Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sick : Part 2

What is worse then throwing up in the shower, being thrown up on by the baby, watching her cry when she is sick because you can't do anything about it?
Having to do all that and more alone.
Hubby is at his monthly LAN today. Sometimes it would be nice if he wasn't the main organiser of it, that way he could take the day off to help us 'sickies' get better.
So far Jade, Miranda, Mercedes and myself have contracted this 'bug' and I am really hoping that Erin doesn't get it, and that hubby doesn't either.
Today has been harder then normal because I could only catnap inbetween questions, chatter while the kids watched some veggietales, and still had to point them in the right direction for food (not that I was really caring what the well ones ate). Now they are getting into the cereal so I guess they will be having that for dinner and I don't really care since it means that is one less thing for me to do.
Right now Miranda is making her own dinner as well.
I think I will skip dinner tonight.

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