Saturday, November 06, 2004

House Keeping : Part 2

Well, SC#2 has a rather decent place but I am not cleaning there. Since I only have one day a week to do this on I have been placed in his penthouse in the city, overlooking the river. The view is great.
SC#2 won't be there when I am, so I don't need to be concerned about his motives, but I am still prepared. The tech guy at work has outfitted me with a watch. Yes it does tell the time, but the thing which is really cool is the fact that hidden in the watch are a lot of cool tools. I can pull out the little wind on thing and that is a really sharp piece of string, he calls it laser wire (it looks like a piece of cotton to me). I can also flip open the face of the watch and in there are some phone bugs. The wrist band can double as a, well wrist band. Apparently there was something else in it but I started to day dream at this stage and therefore I am unsure what it is exactly.
Back to the cleaning.
This place was immaculate, clean. I didn't know where to start so I familiarized myself with the place, which of course a good cleaner does. The penthouse was open plan. It was really only two rooms, one which contained the bedroom and bathroom (spa, shower, toilet behind frosted glass) and the other was the living room, dining, kitchen and well a lot of space.
Eventually I found a note that contained my set tasks for the day. On it was written, - "familiarize yourself with the place, and next week we will let you start in on the cleaning"
I hope next week is this easy.