Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The Tooth : Part II

It was a smooth ride home for the family, J being a little upset at not being able to eat the offered chocolate covered sultanas. At home, the saddened little girl decided not to indulge in her favourite past time of chasing the dog or playing in it's water bucket and just watch a few afternoon cartoons.
Her mother, a little worried, decided to call up the aunt, who is a dental assistant and knows more about teeth then the average jo. A short conversation and the mother made up her mind, calling upon the assistance of her husband, who would arrive home shortly.
Out came the ice cream and cold spaghetti (in separate bowls) and in walked the father. A short conversation was had between the two before he dragged her out from beneath the table for a cuddle. A reassured and slightly happier (but still upset) J allowed herself to be held by her father as her mother gently prodded at the tooth, having it fall easily out into her waiting hand. The tears stopped instantly as the pain disappeared also.
Ice cream was eaten, followed by the spaghetti, and later on, a visit from the tooth fairy.


Sorry about the lack of imagination in this post, I should know better then to try and write while I am tired and the brain function is starting to slow down. I know, just recently that someone had in their post that kids turn your brain to mush, well, deplete your IQ, I think. See it must be true. Enough rambling from me. Go over and check out Phillip's site where it says all this stuff.

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