Sunday, October 31, 2004


What The Kids Are Saying! (Over and Over again)

Erin (3) - "What's that?"

Miranda (8) - "How do you know?"



November starts tomorrow.
I can already see that it is going to be a big month for us.
I have signed on to the novel writing, there is Christmas to prepare for, possibly a funeral to attend, a friend to take book shopping, painting to be done at church, a school excursion, schoolwork to get busy with, swimming lessons (possibly), horse riding, basketball practice and the other things I would also normally do like data entry at home, keeping the house, girls brigade, etc.
I may possibly be looking after my mum's shop also.

Update on Grandma
Apparently she is already on the max medication that they can put her on. The improvement seen last night was false hope but there is still a chance she will pull through it. She is in the ICU and on life support still.
I still am not really upset but my mind has been on other things, such as, what will grandad do? Should I try to get a key to open up mum's shop and organize employment for while she is away? We really need a bigger house as parents and grandparents are starting to get older. (My dad hasn't got good health and had to cancel his Christmas trip down here)
There are a few more thoughts going through my head. I wonder what the others will think of me if I refuse to go up north until the funeral (I would have to take the kids with me), and also if I try to make my sister stay down here until the funeral (if there is one).
The reason I would try to keep my sis down here is because she works as a dental assistant. This is no biggy except for the fact that it is only her and the dentist that operate their surgery. If my sis was to go away for a few days the dentist would find it hard to operate on her own and would therefore lose work also, unless she was able to get a temp in rather quickly.
That is just a few thoughts for now.

Saturday, October 30, 2004



My grandma is ill.
Not too long ago she had leiginaires disease, then a few months after that she had some bleeding which they thought was bowel cancer.
It wasn't bowel cancer but just a pollyp that burst. They fixed that problem but then she started bleeding again. They went in and fixed the problem but then her temperature went up indicating that she had an infection somewhere.
I found out that last bit of news yesterday.
Last night my mum went up to the hospital which she is situated in and is currently staying at my cousin's house.
Today we were told she had to have another operation to 'clean' her out as she had developed septisemia (sp?). There was a 50-50 chance of coming out of the operation alive.
She came out alive and ok. Now it is just a waiting game to see how things go after the operation.
For some reason I am not upset. She has lived roughly 75 years, produced 5 kids, who have all gone on to have children and a few of us have produced great-grandchildren. She has met her great-grandchildren (apart from Merc). She has also lived a very full life. If she was to die then it would be a celebration of her life and not a mourning of her passing.
You could say that she has left a legacy of sorts. Not a financial one but a physical one.

Friday, October 29, 2004



This looks like a great film and I can't wait till it is released.
Of course I am a little biased as I am a Terry Pratchett fan.
Check out Troll Bridge over at Snowgum Films.


Gone & Done It!

I have gone and signed up for NaNoWriMo.
I am not sure I have that many words in me, but I shall be counting on my children's fertile imaginations to feed my novel.

Let's see what I can do, and if I do well enough then guess what's for Christmas!

UPDATE: I have fixed the link now so if you want to visit the site go ahead.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I Just Felt Like Writing!

She sat crouched, in a corner, not daring to look up. Her hair was greasy, matted and possibly the home to many lice. It fell across her face as if a ragged curtain fell across a disused and abandoned theater. Her skin was smudged with dirt, in places it was black from lack of washing. Beneath the dirt her skin would have been compared to a porcelain doll, delicate, pale and perfect.
What a cruel hand she had been dealt.
She could hear the voices in the room over, she wondered but dared not to wonder too much. She knew what happened if you thought. It was not good and they discarded you like a broken toy.
Worn down nails scratched at an insect bite on her bare hand, pushing the oversized shirt sleeve back to reveal the skinny limb she called an arm.
She curled up tighter as a door opened, the sound of many footsteps entering the room. Dark, liquid brown eyes looked up for a moment but then hid in her arms. They talked, but she could not understand. Someone grabbed her by the arm and tried to gently assist her to her feet, but she was too weak.
Strong arms then scooped her up, the delicate waif whom had never known a proper home. The owner of those arms did not care of the lice which inhabited her but for the one he was now carrying. Those arms carried her a long way and when they were not carrying her they were near her, comforting, soothing.
Eventually over the days, weeks and months that followed, her eyes left the arms that had held her and began to see life, with hope and excitement. Now she was clean, her porcelain skin once again revealed, accompanied by a blush in her cheeks. Her hair though had to go, but now it was growing back, thick and wavy.
All it took was a stranger to show her life was worth living and to believe in her, offering what was once seen as a luxury to her.



