Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Preschoolers Big Day Out

Today, we went to the local preschool day. It was where all the different childcare centres and pre-schools get together and try to steal, umm, try to show off their centres and give activities for the kids to do. I deliberately didn't take the camera as I was fully expecting not to have any time to take any photos. I was so wrong, and I kept wishing I had taken it as there were many perfect moments.
There was the time Erin had a huge grin on her face as she patted the baby goats, chased the piglet around the pen and had her face and hands painted. Jadeen and Miranda both had good moments when I wish I could have taken the camera, such as the horse and carriage ride, the balloon man/jester/funny person, and the various other activities they induldged in.
The kids didn't do half of the activities that were offered but they still had a ball at what they did.
There was even a show with 'Buddy' about the beach. It was especially funny when the teachers from Jade and Erin's childcare got up and danced along with the kids (who were half their height).

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