Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Reptiles, Yet Again.

I finally have finished my enclosure. Here is a list of my outfitted tank.
  • 1 X 3ft tank
  • 1 X small (8" X 8") heat mat
  • 1 X bag of red sand
  • 1 X branch
  • 2 X rocks
  • 1 X terracotta pot (buried in sand, on it's side)
  • 2 X water dishes
  • 1 X infra red night light (red light)
  • 1 X mercury vapour bulb (100watt)
  • 1 X timer
  • 2 X ceramic fittings for lights
  • 1 X hood for tank
  • 1 X container of roaches (now moved into three containers)
  • 4 X the most adorable dragons you could find
  • 1 X timer
That's it for the time being. Hubby thinks we should get another timer so that we can set the infra red heat lamp onto.

We took video this morning of feed time and they actively took after the bugs. It was interesting to watch. The biggest guy loved his food and it was funny to watch the dragons just pop out of the sand, which they were hiding in.

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