Saturday, July 31, 2004


Sleep Update

Tonight we did the old bedtime routine, though was a little bit later then normal, and it went perfectly. No tantrums, no getting out of bed and happy to sleep.
Thanks to everyone for their advice.


Cardboard Stables

Today we made cardboard horse stables for the girls' toy unicorns.

Materials Needed

1 cardboard box
packing tape
permenant marker
stanley knife

  1. Draw design on carboard box. ie. where doors, windows will be.
  2. Cut out windows and door
  3. Add small cuts to about an inch in length at the top of the box to make a roof
  4. I can't quite explain the exact method but it is pretty simple
  5. Tape roof up
  6. Give kids paint, brushes and completed stable.
  7. Take photos afterwards, especially if your kids are only young

Friday, July 30, 2004


Help Wanted

I would like to hear from the parents out there.
I need helpful, handy, works for me tips in getting a toddler to bed tantrum free, so mummy can retain some sanity at the end of the day.
Thanks in advance.

PS. We did have a bedtime routine but for some reason that hasn't been working lately.


Blog Pimping!

One day there was this Genuine girl named Sadie, who had a friend named Kristyk. They both had a Dream of Glory to meet The Blue Sloth at Mad's House. Their friend Benny said "Whoa Mama!" when he saw Rockchild try to be a Busy Mom. They all then went and saw It's A Wilson Thing at the Virtual Rants cinema saying "Hey, You" when they saw a Cursed Juggler and couldn't remember his name. So The Fish Said, "What A Beautiful Day" and went to visit the Tulip Girl for a bouquet of Sweet Sweat's special flowers.
"O Baby" was heard from The Walkowiaks as they were entertained by a little bit of Domestic Psychology written up in the Superhero Journal. Since they were In Bloom, they called for Hula Doula to perform her magic as the Kid Squared and became Finslippy.
Finally the Laid Off Dad turned up announcing "mum-mum" to Min's Food Journal.

Thursday, July 29, 2004



Kristal is a devoted and caring mum of 7. She has an amazing strength and always looks out for the best for her kids.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004



It's A Wilson Thing
She is one of the sweetest, down to earth, caring women I know.
She has 5 wonderful girls ranging from 1yr to 11 years.
Stop on over and say hi if you do not know her already.


Mercedes Update

No spots/rash
No temperature
Lots of giggles, smiles and wriggles
She is all better


French Nickers

Tuesday, July 27, 2004



Erin is a sweet, friendly, cuddly, boisterous and happy child, but then she can also be one of those terrible two tantrumous toddlers also.
Tonight, at the petrol station, Erin declared she needed to go to the toilet and who am I to deny her that privledge. So in we go, the three youngest in tow (Miranda was at girls brigade). I am prepared for the "I wants" so when Erin asks for a chocolate, I say no, but after about 4 times of saying no and making her put it back, she starts to 'cry' really loudly. We struggle our way back to the counter, retrieve the toilet key and restart the struggles. Usually she is pretty good so I am putting tonight down to her having a cold. (She was excellent later on when we went to buy some craft stuff)
While I am getting the key, I am also holding the baby and trying to keep Erin from running back to the chocolates. I tried to get her to walk beside me but in the end I just grabbed her and somehow managed to carry her outside, all the time to an amused petrol station attendant.
This doesn't finish yet.
We get to the toilets and she is trying to get back to the shop, but fortunately the lock was too high so she couldn't escape. All the time she is doing this scream/cry that sounds like I am mistreating her. Back in the shop she keeps asking for lollypops so I keep putting them back.
Now it is time to get back into the car and she starts back up again.
Of all the things she could grab, she grabbed the petrol pump and I could not prize her off of it until I had put Mercedes back in her seat. I did eventually uncurled her fingers without the petrol pump nozzle being taken off it's resting spot. It was then into the car for a game of catch.
I did keep cool throughout this whole adventure and not yell once.
Once in her seat and back on the road we had a little talk and after that they were fine.
Jade was good the whole time and when I said no to buying her something she didn't ask again.
I am putting this down to being overtired and sick.
Apart from this I had a good night, bought some more craft stuff and managed to get some me time while waiting for Miranda to finish.