I have no idea what to write in here. I know what I should be doing but I just can't pick myself up today to do it. I should be getting the girls to childcare and then going to help with some painting, as well as doing some website development, laundry, lunch making and other things.

All I want to do today is go back to bed but bubsy isn't even sleeping. Maybe she will sleep in the car if I take her out?

I have already started thinking of christmas, knowing that I need to start planning for it so that I have everything ready for then. I have lots of present ideas for people, food ideas and craft ideas. I should start with the christmas cake so it has a chance to mature before christmas comes around.

The portrait hubby and I did on freedom? Well, it was completed but I handed it over before I could take a photo. Doh! I will aim to get a photo when it is on display.

I think i will hop off my chair, get these two to childcare before lunch and then come home, eat lunch and head out again to do some painting at church. Sounds like a plan to me. I can then also get Miranda to do some school work while I deal with that stuff.

Better inform the hubby!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Balloon Flowers & Strawberries

Yesterday I resorted to bribery to ease a situation. I promised to buy some balloons so I could make balloon animals. I didn't mind too much as I enjoy it even if I am not very good at it. We used up half of the balloons yesterday making things that partially resembled dogs/giraffes/horses. The kids liked the snakes I made. Today we made flowers that had 3 petals. They turned out pretty well and I am proud of my flower making ability, now I just need to work out how to make that fourth petal. I may buy some more balloons today.

Strawberry season is almost over. The people which deliver out f&v have stopped putting them in the boxes because prices are going up. They are still cheap as chips at the farms though. I bought roughly 4lbs (2kg) of strawberries yesterday for $5. That is cheap. Of course they are only seconds but somehow they always come up as good as (most of the time) as those you get in the shops. This morning we indulged in a few strawberries in the form of a milkshake and out of a bowl. I am busy freezing strawberries for summer so that we can continue to enjoy these delicacies in the hotter months.

Miscellaneous Note:
It took me twice as long as normal to write this as my fingers aren't doing what my brain said. They keep hitting the wring keys and occasionally I miss the backspace key and get the one next to it. I need more sleep. Maybe Merc will sleep tonight instead of crying and being restless till an hour before sun-up.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Lamb Roast

I am going to state the amounts I used for this but you can alter it according to the size of your roast. We are feeding quite a few people with this.

2.7kg leg of lamb
approx 20 garlic cloves
2 sticks of rosemary leaves or a good dash of dried rosemary leaves (fresh works better though)
olive oil

  1. Remove lamb from the fridge while preparing other ingredients
  2. Preheat oven to 160 C - 180 C.
  3. Crush garlic (see note below on this method) and add rosemary leaves. Chop with knife until it makes a thick paste.
  4. Place garlic rosemary paste into a bowl and add a dash of olive oil, mix. The olive oil will help to baste the meat during cooking and to make the paste a little runnier so it will go further
  5. At this stage you can decide between a crust or keeping the paste as it is. I added some flour to it and spread that across the top of the roast
  6. Cook in oven for 30 minutes per 500 grams of meat
  7. Let sit for 10-15 minutes once cooked and serve

Note : Crushing Garlic
Peel garlic and use in a garlic press or chop finely with a knife.
To help the garlic make more of a paste then add a couple of pinches of salt during the chopping process. The salt will help to release the juices and also make it easier to cut.
You will need to salt and chop the pressed garlic in order to make it into a paste.
The more work you do on the paste the smoother it will be.




