Thursday, January 27, 2005

Where I Have Been!

Well, i had my holidays, sort of.
The last thing I remember was looking at my computer screen and watching it start to swim before my eyes. After that it really is a blur, what I can remember.
About a week ago I checked out of hospital, against BB's orders and headed home. I am not even sure how I got there.
Most of the early days in hospital revolved around nurses with needles and an IV drip, bad food and strange men in white gowns, purple sunglasses and bright pink hair. I am sure it was just a hallucination but even back then the walls seemed to glow luminescent green at nights. Now that I think about it, it probably was just the drugs they gave me, not some bad sci-fi movie.
Well that is all over and done with, the bruises from the IV drips are gone and I am no longer having strange dreams about bunny heads on the bodies of male models.
While I was gone my answering machine filled up with messages from SC#2 wondering where I was and when I would be back. He seemed concerned, sortof.
Everything is still confusing but I am getting there slowly. I am interested in knowing what actually happened during those few weeks I was gone.
I think a visit to BB is in order.