Sunday, January 30, 2005

BB's Visit

I had arranged to visit BB at his office tomorrow but today I received a surprise visit from BB himself.
He called early this morning, just as I was getting out of bed and thinking about how I could respond to the many phone messages I had. My mother even slipped one in there amongst the many from SC#2.
The meeting from BB was interesting only because it fuelled my curiousity even more.

A rough transcript from this morning's visit.

*Knocking heard at the front door*
BB : Hello?
CM : !
*More knocking*
BB : Hello? Cindy are you there?
*Shuffle to the door tying up bathrobe*
CM : Yes?
*Peeking through eye hole*
CM : Oh hi BB. What are you doing here?
BB : Cindy, let me in please! I have something to talk to you about.
*Bleary eyed blinking as this request goes through the early morning thought process. Eventually the door is opened*
CM : Why are you here? I have a meeting to see you tomorrow. And it is soo early
BB : This couldn't wait. I think my office is bugged also. Someone is listening.
*More early morning blinking from me*
*BB looks at me as if waiting for a response. When none happens, he walks in and sits at the kitchen table, pulling something out of his pocket*
*I am suddenly awake as the thing from his pocket looks like a small metalic handgun, the adrenalin courses through my system and I realise I am unarmed and only wearing a dressing gown and a pair of fuzzy slippers. Fuzzy slippers! Now I am embarassed and mutter something and dash off to dress*
CM : What is so important?
*I say as I come back dressed, having a feeling like this conversation has gone no where yet*
BB : Well, we have just discovered that you have, well did, injest something. We aren't quite sure what it is yet but we know it is important, and that the 'other side' is interested in it.
CM : You don't know what it is?
BB : Yes, unfortunately, we don't.
CM : You really don't know? How do you know I injested something, apart from food and whatever drugs they pumped into me at the hospital?
*I look at BB as if he is crazy and really lost it this time. Perhaps he had a bad dream and is just reacting on it. I am now thinking about how to get him out of my place so I can get about my morning chores*
BB : Well....*long pause*.... we think it is a tracer, but not something that goes into your blood stream. We think it is, umm, embedded in your stomach.
*I can't help but think he has been watching too many alien movies. Next he will tell me that I am pregnant with a baby squid*
BB : We also think that you are...I am not sure how to put this, but. Have you been feeling sick in the mornings?
*At this stage I stand up, knowing he is crazy and why he didn't want the meeting in his office. He would be sent to the loony house. I move to the door and open it, inviting him to leave*
CM : I think it is time you left. You aren't making sense.
BB : Alright but you can't say I didn't warn you. They will be coming for you, just watch your back.
* I think to myself about looking for a new section or perhaps a new boss as I close the door after he leaves.*

I guess this means I am either pregnant with a baby squid which also doubles as a tracer, or he is crazy, or I was just dreaming, or there is a partial truth to what he said and he is only half crazy. I will find this out when I go in for the meeting tomorrow.
While I have time to fill, I will work out what to say to SC#2.
Perhaps I could tell him the truth?