Checking In

Wow, I don't seem to be writing much lately. It is not that I do not have stuff to blog but I just don't have the time to sit down and think. When I do sit down I tend to catch up on my reading rather then informing.
Ah well, perhaps I will find time soon.
In the last few days a few things have happened.
  • I found (kids found actually) a dead rat heavily infested with ants and disposed of it. It could have been there a few days since we haven't been near that side of the house much lately due to rain and going out a lot.
  • We went to the beach (manmade lagoon) with D&PG and kids. That was fun. We met some other people we know, there also.
  • Mercedes loves to play/suck at a bottle now, but gets this confused look on her face should anything come out of it. This is a good sign as it means she will be able to be babysat soonish.
  • My sister had her 15th birthday party on Sunday. It was alright as an unplanned party for a teenager can be. She had 4 friends turn up, myself and kidlets, Jo, cousin Linda and boyfriend. Mum was there of course and she operated the BBQ which had not been touched in years. She had never actually used it before as Ian (stepfather) had always used it prior to his leaving.
  • I took the birthday cake to the party and it was hard to light the candles because it was windy.
  • We have homegroup tonight and it is a meal beforehand so I have less time then normal to clean up the house, do schoolwork, work out how to cook the lamb roast and something else I am sure I have to do but can not remember.
  • Health wise - this family is almost all better. My cough is basically gone, Erin's temperature hasn't done anything else so I am guessing she will be fine. She probably has a cold is all.
  • We put up and washed out the pool last night. It has about 3 inches of water in it because I hate having to change the pool water.
  • I hope it rains again today but not before I get the laundry dry and off the line
  • Bubs is chucking a spit because she can't roll over the way she wants because there is a step in the way.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


The Beach

We went to the beach today with DG, PG and kids. It was a blast, a lovely relaxing day. I hope to go again sometime soon.
That is all for now as I need to get some rest in before bubs wakes up, or Erin wakes up (she has a temperature) and needs me.

Sleep tight
See you in the morning light

Friday, October 22, 2004


Quote Of The Day


You can't please everybody if you are going to make a difference in this world.

Melvin Chapman

Thursday, October 21, 2004



How often do you think you do not have enough, that the service was terrible or that 8 hour wait in the ER was torture?
How often do you take a step back and look at all you have, the great service you received and the fact that a doctor saw you instead of refusing you?
On Monday night some friends of ours flew in from Ukraine. They are missionaries there, have 3 children and are pregnant with a fourth. They are just the greatest people, happy with what they have.
The reason they came to Australia while pregnant was because the pregnancy wasn't going according to schedule and the doctors in Ukraine did not want to treat such a risk. PG is 27 weeks pregnant but the trouble is placenta previa, where the placenta is situated over the cervix instead of at the top of the womb. PG is an American married to an Australian (we were present at their wedding about 10 years ago).
I knew her husband before I knew her. I actually met him at hubby's first place of employment in Australia, introduced myself to him and then had 3 other people introduce us to each other. It was a laugh at the time.
Back to the story.
Tonight we met up with them briefly and I thought about what they don't have over there and what they do. We girls talked while the boys fiddled with a PC and the kids watched a movie/wet their pants/explored. PG said she was thankful how a girl had offered to do cleaning for her. It is great that she was offered that. Hubby employs a cleaner because I am not the best housekeeper (sometimes) and he says he wants me to not have to do the housework.
Over in Ukraine they have long winters and I do not think they can grow anything during that time, so the warm months are spent bottling and preserving.
There is so much that we can be thankful for, as we have so much more (knowledge and healthcare included) then other countries.
Our health care system is pretty darn good compared to others. The government fits the bill for the first 31 days of public hospital stay. They even paid for my tubal ligation and the waiting list was only a few months. The government pays for dental (very long waiting list there though), optometrists, immunization and various other things, but only if you are an Australian citizen.
The government is still urging the public to take on private health cover though, so that some of the burden on the public health care system is eased. We have private health care cover, but not for the hospital. When we needed dentistry work done we took it to a private practice so that we could get in and out quickly. If hubby needs physio due to sports injuries, that is covered. So is the majority of a new pair of glasses. Sometimes it is easier to go private then public. I am glad we have that choice.
We have so many choices and privledges.
My hat goes off to those who are doing missionary work in the poorer countries (not necessarily poorer due to money either). They are doing a wonderful job.

