Thursday, October 28, 2004

House Keeping!

My date with SC#2 went alright. It was the usual dinner with wine, chatter and a kiss on the cheek. The BB didn't outfit me with anything hi-tech this time but just said to keep an ear out and try to get invited back to his place.
I did get invited back to his place, but not as a girlfriend but the chance for employment there. Apparently his housekeeper had left. He didn't say why. I am weary about why she left as stories are starting to circulate about his 'professional' behaviour. As far as I am concerned they are only rumors and I will put them at the back of my mind unless I hear it from BB or SC#2 himself.

On a side note, the guy in the tech lab retested some of the coconut fibers (at Agent M's request) and they turned out to be just coconut fibers from some island in the South Pacific.

Back to this little extra work I have picked up. I have asked for work to NOT to outfit me. I can just imagine what they would put me in. Some french maids outfit or something.
I start the new job, err, the house keeping tomorrow. This could turn out well since I will get paid by BB and by SC#2. I hope it is tax free!