Seeing Spots

Once again bubsy is unwell. We thought she was coming down with a cold and that was the reason for her high temperatures over the weekend. (38.7 celsius - 101.6 F)
The day after her temperature dropped she broke out in a rash. I assumed it was just heat rash.
The jury is still out on what exactelly it is but there is the possibility it could be measles/baby measles. She still drinks plenty and is relitively happy. All I have to do is keep her cool and watch her spots.
Jadeen had baby measles when she was just a baby and a doctor mis-diagnosed it then (not our normal doctor) and prescribed cortizone cream for her. This diagnosis did not satisfy me, so the very next day I headed to our normal doctor (30mins drive away) to find out she has baby measles and all we can do is keep up her fluids and keep her cool. Needless to say, I have not been back to that doctor regardless of what is wrong with the kids. This was 5 years ago.

Anyhow, here are the spots. Judge for yourself if you want.

Monday, July 26, 2004


Bits & Pieces

The wind moved swiftly through the trees, their green tops bending beneath the force.
A leaf broke from a tree and found itself caught up in a swirl of wind, causing it to rise up higher then the ancient trees. The world below looked tiny, but beautiful.
The green hills were dotted with colour from the spring time blooms, their heads bent in the breeze.
My hair was loosened from my bun, caught up in the breeze, whipping about my face.
What a beautiful day.


I couldn't think of what else to write so I tried to ramble a little.

Tonight a friend came over and we celebrated his birthday with pavlova and pink candles, after that we watched Lyle The Friendly Viking (one movie from the VeggieTales collection)
Tomorrow it is up early so that we can take hubby to the airport and he can head back up to the mines.

I hope to update Cindy Maulkner again soon as well as put together a few ideas for a possible D&D style blogging page.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


Old Piccy

Yes I was wearing a bikini. This was taken almost 10 years ago.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


100 Things About Me

  1. I was born 28 years ago
  2. I have 3 sisters
  3. 2 are younger and 1 is older
  4. I do not know how many cousins I have as I do not know them all.
  5. My parents were divorced when I was somewhere between 0 and 2.
  6. My mum remarried when I was 4 or 5
  7. Two of my sisters are half sisters
  8. My first pet was a budgerigar named Tweety
  9. He was yellow, said hello and whistled
  10. He died of pneumonia
  11. I once lived near the beach
  12. My sister (older) was married 1 year and 1 day before me
  13. I had 2 weddings
  14. The official one was in New Zealand
  15. We had medieval style garb
  16. We feasted, threw food and celebrated in an old medieval style hall
  17. We used over 200 candles to light the place
  18. I walked through mud to get to where our garden wedding was to be
  19. The 'boys' had a 'wench' tend to them during the ceremony
  20. I had to give the 'boys' sword fighting tips
  21. My first was born when I was 20
  22. She was 4 weeks early
  23. My second was born 3 weeks early
  24. I was 22
  25. My third was born when I was 25
  26. She was 2 weeks early and by ceaser
  27. My fourth was born when I was 27
  28. She was 2 weeks early and by VBAC
  29. I have had 2 miscarriages
  30. One was with the second, she was a twin
  31. We have moved 6 times
  32. Two times were done in the rain
  33. Hubby has changed for the better in the last 5 years
  34. I once set the kitchen on fire
  35. The gas hosing split where it shouldn't have and it caught alight
  36. We were watching a program on volcanoes at the time
  37. Hubby was down in Melbourne at the time
  38. Erin was two weeks old at the time
  39. She slept through the whole thing, as did Jade
  40. I bought myself a keeshond 5 years ago
  41. Her name is Raz Soondari
  42. She is afraid of cameras
  43. Soondari was derived from an Indian word meaning beautiful woman
  44. I have had various pets, including budgies, cats, turtles, crayfish, dogs, cow and fish (fresh and salt water)
  45. Erin's middle name came from her great grandmother on hubby's side
  46. Mercedes' middle name is a family name from my side
  47. It goes back at least 4 generations
  48. I hate taking tablets of any kind
  49. I once reached brown belt, 10 years ago
  50. I once got a huge bruise from trying to break wood with my forearm, but it didn't stop me from showing how to break wood
  51. I quit just before I was due to go for my black belt
  52. I could do sprints well when I was in primary school (ages 6 - 12)
  53. I had my first boyfriend when I was 6
  54. His name was Sturt Bleming
  55. My first best friend's name was Weisha Jordan
  56. I lost contact with Weisha when we both moved schools
  57. I got sent to an all girls school because of my sister
  58. I didn't mind
  59. I was asked to continue music but since I didn't like it, I passed on the offer
  60. My friends and I used to play sports during our lunch break (ages 13 to 15)
  61. We played netball, handball and volleyball
  62. I almost failed maths but now keep books for a client
  63. Religious Education was when the teachers routinely didn't turn up to class
  64. My headmaster's name was Paul Dickey
  65. His wife's name was Ophelia
  66. Say them together
  67. I am a certified caterer
  68. One teacher didn't like me so he failed me
  69. I had to complete the associate diploma when my first was 6 mths old
  70. My sister used to babysit for me
  71. Hubby was my first
  72. I was an IRC addict
  73. I can't remember the last time I wasn't breastfeeding or pregnant
  74. Yes I can, it was 7 mths after we were married
  75. I love to draw and be arty
  76. I try to be creative in my writing
  77. I don't get sick when everyone else is, I get sick after they are all better
  78. I only have one friend I keep contact with from highschool
  79. I only have one friend I keep in contact with from college
  80. My best friend is hubby
  81. My family has only really started coming together as a real family when my step father left mum for another woman
  82. I have a cousin who will never be what he used to be due to a car accident. He can occasionally say words but is basically in a vegetative state
  83. He is my favourite cousin
  84. We used to ride the farm bike together and have fun being friends
  85. When he was in ICU he squeezed my hand
  86. I hope he gets better then what he is
  87. I have an aunty who has kids the same age as my kids
  88. I love to cook
  89. I like to create in cooking
  90. Not all of my creations turn out
  91. I can type one handed
  92. I used to belly dance
  93. I want to get back into belly dancing
  94. I once performed in a show for belly dancing
  95. I have a teddy bear which is 28 years old this Christmas and is currently looked after by Miranda
  96. I don't reveal too intimate details on my blog
  97. I like lollies, preferably those with taste and aren't like chewing on a piece of rubber
  98. My desk is a mess but I know where things are unless someone else moves them
  99. I am trying to keep alive some strawberry plants
  100. I like to blog, as you can see.


