Monday, March 07, 2005

"Well, well, well" I said, and he still fell in!

Well, you wouldn't beleive it, and I am sure you are tired of me saying that.
New Boss (NB) is non other then SC#2.
I am sure they caught my goldfish stare on camera and will have it posted around the office, or sent around by internal email. I am totally sure that my chin hit the desk when he walked in the main office.
I am now more confused then ever as to why I was placed on surveilance of him.
The past week and a bit I have been keeping an eye on him, just trying to work things out. I think it got on his nerves a little as I was sent on leave for a few days. They called it special assignment, which to me means, 'let's get her out of the way for a bit'.
I was posted up north where the weather is sweltering, there is the threat of a cyclone and the air conditioning has broken down in my hotel room. Fortunately the sea breeze is nice, but I guess that could be to do with the forcasted cyclone. They said someone would contact me up here, but so far no go.
This weather thing is starting to look scary, according to the weather man on the TV. I think I will pack up and move to a safer location.