Tuesday, September 07, 2004


The Tooth!

The tooth fairy remembered to visit tonight. It would have been noticed if she hadn't.
Here is the story....

Her mother walked into the childcare centre, light in her step, relaxed after her stresses had been diminished. Her green eyes fell upon her 3rd child, who happily greeted her 2 steps into the centre. This tiny girl held up a magnificent masterpiece, a collage made of patty cake papers. A quick cuddle and it was off to pick up her second eldest.
J was sitting on a bench, looking upset while watching what the other children were doing. The children were busy digging the ground. The mother watched a little while longer, trying to assess the situation as her second eldest sat, her hat pulled forward and head drooped. Suddenly, it became clear that she was not sad or upset, but was casting a critical eye across the work of those there. She was instructing them on how to dig and along what lines they must dig, and the children were happily doing it. The mother laughed to herself and then went in to sign her out.
Coming back out, she leaned against the fence and started chatting with the teacher, telling her (the teacher) what she just witnessed. The teacher then told her about 'the tooth'. During the day, J had come to her complaining that her tooth was hurting her and bleeding. This was just after lunch. After a quick rinse out, all seemed well and the day carried on as per normal. Just then, J saw her mother and came running over and upon the request of the teacher, she opened her mouth wide to show 'the tooth' literally hanging by one thread. A gasp passed the lip of her mother as the gears turned as to what should and could happen.

To Be Continued...............

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