Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Firstly, I need to say sorry folks for now answering your comments. I have no real reason as to why but that I slacked off in that department.
Secondly I would like to say a big thankyou to all who commented on my blog.

Thanks Hula Doula for your congratualtions to my eldest on her birthday, and the baby is getting better, just very sleepy. Her temp went down with a dose of paracetamol (nurofen). She could possibly have a cold (which we have all had before) since no one else is showing signs of sickness in the house.

Thanks Beth, of So The Fish Said fame, for your comment. It was nice to sit there and cuddle her while she wanted it. It was a small sacrafice to make. I hope your little girl likes cuddles as much as mine does.

Thanks Night-Rider, from SweetSweat, for your birthday wishes to my eldest. Thanks for your kind comments about the sunsent pics.

Thanks Gary, of Virtual Rants, for your answer to the plane question. The plane just happened to be in the sky while I was taking sunset pictures so I thought I would snap a picture of it while I was out there.

Thanks RockChild for your plane answer also.

Thanks Izobel for your compliments on the recipes. Where abouts are you in north Brisbane? I am on the north side myself.

Thanks to all who responded on my big philosophical piece not too long ago. It was interesting to see each others opinion on the subject.

Thanks to everyone else who ever commented on my site. Sorry I never got back to you. Life is busy, but it is worth it.

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