Friday, July 15, 2005



We have names, that have stuck, for my baby dragons.

Names ranging from biggest to smallest

1 - Big Boy
2 - Small Boss
3 - Plain Jane
4 - Pretty Girl

Big Boy has had a habit of changing colours lately. He seems to change to a sandy red colour after feeding. His tail is almost healed up and he loves to face up to the 'other' dragon in the mirror.

Small Boss loves to eat. He even eats his greens, always first in to eat and when he sees me he watches expectantly for more food. He also loves to perch on the log/rocks.

Plain Jane had a slow start and wouldn't eat for a few days, now she is in there with the rest of them and taking her fair share of the meal. She has taken to basking on the log or atop the terracotta pot (has to jump to get there)

Pretty Girl loves to laze around and is quick to snatch up small roaches and small crickets. She has a white tummy and a black/blue netted pattern over her body.

All of the dragons have started up with the head bobbing and their favourite places of rest are either under the pot or under the log. Occassionally they will just sleep out atop the sand.

They are so interesting to watch.

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