Horse Play

Miranda all dressed up for her early morning class.


Before The Mess


3 Days

It is hard to believe I have had nothing to say for 3 days. Well, quite a lot has happened and I have had a lot to say but have been caught up in other things so I haven't sat down to blog.
Friday Night
We went to pick up hubby from the airport and on the way there I discovered two very interesting things.
Jade is an animal linguist
Miranda is telepathic

Jade to Mum : I can speak to animals
Miranda to Jade : No you can't.
Mum to Miranda : How do you know she can't?
Miranda to Mum : I can read her mind.

After the airport it was off to indoor soccer for Tim. They won 7-0
Then home at 10.30pm and bed at 11pm.

Up at 6am so I could get Miranda to horse riding for a 7am saddle up, then home by 9am.
I am happy to say that Miranda has advanced to group lessons. (She is also happy about this)
I contemplated going back to bed but decided to stay up and encourage the girls to eat breakfast while hubby lay in bed reading.
Jade and Erin decided to use their new paints at the kitchen table so Tim set it up for them. Oh how I wish I had taken a picture of the after painting / before bath scene. I will say this, I did have to get the mop and a bucket of hot water to the floor, walls and bench.
After hubby headed to outdoor soccer (and he hurt himself) the kids played reasonably well while I dealt with laundry and messes while a sick bubs slept.
Merc has had a temp the last 2 days, I hope it goes away anytime now. I have been trying to control it with paracetamol and warm baths. On the good side, she hasn't lost her appetite and is drinking plenty so she isn't dehydrated.
I also started a list of 100 things about me. I am up to 50.
Made a dinner which was not the best. We learn from our mistakes so I shall learn from this and not use those noodles again.
Right now....I sit resting before the bedtimes for children comes up and hope this makes sense as I grow tired from too early a morning and a long day.
These past 3 days have been pretty good and I can only hope tomorrow is better yet.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


I Am Missed!

