Monday, September 27, 2004


Ya Know Something?

Getting out my top two wisdom teeth was not as bad as I thought it would be.
My sis was the dental assistant and she did a wonderful job.
I went in and we decided to do one first, see how I went then consider the second.
They put some gel on my gum to numb it before the needle went in. This worked wonders and I didn't feel the needle except for one spot on my right gum (2nd tooth that was being pulled) This gel works so well that half of my tongue was numb for a few hours afterwards. It still tingles a little bit.
I expected pain, I expected for tugging, I expected more pressure. It was simple and both teeth were out in 25 minutes. I didn't even feel it come out but I did have the urge to dribble everywhere.
My gums feel weird because the two teeth are gone. I have experienced very little pain so far, but that could be due to the pain meds I am taking.
If my bottom teeth ever come through then I won't be so scared about getting them out.

Note: My sis and her friend (the dentist) did a wonderful job and they were great to be around, they made me feel comfortable.

Thanks Jo!

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