Saturday, June 25, 2005



Phew! I have a heap of projects on the go at the moment.
The one at the top of the list is Miranda's birthday present. She turns 9 tomorrow (Sunday) and we have a really full day.
Some of the other projects that I have going at the moment are
  • doing up a painting for the new house (put on the back burner for now)
  • setting up the reptile tank now that I have my licence - this involves fitting the correct heating for the tank, correct lighting, hoping my ebay offer is accepted, making a trip to pick up my dragons, keeping the roaches alive and happy and breeding, etc etc
  • sewing for the kids - i want to make each kid two outfits at least and most of the time I will be having to draft my own patterns
  • tidying up my desk
Each thing is a big thing in it's own way and I don't dare write too much as Miranda has discovered my blog and I do not want to give away any secrets.

So, have a great weekend and now I think I will get to making a white choc mud cake for her birthday cake.

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