I know quite a few people who are missionaries in Ukraine and from what I hear they are doing a great job. I also have a sister-in-law and her husband (plus 2 nieces and a nephew) in Paraguay. I share driving to girls brigade with a lady who spent many years on a ship that went to various countries on missionary work, my great uncle (dead now) and his wife were missionaries to the aboriginals in the outback.
How do we help?
We help by giving donations to who we can, when we can. We also help by sponsoring a little girl in Bangladesh.
Unfortunately in this day and age (where did that saying come from), we have to choose who we give to or we would be giving money left right and centre as there are so many people who are asking for donations.

Ok, that is all written now, it is time to put the kids into bed, try to do some painting and not cough out my lungs.

PS. The antibiotics the doc gave me are working great and I feel pretty normal apart from the cough, sniffles and sore throat. Yay!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Seen On The Back Of A Grocery Catalogue

"Fuel for thought
The average family consumes 30.8 litres of petrol a week"

I guess that means we are not an average family, since we drive a higher then a small sedan, petrol consuming people mover which uses roughly 60 litres of petrol weekly. We do anywhere up to 600 km per week in travel. There are those who commute from the sunshine coast to the city 5 days a week. I even knew someone who travelled almost daily from the sunshine coast to the gold coast, which would mean up to a 3 hour trip on the highway, one way.
I looked at the fine print on the catalogue and it was based on a survey done in 2002. In 2002 we were doing the gold coast run at least twice a week, there and back, but our car back then was a sports car and didnt take as much petrol as the people mover. I would like to get a sports car again but it is not practical at the moment (and banks don't think we earn enough because we are self employed)


I haven't been commenting much on blogs lately mostly because I have been unwell and only skim reading them. I hope to get that well feeling again soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


A Few Things About Today

  • I am now on antibiotics for this flu/virus I have. I cannot wait till it is over and I can feel well again. I really would like to experience that feeling again. Between my teeth, ears and this flu (and the kids flu) I have not felt well for quite a while. I think I had a week in there somewhere.
  • On the way to the doctors this morning we were held up in traffic. As we crept along (a 1 minute run took about 20 minutes to complete) we saw and heard (on the radio) what the problem was. Apparently someone had an accident in the wet weather and collided with a power pole. The accident caused some major wiring to come loose and the caused the power pole to start burning. This spike in the power caused the substation to click off. The backup was currently in use as they had planned on upgrading it today (dunno what it is called). This left the area I was entering with no traffic lights, police controlling traffic, 4 lanes into 2 and a good use of time since I was early to the docs anyhow.
  • There have been birds everywhere. I noticed so many different varieties today on the way to and from childcare. There were minors, galahs, a kingfisher, wild ducks, magpies, pee-wees, and lots of other birds I can't think of at the moment.
  • I have been out all day and have lost my memory. I am thinking of backing it up on the hard drive. Perhaps I will just blog it all so I can look back and read what I am missing or forgotten, or something like that.
  • Mercedes has learnt some new sounds. She has been going "Ba ba ba ba ba ba" most of today. That has mostly been said when she was confined to the car seat as we spent a huge portion of the day in the car. She is starting to try and communicate.
  • I can't wait for bed tonight but I have to as I am waiting up for Miranda to come home from girls' brigade.

Monday, October 18, 2004


What Have I Been Up To?

Not a lot really, just trying to get better really.
I did pick up a canvas yesterday with which to paint my definition of freedom. You will get to see what I did when it is finished.
The kids, hubby and I have headed down to the nearby lake to catch baby guppies. They are in the spare fish tank at the moment. And it is official, the dog is crazy. At one stage the only way she could stop from her flat out run across the sand was to run into me. She, also, at one stage ran around and around in circles until they got smaller and she dropped to a panting, sandy drop behind Merc. And, she doesn't dig with only her front paws, but with her nose. Her paws are mostly to make it look like she is digging but all the work gets done with her nose. She is a dutch barge dog but hates getting wet!
Merc makes "mmmmm mmmmm mmmm" sounds when she wants something to eat. She will not eat food I prepare specially for her if we are all eating something different.
It is raining..'does a happy dance'
Erin has moved up into the sunflowers room at pre-school (3yrs - 4.5yrs)
Jadeen has shown that she can recognize numbers and quite adequately show us which is which. We did simple maths this morning at breakfast and she grasped it easily.
Miranda is doing what she does best, being herself.
Time to get to schoolwork.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Softdrink Can Chicken


