Monday, September 13, 2004


Weekend Past

I don't think my life has slowed down any since the rental inspection last week. I still feel overworked and over tired and sometimes like I do not have control of my life.

Saturday I went to the 'Shine' women's conference, It was good though I cannot really remember what the first speaker spoke about and then I still only remember half of what the second speaker and third speaker spoke about. Perhaps I do remember a little more of the third speaker as it was a smaller group (an elective) and she only spoke for half an hour.
I do remember the food though. Morning tea was muffins, fresh fruit, juice, tea or coffee. They had a mini expo of places showcasing their items and offering them for sale.
Lunch was provided in a bag. We had ham and salad roll, little bag of mixed nuts/fruit. crackers and cheese, chocolate bar and bottled water.

I think I would benefit from a food course (maybe art course) more. Also, at the conference, they had paintings which were being auctioned off. I took my time to study the pictures, not so much what was on the canvas but how they were painted on it. There was a really huge canvas (8 joined to make one) that I would have liked to have a closer look at but it was up on stage and I was only ever near the stage when people were around.

Last night, after an afternoon spent at mum's with the kids, hubby showed me some upcoming short courses held near here. I am still deciding whether or not it is a good idea just yet or possibly I should wait till next term (next year). If I wait till next year, Merc will be older and being able to replace milk with solids (and Tim is more likely to be home and not traveling up north).

Ok, that was a little of the subject, so back onto it.

Saturday night I started on Erin's birthday present from me. I am making her 'princess' dresses. I have one cut out so far (the simple one) and am yet to cut out the second. The first is to be a simple slip dress which will have sheer purple band around the waist (or just above it). The dress is a champagne colour.
The second dress will be a deep red colour, a full skirt (good for twirling), with sheer red material over top. It will have a black ribbon which will be able to be tied up at the back. I plan on making it too big for her so that she can wear it longer then 6 mths. I also bought some fake pearls to make accessories with.

Just a question.....

How many people would go lingerie shopping with their mum?

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