I am missed by my old role playing buddies.
I used to roleplay various characters on IRC and just recently I have been asked by a few (whom I still keep in contact with) to come back and role play(rp).
I have had to say no to them as IRC rp is just too damn addictive. It is like a drug and you need more and when you stop you go through withdrawals of not knowing what to do with your time.
I do not know how I ever found time to rp in the beginning.
I won't be going back as I can see it happening all over again, well maybe not as I am a little wiser now then I used to be.
I used to prefer to play fantastical creatures, my favourite being elves.
When playing an elf I preferred a ranger type character with little or no magic. I preferred to know what I was dealing with.
This name Rasita was from my very first role playing character, but that was table top AD&D.
She was named Rasita Rascel and was a half elf ranger who wore a black catsuit with a chain mail shirt over top.
I like to rp and that is why I play Runescape (just started that a few days ago). Maybe if hubby reads this we could start some kind of D&D game online, where people post in their character's responses.
I used to play an email rp game. It was slow but it still allowed for the creative side to come out.
Anyhow, enough rambling for now, time to get back to work and organise the mundane task of grocery shopping.


Half Naked Thursday

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Pass The Junk Food Please!

My 5 year old just told me I was fat, that i had a fat bum and a fat tummy and i was fat all over.
What a great confidence booster she is.
I don't talk like that around her so I wonder where she got it from.
Oh well....


Cookies & Milk

Cookies and milk is yummy, especially when you let the milk soak into the cookie first, and when the cookies are gingernuts.
I induldged in this treat after a short session in Runescape.
What I want to get is a bottomless and weightless bag, if you can get them.

What was my day like today? It was alright. The order problem was sorted out (finally), my ideas at the parent committee were happily accepted, we didn't get to the library (maybe Friday) but we did complete al schoolwork with minimum fuss after a little explanation as to why we must increase our workload.
Oh yeah, bubs didn't throw up on me but laughed at/with me.
I am thinking about bathing bubs cause she has had slept on hair since her last bath.
Bubs is oh so gorgeous and can almost roll over from back to tum.
That's about it for today.
How was your day?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Gone And Done It

Tonight, admist a hyped up toddler, preschooler and baby, I headed out to check out the gyms in the areas around where Miranda goes to girls brigade.
One lady wouldn't look at me much and kept dropping the price of 'membership' so I would sign up that night. I did tell her I couldn't do it because they didn't offer childcare during the times I could go. I still went away with a piece of paper with a confusing picture on the back (she tried to draw the differences in costs).
The other place I went to, I had been there previously, about 10 years ago. Their prices were still good and they gave me a simple easy to understand brief on the prices. It costs $10 for a casual visit or $14.95 (per week) for unlimited. They also have childcare for free and on the night I want it. There is also a class that starts about 15 minutes after I drop Miranda to girl's brigade. Now I just need to convince the girls that being in the creche is the best place in the world to be on a Tuesday night.


Can I Go To Bed Now?

Ugh what a day..this is just a quick note before I head out to end the day with a session of girls brigade and keep the younger 3 happy.
  1. an order I put through is incorrect and I only found this out by multiple phonecalls to them, not them calling me.
  2. baby threw up on me, leaving a wet trail from breast to shirt edge
  3. just as baby threw up, toddler peed her pants which I had just put on her
  4. no one will by my fruit preserver because I refuse to buy lids and seals which would cost me as much as they were willing to pay
  5. there is a massive toy sale on which I could easily spend thousands at but don't have the thousands to spend
  6. I have a headache
  7. the 1kg of strawberries I bought got eaten (about 2/3 of them did) before I had a chance to do anything with them (not really a gripe as they are good for them)
  8. buba wants my attention despite the fact we are going out
now I gotta go out, amuse 3 kids for 2 hours then head home and try to get bubs to sleep
hope you had a good day.

Monday, July 19, 2004


Chicken Crackling

Chicken skin
seasoning (salt, pepper, herbs, etc)
oil for frying

Cut chicken skin into strips and season
Heat enough oil for shallow frying
Once oil is heated, fry skin until golden.
Drain on paper towel.