1 medium sized chicken
1 can of softdrink/beer
2 tbsp cranberry sauce/jelly
1 tsp grated lemon zest
1 tsp dijon mustard
2 garlic cloves, crushed
tsp thyme leaves

  1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celsius.
  2. Drink half of the beer or softdrink. Reserve the other half in the can for later use.
  3. Puncture the top of the can so that steam can easily escape.
  4. Clean out cavity of chicken.
  5. Combine the cranberry sauce, lemon zest, mustard, garlic and thyme in a bowl. Add a splash of sherry.
  6. If using softdrink you can add some sherry to it for flavour. The liquid in the can is not as important as the can itself. The liquid is used for steaming the inside of the chicken and the flavours it imparts are only mild.
  7. Carefully place the cleaned chicken onto the can and then rub all over with the marinade.
  8. Place in oven and roast for an hour per kilo of chicken meat.
Note : The temperature and measurements are only a rough guide and can be altered to suit the individual dish

Friday, October 15, 2004


It's Not Summer Yet!

It is 34.2 degrees celsius (93.5f), the grass is so dry it looks like it could catch on fire anytime and I do not have the car to head to the beach which is 8 degrees celsius cooler then here.



I am not sure how far it was felt. I do know the radio said it was only felt as far as a couple of suburbs over, which isn't true as we felt it here. We, well Tim, thought it was a mini earthquake.
Me, the person writing, has never noticably been in an earthquake so I just thought it was the kids banging on the garage roller door.
Hubby contacted his sources and I listened into the radio news to find out what truely occured. The airforce takes responsibility for what was a sonic boom from a F1-11 at 9.30am this morning. Apparently they were trying out a new engine somewhere over the sea and we all felt the effects of it.

Here is the newspaper article about it.


The Magpie

It did not circle lazily in the air, surveying it's domain, nor did it sit quietly among the tall branches of the gum tree. The black and white bird scoured it's territory for threats to it's young, that were still confined to the nest
There came a lady, walking a well beaten path, unaware of the danger lurking high in the tree top.
Suddenly there was a loud clap heard and a sharp pain streaking through her head, her senses confused as fear took over. Then, a warning call rang out across the blue sky and she then realized what had happened. She ran, till she thought she was clear of this imminent danger.

In Australia there are signs posted around the place, news articles written and adds placed in papers, telling of the coming magpie breeding season. Magpies are highly protective of the area in which their nests are and from the time the eggs are hatched till the time the babies leave the nest, the parents will try to fend off possibly threats, i.e. people. In my 28 years alive I have only been attacked once and then it was because I wasn't paying proper attention.
Peewee's live in the same areas as magpies and will quite often fend off the magpies.
Most of the year you do not need to watch out for magpies as they are no threat to people, and if they are a threat in a high public area then they will be caught and moved elsewhere.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Baby Food

With my kids, none of them have really been happy with eating pre-prepared baby food. (I think I have mentioned this in an earlier post) I thought I would put up a post about my latest baby food production which Mercedes gives the not very messy thumbs up.

Apple, pear and banana puree
2 apples
2 pears
2 bananas
Teaspoon lemon juice
0.5 - 1 cup of water (how much water you use depends on the desired consistency)

  1. Peel and chop all fruit
  2. Place in a saucepan with water and lemon juice. Lemon juice is used to stop discolouring of the fruit
  3. Set fruit to simmer (with lid on) then go shower and forget about it for at least half an hour
  4. Take off the stove and allow to cool then blend till smooth
  5. Freeze in an ice cube tray
  6. Once frozen, the cubes can be put in a freezer bag or container so as to avoid freezer burn or drying out
  7. Use as many cubes as needed per meal. One cube would be an ideal size to start an infant off with. Cubes can be defrosted via the microwave (but don't ask me since I do not own or know how to use one) or in a bowl which is sitting in hot water. Best served at room temperature/slightly warm.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Workin' Hard

Today I decided to tackle my mum's website. My hubby built it for her and I am just doing maintenance.
This means I have finally learnt a different skill. Well, I am still learning this skill.
I have edited the front welcome page and the bridal gowns page.


