Monday, May 16, 2005


The Garden

This is the garden hubby made. It is longer then it looks. Hubby doesn't like to do things in a small way. Where you can see the black plastic is some strawberry plants that I picked up from the markets yesterday. We have 9 plants there but I have a feeling that they will not yeild enough fruit to keep this house satisfied.

I am not sure what else we will put in there yet, but possibly some pretty stuff, herbs, tomatoes, peas and other misellaneous items.

Against the fence at the far end is a compost bin that was once a dog kennel. The dog doesn't use it, and hasn't for the past 3 years so we converted it to the compost bin. Hubby worked most of the day and part of the evening on this project, now all he needs to do is put away his tools before he goes away tomorrow, for 4 days, for work.

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