Ewww is all I can say to my kids' latest taste sensation.
No it isn't the gum beneath the tables, nor is it what they find up their noses.
It is gherkins dipped in lemonade.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Friday A Bit Late

Friday was a day/night worth remembering.
We started the day by having medicals for life insurance. (I passed with flying colours but the jury is still out on Tim, though I am sure he will pass)
After a little bit of work around the house we headed out to buy fish food, drop off fruit and veg to some friends and then to Tim's indoor soccer game.
The boys creamed the other team, winning 10 - 0.
During the game, Erin did a few amusing things.
Jadeen headed off to the toilets at one stage and Erin followed. When they did not come back after a few minutes I became the curious parent and went to explore the situation. I totally expected to see Erin running around naked or flushing all the toilets. I got neither of these things. What I did find was a shower running and it was only the hot tap turned on. What is a mum to do?
I did what I had to and that was wrap my jacket around my arm and turn on the cold tap. By this stage I was only a little bit wet.
(Note : I could not get to the hot tap without getting totally soaked in the very hot water and that is why I turned the cold on)
Ok, by now the water was warm enough for me to reach in and turn off both taps. This is when I got wet. Most of my right side got wet and the water on my jacket from before was now cold but fortunately not soaked through.
Incident 1 taken care of.
We get back out and I sit down, chat happily to bubs, miss about 4 goals and turn around to discover a half naked toddler (bottom half) trying to get her top off. I take off again and quickly dress her and make her aware of the people there and that is she did it again we would be sitting in the car.
Sitting back down again I take a short breather before looking around for Erin again. This time she is with her sister and they are hiding under the tables. What are they doing down there?
They are thoughtfully removing the chewing gum stuck under there (fortunately not eating it).
The game soon finished and then we headed out to grab a bite to eat (fish and chips) and off home with 4 sleeping children. (I do not think all of them were sleeping but it was a nice thought so I will leave it at that)

Saturday, July 17, 2004


The Eyes Have It



Today we farewell 5 goldfish and 1 tetra.
They lived happily in the pond outside in our courtyard until one fatefull day.
are unsure what killed them, perhaps the water change was too great,
there was heavy metals in the water or something more sinister.
Those fish will be replaced, ahhh, missed greatly.
Rest In Peace little fishies and don't tell the house owners!!!

Friday, July 16, 2004



Yep I have joined the club. I have joined in on Hula Doula's Diet Club. I might as well start making myself accountable so that I will eventually fit into my old clothes (if I even still have them).
My starting weight will be 77kg. (digital scales would be handy about now)
Let's see how I go shall we.

(Hope you don't mind me using your pic Hula Doula)


So Sweet

My little Jade is a sweet girl.
After feeding the dog flower petals (dog's own choice to eat them), Jade and Erin gathered up the remaining petals and headed out front. Erin didn't get any further then the front mail box but Jade went all around the small street and delivered flower petals to the neighbours mail box's. She wanted to give them out to be nice.
Last week, she also did another nice thing. She worked to earn money so that she could buy grandma a birthday present. She bought her a little plush unicorn.
She likes to do things for other people and is a sweet and caring girl. She doesn't like watching scary parts in cartoons and loves to play with her youngest sister.
She is a little sweetie.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Road To Recovery

Yep, bubs is on the road to recovery.
She is feeding better, has laughed once and given many smiles.
She still has her cough and sniffles but they are way better then yesterday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Still Alive

Yep, we are all still alive and very much kicking.
Bubsy is still down with the cold but for some reason she still sleeps well during the night.
She is getting better, I can see this but she still looks miserable and sounds miserable, especially when she coughs.

Anyhow, here is a picture of Tim enjoying the curry I made.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Time To Relax

The sickies and I had a bath this arvo. The warm water really seemed to clean up their heads and they could once again breath and laugh instead of cough and cry.
Can't wait till they are feeling better.



Poor little Merc, she is unwell at the moment. She has the same virus/cold that Erin does. It starts with a terrible sounding chesty cough, followed by an short raise in temperature and congestion.
Last night Merc had the temperature rise and she was warm enough that I gave her paracetamol. She settled down for a few hours after that.
She is a lot better today but the congestion and cough still stick.
I watch Erin to see how long this will last and I can see that she is getting better.
Erin is full of mishaps lately, but I think that is because of her age and trying to keep up with her sisters.
Somehow she caught her finger under the door. It is not broken but a little bruised and swollen. A bowl of cold water, some jelly beans and jelly and she is now fine and laughing.


