Sunday, September 11, 2005


Showers & Sunburn

Today was not our normal day. We didn't rise late to rush around and head to church. Hubby wasn't home (he got home about 8am from a wedding the night before), the kids had colds and we felt like sharing. So the kids and myself, packed up the car and headed to the markets to partake of their inexpensive wares.
I paid out my $1.40 for 12 vegetable and herb seedlings (2 x thyme, 2 x yellow peppers, 2 x apple cucumber, 3 x seedless watermelon, 4 x iceberg lettuce).
Yes that there equals 13 and not 12 but I only paid for 12 and the extra watermelon must have just gotten caught up in the picking. I am not complaining.
After this it was a wander past the birds and fish with a stop by 'fill a bag for $2' for second grade strawberries. I am sure we ended up with about 2-3 kg (the weight of a 6lb newborn) and I only had to discard a handful when we got home. (I let the kids pick most of them)
After this it was a short trip through the nursery section for the kids to 'ooh' and 'aah' over the cute baby animals, then off to a pet supply place to stock up on wood roaches and crickets.
Home saw a change of plans. We weren't going to just stay home and do little else but housework, relax and plant the seedlings. We were off to the beach, thanks to the influence of The Blue Sloth. (It was about 9.30am by this stage)
Hubby wanted to build himself a sandcastle.
At the beach there were seagulls, pelicans, and a solitary hawk. There were soldier crabs and the odd oyster and small clam. The day was mild, not to bright, the water was clear and cool. The perfect day, and we all forgot our sunscreen. So now, we all have a lovely pink hue gracing our shoulders and cheeks (and we can't find the after sun gel. Just as well I have that aloe vera planted in the back garden)
We were home by 3pm, hubby snoozed on the bed, the kids helped me plant the seedlings while Mercedes ate the white (slightly pink) strawberries straight from the garden.
Later, I was allowed to sit back and relax, I think, while hubby dealt with dinner, then as we waited for a friend to turn up, it started to rain. Right now it is thundering and lightening and lightly raining.
This is great as we haven't had much of this wet stuff in quite a while. Each time it rains I am tempted to blog it, especially since we are in the worst drought that we have been in for quite some time. Each drop of rain is precious and the only way the grass will be watered is by using the grey water from the washing machine.
Next month the local councils are looking to ban ALL sprinklers with a level 2 water restrictions put into place.
But, it is still raining!!!!! Yippee!!!

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