A New Neice

I have a new neice.
She was born somewhere in New Zealand at 5.50pm Tuesday night. She weighs in at 7lb 14 oz (3.58kg) - hope I got the conversion right
Her name is Johanna with middle name still pending.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Read About It



What was in the box which was found after the cargo ship crashed into the docks?
The only way to find out is to visit Cindy and read her account of it.

Sunday, October 10, 2004




Blog Explosion!

Saturday, October 09, 2004


I Won't Say Much...........

Cause it hurts too much to talk. I have the flu, finally, but only a mild version of it fortunately.
This also means I had to cut short hubby's birthday celebrations and go to bed early. I did however wake him up at 12.55am (he was asleep on the couch) and send him out to turn off the office lights.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to hubby for tomorrow. Tomorrow he is 37, 9 years my senior. I do not mind as he is still cute/gorgeous/hot on his big powerful 'bike'.

Happy Birthday Honey
and I hope you enjoy your secret birthday trip tomorrow.

I had to get it in now as I will be busy busy today and we go out tomorrow as soon as we are ready. Now I better go check the road map to see how to get there.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004



If you were given a blank canvas and told to paint something that resembled 'freedom' what would you paint?


Craft : Butterflies

Items Required
1 paddle pop stick
2 medium foam balls
Firm cardboard
Permanent marker
Pipe cleaners
Craft knife
Coloured pencils

  1. Draw butterfly wings on cardboard and cut out. Ensure you leave a small tab on the butterfly wing so it can join to the body.
  2. Colour in wings with coloured pencils
  3. Staple feathers to the wings near the tabs
  4. Cut a slit into one polystyrene ball and push through paddle pop stick, till it comes out the other side.
  5. Make another slice in the remaining polystyrene ball and push on for head. Only push stick in part way.
  6. On the body section on the butterfly, make two more slices, one for each wing.
  7. Push in wings
  8. Curl pipe cleaners around a pencil to make antennae, then push antennae into the head of the butterfly
  9. Draw eyes and mouth on the butterfly.
Note : This is only a rough guide as to how you can make a butterfly. How you make it is up to you.


Craft : Door Hangers

The kids made door hangers the other day. I promised I would write it up and here it is.

Items Required

Cardboard (firm white board and thin coloured board)
Coloured pencils
Cutting/craft knife
Lead pencil
Permenent marker

  1. Trace around the stencil on the firm white cardboard
  2. Cut out with scissors / craft knife
  3. Get children to colour in the door hangers
  4. Using the coloured card, draw simple pictures on them with lead pencil, then do the outlines in permenent marker
  5. Cut out the simple pictures
  6. Glue to the door hanger
Note : The difficulty of this is up to the individual. The more detail put into the cut out pictures the more difficult it will become. Simple bright pictures work well for younger children.


Craft : Book Marks

Yesterday we made bookmarks for art and craft. The kids enjoyed it and it provided entertainment that suited their short attention span.

Things Needed

  • sturdy paper or light cardboard
  • lead pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • clear plastic contact
  • coloured pencils
  • permanent marker
  • stickers
  1. Using the lead pencil, draw a picture (the simpler the better) about 1 inch width & 2 inch depth. You can use stencils if you want.
  2. Use the ruler to measure and help guide the length of the bookmark. This should measure roughly 4 inches from the base of the picture and be about the same width of the picture.
  3. Once this is all drawn, outline the picture in the permanent marker. This gives a clearer and more defined edge for little kids.
  4. Give the kids the pictures, coloured pencils and some stickers. Let them create.
  5. For older kids, who are competent, allow them to now cut out the decorated bookmarks.
  6. Take the clear contact and measure out two squares/rectangles that are slightly larger then the bookmark.
  7. Remove protective backing and carefully stick it to the paper/cardboard. This is merely just to help the bookmarks last longer and look a little prettier.
  8. Trim around the edges, leaving as much plastic overhang as you wish. I left about 2 mm around the ones we made.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004



We stopped at a pet shop today and picked up 10 goldfish for $10. While there I discovered Merc had 'exploded'. My pale blue t-shirt has a big yellow/off-green patch now. It will come out in the wash.
Anyhow, after I released the goldfish into the outside pond hubby got disappointed as he thought they were for him, to feed to his fish.