On a side note
Miranda started back at school today, term 3 of the school year.
She also helped me in the kitchen in the preparation for the chicken thai type curry I plan on making. I am hoping to make a curry paste first.
If I get time I will try to make a few dress up clothes for the girls from the material scraps we have or have gotten from my mum's shop.

Saturday, July 10, 2004



What a surprise party we had for my mum tonight.
She was really surprised.
Hubby, myself and the kiddlets arrived early to make sure everything was ready. It was all set and raring to go, so when people started to arrive, at 5pm, the party began.
In total, including my lot, there were 30 people who turned up.
My kids were excited, overtired and excited.
Erin was her normal self (in the overtired mode) and upended, by accident, a couple of drinks, got pepper in her eyes, found a chocolate game (she won 3 chocs from it), added salt to her chocolate mud cake and various other things. Jade and Miranda had a ball playing with my cousins while Mercedes was passed from person to person and when she had enough she started screaming for mummy.
Mum was so excited and surprised to find out what we had done for her, including the website my hubby has built for her. She loved the unicorn Jadeen worked for to earn money so she could buy it. She loved the letter/picture Miranda drew for her and the carnations she got from both Miranda and Erin.
I did up a photo album which contained old but good memories and pictures from around the yard, and everyone signed it also.
It was a blast!


Miracles Do Happen

It rained.
It has been so dry around here for months, the grass is brown, very few flowers around, etc etc.
We had a 5 minute heavy shower this afternoon, about 30 minutes after I got the washing in.
Woo Hoo!


Cowboy Hats and PJ's

A friend came over rather early this morning and the girls took a liking to his akubra, so he let them wear it while he headed out to the office with Tim.
Here are the three taking turns to wear it.


Around My Garden

Just a few shots of what you will see around my garden.

This is my puppy, well she is 5 years old but still a puppy at heart. Meet Raz the keeshond.

A flower.

Another flower.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Merc rolled for the very first time.
I put her on her stomach to play, at a friend's house, and she rolled to her back. We put her back and she rolled again. She did this about 5 times before she had enough. Now she needs to master rolling from back to front.
Way to go bubsy!


How To Confuse A TeleMarketer

I received a call on my mobile today. They were asking to speak to the main householder. This instantly triggered a series of thoughts that went along the lines of "Why is a telemarketer ringing my mobile?"

The conversation went as such (as best as I can recall it anyhow)

Them : Good morning, I am (name) from (mumbled and quickly spoken business name). Would I be able to speak to the main householder?
Me : Uh............................The main householder is not available at the moment.
Them : I will call back later then.
Me : But I am not at home.
Them : (silence)
Me : I am on my mobile phone and won't be home for ages (small lie about when I would be home)
Them : Is your home phone diverted to your mobile?
Me : No, you rang my mobile.
Them : Oh ok, goodbye.

End of call

What I don't like about telemarketers is that they always call you at inopportune times and that I have not been stricken from their lists yet. I am not rude or anything, just let them know that I will not buy over the phone.
The reason behind this is because it is so simple to listen into a normal phone conversation with a simple baby monitor.
With our baby monitor, when the sending end is switched off and the receiving end on, it tends to pick up phone conversations which are on the same frequency.
I do not listen into the conversations, but quickly switch it off.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Glad To Be At Home

I am glad that I work from home, especially on days like today.
Erin (2) had a temperature yesterday and a few other symptoms that a cold was coming on so I was able to afford the luxury of being able to keep her home today from childcare. I still had my work to do but I was able to juggle the day so that I didn't need to go out (except to buy milk).
She is tucked up in bed now, with vicks rubbed on her chest, warm blankets on top of her and a doll to cuddle. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.
She has a fighting spirit so has not allowed herself to be drawn into doing nothing. She has played with her sisters, gotten lots of cuddles and gotten into mischief. I can see her still in there but I can also see that she is not well in her eyes.
Just 2 days to go till my mum's birthday surprise party, hope she will be better by then.


Half Naked Thursday

I think this one is for the boys.
Genuine is in on it
The Blue Sloth is in on it
I am not in on it.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Horsin' Around Horse

Here is the wooden horse that Miranda made. Jade is waiting to have her head glued back on. The horse, not herself.


