.

Go to Snowgum Films

Thursday, December 09, 2004



Hubby fell asleep on the couch after a 'long' day at work (installing the air con in the office) and Erin decided to borrow his glasses. We also gave her a haircut today so I thought she looked cute enough to share this picture with you all.



We watched survivor the other night and the last few days the girls have been playing 'survivor'. Tonight we had the voting and Erin was voted out. Then Miranda and Jade had an immunity challenge in which Jade won immunity. As you may guess, Jade won the ultimate title of being the sole survivor, since she couldn't get voted out.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Pumpkin Time

It is that time of night when the clock strikes 11 and I turn into a pumpkin if I am not in bed. Well, that is what I say anyhows.

Tonight I took the opportunity to finish Jadeen's birthday present. I have painted up a canvas with her favourite animal on it. You will get to see it when I feel like pulling it down from it's hidey hole to photograph it.
Earlier today I started another present, but I can't say anymore on that one and I can't post pictures of it either, until after Christmas at least.

Today has been good and relaxed. All the kids were well behaved and for once Miranda zipped through her schoolwork in record time. Only one more week of school then it is over for the year and then it is holiday time. Yippee! I get holidays!

Mercedes loves to crawl, and climb the couple of steps we have in our place, but she hasn't worked out how to go down yet. Her three teeth are quite visible now and the fourth looks set to come through any day now.

Jadeen needed mummy last night so I let her sleep at the bottom of my side of the bed during the night. She has been a happy girl today.

Even Erin was exceptionally happy today with a little less mischief then normal. She was full of cuddles tonight as Mercedes played on the ground and we watched a little TV.

Today we put up our Christmas tree, but only because we worked out a way to keep Mercedes out, now all we need to do is work out how to keep Erin and Jadeen out of it. At least the tree will always be interesting since it keeps getting redecorated.
Look here for a cool photo of the Christmas lights I put up (have since put up more).

I think that is it for now. I am about to change into a pumpkin if I do not get any rest. (Pumpkins are horrible to negotiate or even converse with, but at least they always have a good hair day!)

Monday, December 06, 2004


So Funny

Now that Merc can climb up the step between the lounge and hallway she continues to do it. I am not sure if she was attempting to climb down or raid the bin but I found her, head first in a nearly empty bin which was on the lower level.
It was funny!

Teething update
3 teeth now, 1 upper two lower and the forth is visible now also.

Saturday, December 04, 2004



You can almost see her two new bottom teeth in this pic.


Note To Toddler

Dear Toddler,
Wrapping paper on a roll does not need to be unrolled until it is needed, especially when there are seven metres of it.
Also, Daddy's new business software ($XX,XXX worth) does not look pretty when spread across the lounge room floor. Yes CDs are shiny but finger prints and smudges really do take away the shininess of them.
Please be a good girl dear little toddler and do not touch other people's things!
Love from

Friday, December 03, 2004


Quick Note

Mercedes can now climb up the 6 inch high step we have seperating the living room from the hallway. Better lower that cot base today!



Well, it is Friday and here we sit, keeping the house clean while we wait for the real estate to turn up and inspect the property. They could turn up at any time between 9am and 4 pm.
I do have things I should be doing, like hanging out the clothes, wishing for a severe thunderstorm during the inspection, lowering the base of Mercedes' cot, doing the dishes and generally stressing.
Of course I am concerned things might not be good enough and that is why I did not go to bed till 11pm last night (I finished the floors at 10.30pm). I guess it is now just a game of wait and see. I am not going to do anything else, well, maybe pull some grass from the garden if I feel the urge to do so.
In other news
I am officially a work widow.
Ever since Merc was born (almost 10 months ago) hubby has had work, work and more work. I can't complain because it means there is food on the table, bills are paid and other stuff like that. As you may know, hubby has been away this week for work. He gets back tonight at 7.30pm and tomorrow he is off to an all day and into the night seminar, then sunday after church (I am helping in the nursery) he has someone coming over, and on Monday the work week starts again with late nights and long days in the city.
In January alone I do not think he has a weekend free (due to commitments). Maybe I will get to see him when we have the family reunion at the end of April?
Well I need to head back to the housework, school work and trying to work out what I will be painting on those canvases I have.

Thursday, December 02, 2004



First things first
Sorry hubby but I ain't making it to basketball this arvo. That is an hour and a half I need for getting ready for tomorrow.

Today I have been a gluten of punishment as I realised I had not done enough up to this stage to give myself a cruisy day. Plus the hired help rang up to say she had to be with her daughter which was in hospital. It was too late to get hired help and then (speaking from experience) you spend most of the time with a new one/replacement showing them the ropes. So i didn't bother to get anyone in, though I did try to ring my teenage sister on the off chance I could offer her money in exchange for some help. I highly doubted that she would take me up on the offer despite the money involved. She is 15 and her boyfriend, SMSing and friends come first.
So, I took on the lot on my lonesome while trying to 'encourage' Miranda to complete her schoolwork while Jade and Erin made mud pies in a puddle and brought them up to the patio and smeared mud covered hands all over the glass sliding door. At least they were kept busy for a while, away from the TV.
So far today I have tidied, cleaned and reorganised my bathroom, bedroom, kids bathroom, patio. I have also had the lawn guy come in to clean up the mess I made the other day, mow the yard and trim the hedges. I have bathed two brown kids to discover they were actually pink, fed bubs multiple times, made lunch, cleaned walls, washed down the patio (did I forget to mention that it is bigger then my mothers 3 bedroom house?), etc etc.
I still have laundry to fold, grass to pull out of the garden, floors to clean and wash, kids bedrooms to tidy. See why I can't do basketball.
Why am I sitting here?
I am taking a breather after washing the glass sliding door clean and eating the small bag of cherries that came in the fruit and veg box today. They were yum!
Next job is the rubbish and front patio.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004



I am buying this. (the penguin waffle maker)
Isn't it cute!


Feed Break

I am taking a break while Merc has her feed before her morning nap.
So far, in the last hour, we have trimmed the fig, discovered a bird's nest in the fig with two babies in it (not far off leaving the nest), pulled a few weeds, trimmed the ? tree and the other ? tree, piled the tree branches etc into piles, weeded the patio, changed a drenched baby (girls decided to empty the pool onto the baby but fortunately merc didn't mind). That's it i think.
I think I shall do laundry next and scrub the shower, oh and set Miranda's schoolwork of course.

Miscellaneous Note : The next door neighbour came over asking to borrow a needle and thread. I think she had to ring the door bell 3 times before I woke up to answer it. It was 7.30am but it was still early for me and all the kids were still asleep.

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