Friday, February 25, 2005

Follow The White Rabbit

I have been thinking on what Agent M said in his last message. Quite possibly I had been drugged and all these thoughts and cravings were just the side effects of the drugs they gave me.
I will try to understand these images I saw.
The bright colours possibly meant that I would have a bright future ahead of me.
The IV drips - hmm, well I am not sure there but then I can't even see where they would have stuck me should I have had an IV.
Bad food? Well that goes hand in hand with hospitals.
Perhaps it has something to do with my new position and the 'disappearance' of BB. There has been talk around the office that he was snatched up for reprogramming. They say the reprogramming is where you 'disappear' for a short while and they 'retrain' you in the secretive world of spying. Maybe that is what they did to me, but then I don't feel any different, much.
I did however, go to the doctor for a physical and I was in tip top condition apart for an iron defiency, but that doesn't explain the craving for seafood. I will notch that up as just not enough of it in my diet.
My new position still classifies me as a rookie spy but it is only one step away from becoming a fully fledged spy when I will be able to use all those cool gadgets, be on constant alert and all the other blood pumping fun stuff.

My thoughts on Agent RC.
Well, I never would have guessed that he was in the 'service'. He seemed a little young but then I could have been wrong. I shall keep my eye on him and watch his posts for any hidden messages. Perhaps this big brother person is trying to hinder his ways, lead him along the wrong path, or perhaps it is all just a big cover up, hiding the real truth. Hmm, I shall have to watch him closely.

Back to work.
They seem to be doing a cleanout lately and have hired Miss M to do most of the work. She seems like a bad choice but then perhaps they felt pity on her as she appears to be mute and uses sign language to express her intentions. She is a swift worker though and is currently re stocking the library. I have noticed, but not net mentioned it, but she tends to slow down when she reaches certain journals, taking her time with them. I think I shall keep tabs on her.

I have to go, they say the new boss is headed this way and he wants to inspect the work stations.