First Foods

Merc happily tried some mashed banana mixed with milk and rice cereal tonight. She enjoyed it so much I do not think I gave her enough.
Hopefully this is the beginning of a new relationship...well a new food besides me.


The Fog Has Lifted

The fog has lifted.
I have sorted out, except for 10 cents, the excel work I had to do.
It took me all morning to get to the laundry, mainly due to the seemingly endless ringing of the phone and multiple computer restarts so i could get this silly work done.
One of the advantages of working from home is that you can do the laundry throughout the day, as well as watching the girls play.
Out of my list of things to do, I have only completed one thing.
I feel like I am rambling as I do not really have anything to say right now.
Time to get bubs to sleep and back to work I think.


The Biggest Yet

This morning I took the biggest load yet. I had never pulled that much before.

No it isn't what you are thinking, unless you are thinking about breast milk.

I am busy expressing for my squirming bundle of joy, so that when I head to hospital for a day she will not have be subjected to formula nappies, plus it helps when she decides to sleep all night. Now if only I could sleep all night also.

Incase you were wondering, the hospital visit isn't for some big scary disease curing.

If anyone out there in blog land could help me, I am needing to know how much milk a 6 month old would drink in one sitting?

Thanks for your time and have a good day!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Horsin' Around

The two elder kids went to a work shop today. It was a free one put on by the local library (or Libarry as Erin calls it). The girls made wooden horse puppets. (When I get the chance I will photograph them and post a pic)
While they were doing this Erin, Merc and I headed off to the post office, dealt with some mail, then to the local grocery shop for ice cream, and after ice cream was had we then headed to the newsagency for a browse through.
It was a relaxing afternoon really.
Before that there was a little stress as some work I had to do for a client, just was not working out, columns were not adding. I felt so dumb in not being able to reconcile their work and then not even understanding half of the words they were saying on the phone.
My mind feels like a sieve lately, unable to catch everything. Maybe it is because I am tired.
I did however, remember to order my mum's birthday cake and tonight I will aim to get some photos printed so I can start up the memory album I am giving her for her birthday.
Today I did a little early birthday present giving, I trimmed a few bushes and vines for her. I unstrangled the mock orange from the passionfruit vine, trimmed back a purple plant and removed some passionfruit vine from under the patio, opening it up for more light and air. It wasn't a lot but the work was noticeable.
While I dealt with that, my sister bathed Merc and her hair still won't sit down.
This is just a little of my day, but right now it is time to go watch The Wild Thornberrys.

Monday, July 05, 2004



Congratulations go out to the Genuine family. Aidan James was born this early morning to proud parents.
Way to go!

Sunday, July 04, 2004


What Hero Are You?

Thanks to Genuine for the link

My Inner Hero - Paladin!

I'm a Paladin!

I strive to help others, and to bring truth and harmony to the world however I can. Whether times are good or bad, you can always count on me. I'm a shoulder to cry on, a champion for the helpless, and an all around nice person.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Rich Chocolate Cake

2 cups Self Raising flour
250 grams dark chocolate
300 ml cream
1/4 cup white sugar
6 tbsp butter
6 egg yolks
3 egg whites

Preheat oven to 180 Celsius

In a saucepan, place chocolate, butter, cream and sugar. Heat gently until butter is melted, stirring to combine ingredients.
In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Set aside.
Once chocolate mix is cooled slightly, add egg yolks one at a time, beating well after each addition.
Transfer chocolate mix to a large bowl.
Sift flour into mix and beat until combined and mixture is smooth and glossy.
Fold egg whites into chocolate mix.
Once the mix is an even colour, pour into a greased 8 inch (20cm) spring form tin or cake tin.
Bake for 1 hour, approximately, or until a metal skewer comes out clean.

Note : Ingredient quantities are approximate only as this was a case of make up as I go and use what I had on hand.


You Say, She Says

Jadeen : Come on guys, let's go on the patio.
Miranda : I am not a guy, I am a girl.