How Come?

How come on holidays, the kids always wake up early but on school days they sleep in?

Monday, October 04, 2004


Occasional Dribble

Poor Jade has gotten the virus which Miranda had. She is tucked up in bed today snoozing. I am hoping she will be better before Friday as that is when we have hubby's surprise birthday trip. If she isn't better then we will have to cancel. I just hope Erin doesn't come down with it next, or me, or hubby. I think Merc has it also, she has had some high temps (not that high, but enough to make her warm and drowsy) and hasn't been sleeping that well at night, and she isn't teething.
I think I will need a holiday when this is all over, to get some rest. Good thing though, my teeth and ear doesn't hurt anymore.
Some of the good things that came out of Miranda being sick
  • she learnt that medicine can help you
  • Jade and Erin actually got heard and talked more since Miranda had slept most of it away
  • there was moments of quietness in the house
  • Miranda learnt the significance of fruit & veg in our diet (I hope)
  • My doc knows more about how to treat people then the hospital (though we were only at the emergency room half an hour)
I am sure there is more but I need to keep myself awake with a little housework and trying to organise some more door hanger craft. I shall do a craft post on it when I get photos to accompany.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


A Few Things...........

Firstly, I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to Kristal. She is a young 32 today.


Secondly, I would like to give a big thankyou to hubby. Hubby has been a big help this past week.
Sunday everything started, my ear and wisdom teeth causing pain. The ear was fixed Sunday, the teeth on Monday. He was my driver when I thought I needed help that way. (I was all shakey after the local they gave me for my teeth withdrawl) Tuesday came Miranda's turn to be sick. He has helped in removing bedsheets, putting away linen, making bribery dashes to the video store, taking over when I was too tired and had run out of patience, watched the kids while I ran out to get more paracetamol. He even managed to acquire a PS2 from a friend for a day or so so the sickie (and dad) can play games. Thanks hon, for all you have done.

Friday, October 01, 2004



Tonights dinner consisted of american spare ribs, mashed spuds (potatoes) and carrots. Dinner was specifically centred around child friendly food.
Mercedes favourite part of the meal was the mashed spuds.
Here is the evidence that she enjoyed them.

Her hands, arms, tray and chair were also covered in it. She did eat quite a bit as the mess was very minimal for the amount she was given.
I shall have to try her again with them.

Note : We don't use commercially prepared baby food as she doesn't really like it. She will take food off a spoon (which is good if we go out) but I do not mind letting her have the freedom to feed herself, especially since she likes to eat when we eat. I try to cook foods which can be eaten by both us and her.



Mum : What is Mercedes playing with?
Erin : My knife!

Note : It is a plastic chefs knife about 3 inches long and blunt.



You need patience when
  • you get up hourly throughout the night to tend to a sick kid and that mostly includes sheet changes
  • you have no spare sheets because they are all in the wash pile
  • you need to take 2 hours out of your day for a 5 minute doctors appointment
  • as you hang out the freshly washed sheets, it starts to rain
  • the sun comes out 5 minutes later
  • the toddler is crying and can't decide which cup to have her juicy in
  • the cup you choose is wrong regardless of which cup it is
  • explaining that oil is not juicy
  • opening a fresh packet of cookies to find out it is the wrong one
  • offering crackers and having them refused
  • crackers are taken 5 minutes later because she has changed her mind
  • juicy is spilt near the home security system
  • republishing your blog
  • there is still one load of laundry to go after the current one is finished
  • having the sick one not willingly participate in eye drops
  • knowing you have folding to do, dinner to cook, floors to vacuum and dishes to do.
  • it is 3pm
Fortunately it is the holidays! I think!

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