Monday, July 04, 2005


Too Cute

I was getting Merc up this morning for a feed and she was standing in her cot waiting for me.
She gave me this big bright grin and said something that sounded like 'There she is'.
We play peek-a-boo with her and when she comes out of hiding we say 'there she is'. So I think she is starting to copy us.
She also says things that sound like
- thankyou (especially when we give her something)
- shoez (for her shoes)
- poopoo (for when she needs her nappy changed, occassionally)

We also work into that baby sign language (mostly made up by us and not gone by the book)

It is amazing to see how they grow and progress.

Miscellaneous News

I pick up my dragons today and I will be passing through some beautiful areas (rainforest) on the way there. I will try to take some photos as I go there.

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