The girls have been reasonably well behaved today. They even helped me with housework, willingly. Of course the chores they did do involved cleaning the walls which led to the doors, windows or anything they could get their damp cloths onto.
This morning they even tidied up the TV room so we could go for a walk to see the horses.
Just down the road, about 200 meters away, was a big northern suburbs training weekend for various pony clubs in this area. So, after chores were done, we headed down for a look see.
One day Miranda will be there, if we get a pony/horse. To be honest, it wasn't very exciting as they all just seemed to be riding around in circles with people yelling at them. Currently Miranda goes to private lessons where she gets one on one tuition to better her basic skills, before they will allow her into group lessons.
The school has also just announced that you can hire horses to practice on or get ready for your own. I like the idea of hiring a horse and may do it when I have saved up some money.
Enough rambling, time to get to work.

Friday, July 02, 2004


Fruity Fun Meringue

This makes a heap of meringues and I am not sure on the exact storage but thinking an airtight container would do.

3 egg whites
1 cup caster sugar
pinch salt
1 packet jelly crystals

Preheat oven to 100 degrees Celsius
Beat egg whites and salt until it forms firm peaks
Gradually add sugar and jelly crystals until mixed through and sugar dissolved.
Spoon into a icing bag and pipe onto greaseproof tray.
Bake for 90 minutes.


No Comments Please

Today I did something totally out of character for myself. I argued with a woman who apparently thought I was a bad mother.
As always, I left the 4 girls in the car (which was running) while I jumped out to check the mail box. I came back, gave them some instructions (which they followed I am happy to say) and ducked into the post office. The post office has big glass windows and you can not help but see what goes on in the car park. While I waited I was busy watching Erin climb around the car and playing hide and seek with a sheet.
I paid for my purchase and then turned around to be greeted by an irate woman who demanded to know if it was my toddler sitting in the front seat on my car, out of her child restraint. I answered her yes and then she proceeded to tell me that my kids could get kidnapped, someone could take off with the car and that the toddler should not be out of her car seat and definitely not on the front seat of the car.
We have a people mover and it really does have heaps of room to move. It is a manual car and it has a clutch pedal installed. There is no way a toddler could press in the clutch, put the car into reverse (it couldn't go forward due to a concrete barrier) and then drive it backwards, up a slight hill. The car would stall before any of that could happen.
There is also no way I was going to lock the kids inside the car without it running. It might be winter but it is still hot enough to heat up the car which could then make the kids sick. And I was not going to take all four kids into the shop for 2 minutes because then the stop would have turned into 30 minute stop.
I do not know what the people behind the counter thought but I know the lady behind the counter laughed a little when I said, to myself, that the toddler couldn't drive the car, it was manual.
I went out to the car and the lady yelled at me some more, saying she should report me to the police. What for? If she reports me then I should report her for verbal assault, but I am not going to do that.
She did not notice the other girls in the car, especially the baby. She stopped yelling at me in the post office when I mentioned I had 4 girls in the car, and they weren't all little.
I trust my girls to do what is right. They know not to trust strangers and to lock the car when I am not around. I never leave the 3 younger in the car unless the eldest is with them.

Good things that came of this event.
- I reaffirmed that my girls were trustworthy (even if it was to myself)
- I stuck up for myself and my girls
- Erin didn't drive the car anywhere
- The long loud sound of a horn being pressed, didn't fill the air (along with the laughter of a two year old)
- I did get the paper I was looking for (photo paper)
- She did leave the car and kids alone
- I have not heard from the police yet
- Kids didn't get upset when they asked why the lady was yelling at me
- I kept my kids (though I think the chance of actually having the kids stolen from me is very minimal, less of a chance then me falling pregnant)

I must say, this blogging thing is good therapy, I do feel better for writing it down here and sharing it.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Say Cheese!


Poor Daddy

Jade: Mummy you look after Erin and Mercedes when we are a grown up
Jade: When daddy dies we will be grown ups.
Miranda: If daddy dies I am going to watch


What's The Time Mr Wolf?

or in this case...what's the time Miranda.
Today we bought a box of cereal and inside was a free digital watch. Ever since I set the time she has been happily reading it. I set the watch at 7.26pm and she happily told me that it wasn't bed time yet, as it wasn't 7.30. And then she reminded me that I said she could stay up till 8.30pm tonight.
She would never have known the time if I had not set that watch.
Perhaps I could reset it during the night to some other hour...
I don't think i will do that, but here's to her sleeping in tomorrow morning... *cheers all round*


Donna's Dollhouse

Get some cool free pics at this place, they are so cute.

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